The following article was published several years ago on my other website - ASTRAMATE.COM  (still on line).  Since its message is very apropos for this moment in time, I've decided to include it in the 'Lion' article series.  Although my presentation of the subject matter is somewhat different, I cannot improve on its context.  In lieu of  the world's dysfunctional and chaotic state, a pole shift may be a strong possibility;  albeit I pray it does not happen!

Looking back, I realize that I have been trying to sort out my world by expressing my thoughts and opinions in the articles I have written.  I mainly focused on what I thought was the reality of everyday living, expounding on the many social ills I and my peers were dealing with.  This is a joke . . .  since reality is often stranger than fiction.  My articles on this website are numerous and have been collectively posted on 'Inner Dimensions' as well as other pages.  One never really knows how many people read their articles and what type of reaction (if any) they may have on the individual.  So, I must assume I wrote them for myself . . .to satisfy my own search for awareness and knowledge.

In the past six years, It would seem that nothing has changed for the better . . .  the world situation has deteriorated significantly.  The United States has evolved into a Socialist/Marxist nation because of the apathy, ignorance, greed, laziness and lack of appreciation of its sleeping majority. The 'Republic' on which this once great nation was founded has been sabotaged.  With it goes our freedom, our lifestyles, our integrity, and all hope for the future -  not only for us  -  but for the entire 'free world'.  The change the American people so desperately craved should have been sought from within the 'Self'. This was a costly oversight!  Americans foolishly elected someone unqualified and untrustworthy to the highest office of the land - President of the United States -  whose blatant goal is to dominate with Communism!

The only true change I can relate to is ME . . . I have grown in wisdom and understanding.  And so, I  continue to write my thoughts , co-mingling them with the thoughts of others,  in hopes that the messages are helpful.  My words are the . . . 'Roar Of The Lion'. 


Through her oceans and flowing rivers, Gaia circulates her life force over seven-tenths of her surface and the capillaries of the land.  Her mighty digestive system enriches the soil, eventually returning all life forms and matter back to the receptive Earth.  With the passing of time, her breathing has shifted whole continents and ocean beds, nudging them to new geography.

If the cataclysms of Earth and solar system are, as we assert, cyclical and according to cosmic and divine rhythms, it is human consciousness and actions which aggravate or aid the process.  From the way we think to the way we treat the plant we contribute to the degree of potential catastrophe should Earth's poles become transposed.  The daily disasters and crises of the world are not the 'acts of God'.  Ignorance and fear are the culprits, along with their companions - greed, dishonesty and just plain stupidity - a conspiracy of unconsciousness in which we have all held membership. 

To the extent that people can begin living their best basic values (irrespective of what others may be doing), break out of the old non-serving habit patters and realign themselves with natural law and human values to the best of their ability, the future can be improved.  We are creating it minute by minute.

Earth, that blue and green globe in space, is a living organism of great energy and beauty.  Being a negatively charged planetary body, it was declared female, and because she generated and sustained all living things, she was called Mother Earth:  Gaia.

The ancients knew and understood her nervous system and built temples of healing in quiet places of the spirit.  Energy sources of such discreet and refined vibration became holy places, linked by paths of pilgrimage and trade.  We recognize this network as the 'planetary grid'.  The human body contains the same network in the form of meridians along which foci of energy can be specially photographed as points of light and stimulated by needles of pressure to heal and regenerate.  Through us, Earth becomes self-conscious.

The weather is an outlet for Gaia's emotional nature but we, her children, have ignorantly disrupted and destroyed the integrity of her nurturing whole systems.  So if she cries and rages, floods and erupts, trembles or begins to flip out (or over), we should take notice and learn why.  The Earth does have a tolerance flashpoint and is responsive to stress.  Apparently, there is a limit to how much land can be stripped of resources, coal, trees, vegetation, topsoil, and species, and how much land, air, and water can be polluted to support progress.

Legend, historical records and geological evidence reveal that during the approximate 3 1/2 billion years of Earth's existence there have been many reversals of the Earth's geographical poles.  They caused cataclysmic upheavals, which deluged entire continents, made mountains out of molehills and sea beds, razed civilizations to rubble and humanity to recurrent grubbing around with stones.

The theory of continental drift (the slow shifting of continents owing to the weakness in the sub oceanic crust) has only recently been validated by the scientific community.  Similarly, the theory of terrestrial pole reversal is another situation albeit more serious in that the available evidence may well continue to be dismissed as anecdotal, right up until the occurrence of the next shift!

Opinion is divided among adherents of terrestrial pole reversal theory as to how it happened in the past, and whether it occurred simultaneously with magnetic reversals, or independently.  There seems to be evidence to support both conclusions.  

By examining excavated pottery shards and core samples from rock and submarine mountain ranges, 171 reversals of the Earth's magnetic poles have been documented.   Based on the evidence from geological core samples, the end of the last known reversal period has been calculated to have occurred 12,400 years ago.  And a brief anomaly has been dated around 860 B.C. - the time of the great cosmic upheavals described in detail in Velikovsky's 'World in Collision'.  It is confusing to scientists that the great majority of rocks with inverted magnetic polarity are charged up to one hundred times more strongly that could have been produced by terrestrial magnetism.  There is speculation that the Earth at one time revolved faster and generated a stronger protective magnetic field.  During the past 1,800 years, this field is estimated to have fallen to less than two-thirds of its original strength.  The significance of this data is that it indicates an increase in the amount of radiation now reaching the Earth's surface from space because the strength of the protective magnetic shield is proportionate to the speed of Earth's rotation.

At this moment in time, 2010, the magnetic fields are already in a severe state of imbalance.  Nuclear and Atomic bomb detonations at key nodes of the planetary grid have disrupted the grid's natural Earth frequencies and created a massive effect to static in the circuits.  (See article on EMP).  At the same time, there has been very little Sun Spot activity generating from the Sun which is causing significant concern within the scientific community.  NASA has advised that they expect the Sun to emit solar flares of great intensity in 2012 resulting in the possible destruction of the energy grid on the planet.  

The subject of pole shift lends itself to factual definition, philosophical consideration, and that area of abstraction which lies beyond the vanishing point -  the place where logic and intuition briefly merge before translation into the subtler energies of a different reality.  In the final analysis, things seldom happen to us; they usually happen from us.  We help or hinder natural processes by the way we think and act - especially within the environment.  It is directly related to the thought-word- action chain, and how, when natural laws are ignored, chaos always results.  All energy contrary to the evolutionary life force is negatively polarized.  It eventually transmigrates to lower and more destructive life and energy forms.  The collective negative energy (of thoughts, words, and actions), in its varying forms and degrees, descends to the appropriate vibratory frequency of less evolved forms - viruses or bacteria, weather (storms, tsunamanis, floods, hurricanes), geographical upheavals within the Earth, and disturbances from the outer environment of space - all vehicles of negative karmic feedback.  This is what Edgar Cayce meant when he said that many a land could be kept intact by the consciousness of its inhabitants.

There is a strong correlation between the celestial grid associated with Earth and the ethereal body that interpenetrates and energizes the human physical body.  Psychics see this ethereal sheath as a web of fine light fibers.  Serious mental and emotional problems are sometimes the result of these two bodies becoming misaligned with each other.  When this is the case, and on occasions when electroshock therapy is successful, it is thought by some to be due to the shocking of the ethereal and physical bodies back into correct juxtaposition.  Our planet seems to have a similar problem, with its physical and ethereal fields out of synchronization.  UFOs apparently utilize the celestial grid to negotiate interstellar space. The strange and sudden reactions of nature, geophysical, and climatic problems may be symptomatic of this little misunderstood imbalance.  Perhaps an eventual pole shift will be the electroshock necessary to restore cosmological and bio-spherical harmony.

(Some information was extracted from 'Beyond Prophecies and Predictions' - Moira Timms)