from a tired angel


Dear Heavenly Father and Mother:

In case you hadn't noticed the very grievous circumstances here on Earth, I have decided to send you this letter to inform you that as your loving and devoted angel, I am very weary and saddened - perhaps overwhelmed - so much so that I am asking you to  intervene as quickly as possible. Like all other celestial angels here on the planet in the disguise of  human form,  I am  tired of dealing with the same redundant problems we, as angel/humans in service, face generation after generation here on  Earth.  I am tired of the wars, the killings, the anger, the greed, the hatred, to mention just a few of the many unlearned lessons of those angels who refuse to abide by your wishes.  We are your divine creation - your children - yet it is apparent that there are many angels who refuse to acknowledge their spiritual self.  How many times must we, the faithful,  embrace the same challenges over and over to prove to you that we love you and our fellow angel/humans.  We wish to live in peace and love and time and time again have proven ourselves to you with creative, heroic, and inspired achievements.

I have witnessed the rise and fall of nations through time immortal and seen the same mistakes repeated. I believe with all my heart that it is time for the human race's  story to be revised - otherwise, I do not think I will ever return to this planet as I have done so many times before.  With respect, 

Your loving Angel -


I am tired of sending our young men and women to war in the  name of glory and in the defense of freedom and peace that is short-lived.  I am tired of sharing their mothers' grief and sorrow so evident in their worried faces.  I am tired of witnessing all those who return from each war physically and psychologically maimed and injured and robbed of their  optimism and  expectations for the future.

I am tired of the physical ailments we must endure especially those who were born with these defects.  I am tired of the poverty, the depression, and the endless struggle for survival the majority of us must experience.

I am tired of the natural disasters that claim the lives of so many innocents.

I am tired of the evil on Earth and those individuals who seem to have the wealth and power to buy and sell souls. 

It has been expressed that we are a defected species destined to self-destruct.  If this is so, would it not be divine dear Father/Mother God  to intercede now and help us. We need your heavenly force of angels to defend us at this critical time and help us to  move forward  towards perfection - not destruction.  If in fact it is your will that Jesus is  destined to return to the planet - would it not be more beneficial  for him to do so now - and not after the destruction of so many of your children?

This is an urgent plea for help!