UFO sightings? Alien visitation? Alien abductions?  It's time for our government to come forth and let the public know the truth about these phenomena and what has really been going on.

I consider myself to be a very rational, intelligent individual who does not jump to conclusions without the facts; someone who is not easily fooled.   However, I also consider myself to be open to many controversial ideas and subjects . . . ideas that perhaps "mainstream" is reluctant to deal with or acknowledge.  

If you choose to bury your head in the sand, so be it.  However, surely your interest and concern has been perked by the numerous reported UFO sightings and 'alien encounters' around the world.  The media has repeatedly presented information on crop circles, the 'Roswell Incident', cattle mutilations, various abduction stories and the mysterious disappearances of  people.  Radio and TV shows continue to investigate new stories - not because they are science fiction - but because these bizarre happenings may just be the greatest stories being told right now on the planet!!  

It is quite conceivable that there is a strong element of truth concerning life on other planets yet our government stubbornly continues to repudiate this possibility. (If you are an aware person, you know the articles, books, and websites that can best keep you informed of the latest findings and facts that have escaped censorship).

Many people suspect the government's motivation for not leveling with them.  They also suspect that the many mysterious disappearances and deaths of world-wide physicists, military officials, government personnel, and genetic research scientists were the result of these unsuspecting victims  'knowing too much' and posing a threat to this 'cover up' and deception.  

It is understandable just how traumatic and confusing it will be if and when the government finally levels with the public and discloses the truth concerning UFO's and alien visitations.  It certainly will undermine the trust and respect some may still have for the integrity of this nation's leadership and challenge the spiritual, religious, and scientific understanding we now possess of our planet and universe.