Defenders of the peace or military robots?  If the truth be known, they are sacrificial lambs in "evil's" blood rituals.


  The other night while cruising on my TV I found myself saying out loud:  "What a mess this country is in"!!   For that matter - the whole world!!   No matter what news media channel I went to, the rhetoric and story line was basically the same as it has been for quite some time . . . war, murder, death, terrorists, corruption in politics and business, illegal aliens,  unemployment, outsourcing, nuclear threats, virus threats, a camouflaged failing economy, suspect freak weather patterns, media hype and controlled untruthful reporting.  

One of the biggest scams is the "oil" scam.  The elite (self-serving) in the world have been trying to brainwash us into believing that oil has become a precious, soon to be exhausted resource, albeit it has been reported that an untapped large reservoir of oil has been found in Canada that extends into the United States buried beneath the Rocky Mts. as recently as I am writing this article.  Meanwhile, the oil scumbags have made their fortunes while we Americans and people around the world have been forced to pay outrageous prices for the resource. 

Like many other people, I feel somewhat helpless as to how I might make a difference in this sick and depraved society in which we live. I can only suggest prayer to anyone reading this article - a collective cry for help to our Creator.  I have come to the conclusion that  man - and I am very serious -  is not dealing with a full deck and most assuredly  -  has proven to be genetically defective.  My conclusion is based on the insane actions of  a seemingly high percentage of  the world's "male population" who are obsessed with playing cruel war games.   I am outraged to witness the terrible destruction and insane misfortune he has brought to this planet with his greed and aggression hiding behind the bogus political and spiritual laws he has written to assist and condone his immorality and depravity.  

From the highest echelon of society to the 'bottom of the barrel scum' - the rest of us, who hopefully are still decent, normal, and not deranged - have been prone to their outrageous acts of degradation and insanity.  Love, compassion, and human dignity have been replaced with aggression, cruelty, and the exploitation of the masses.   I wish to believe that the majority of the world populace are good, decent human beings who believe in a Creator or Higher Power.  But the majority do not have control.  The evil in the world, reinforced with money and power, do!  This has got to change . . . and will.  The world will either return to its natural state or be destroyed.  

The word apocatastasis was created in the fourth century B.C. by Euripedes, the great Greek dramatist.  It is a word that describes the process of "shift" signified by the central symbolism of the Maya/Aztec calendar stone.  Undeniably, the world is embarked upon its own apocatastic process generated by the great rhythms of the cosmos and the forces of nature support.  It is futile to try and prevent this prophesized event but, maybe with an awareness and prayer, we can negate the serious  repercussions to some extent.

What is the power of prayer?  The Law of Vibration states:  that the universe, and everything that exists, is in motion.  Sound is vibration.  Words are the prime organizing vibration/sound of consciously directed thought.  "And God said, 'Let there be light.'.  And there was light."  
                                                                       (Genesis 1:3).

So, the spoken word is a vehicle of power, giving form and expression to thought.  Therefore, many people raising up their voice in prayer to the Creator praying for peace and the restoration of the planet can generate a great force field of energy.

Stop and think for a moment.  We as a species are living on a planet that  is capable of supplying its inhabitants with life sustaining abundance for survival and happiness.  No one on this planet should suffer hunger, cruelty, poverty, and imprisonment at the hands of those who wish to destroy and control.  

The plan of evil undoubtedly is to :

  Keep the public ignorant and misinformed 
This is being done by encouraging lower standards in academia resulting in inferior student accomplishment in our country.  They are intent on destroying the sanctity of the family, encouraging porn, dope addiction, free sex.  How many more little children (seemingly a blood ritual)  do we wish to be raped and murdered? ( Is the sick mind of the pedophile, the sociopath, the obsessive killer  the result of  some form of mind control, brainwashing or genetic manipulation?)

  Control the Media
The media dotes on the deranged and depraved.  It reports only what it has been told to.  Big government and politics control what the public hears and sees. 

   Outsource  jobs and industry and destroy the economy
When you can not find employment and earn a living - you are reduced to 'slave' category under the control of  the elite in this country.  You are forced to succumb to the dictates of those who are allowed to hire and fire at will.

  Create fear 
Fear has been instilled in the minds and hearts of the public for control.  You fear losing your job, being attacked by terrorists, aliens crossing unprotected borders, your children and relatives killed in war, disease, viruses,  hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes . . . and so much more.

  Fail to address domestic problems 
I am sick of the exploration of space with government spending billions of dollars on rockets to the Moon, Mars, Pluto, satellites in space (supposedly for defense), the allocating of American jobs abroad, contributing money and help to other countries while neglecting American citizens, subjecting us to incompetence and exploitation in government and business, supplying education and welfare benefits to 'illegals' in this country while failing to allocate the same perks to native born citizens.

Our government refuses to protect our borders from illegal entry while sending young Americans to war in the Middle East.  It allows native born Americans to despair after loss of employment, hurricane damage, corruption in government, the illicit practice of  the legal profession, loss of pensions, business failure, deterioration of school systems.  It has been responsible and instrumental in the undermining and destruction of the middle class burdened with high taxes and medical expense and so forth.  The ills in this society are too numerous to list here in this article.  You reading these comments know what they are.  You have your own list.


This is only scratching the surface.  Our planet has been covered with a blanket of negativity.  In the scheme of the galactic community, planet Earth is in serious trouble.  Other articles and books have gone to press to alert the public.  However, there is too much complacency.  When will we make a stand and try to rid our country - our  planet - our world - of these evil maniacs? 

What is desperately needed is awareness!

Be more pro-active.  PRAY.  Let your voices and hearts be heard.