When modern Earth science finally gets around to discovering how  sensitive our biology is to polarization and magnetics, it might even start to observe what the effects are on human embryos and examine how "people types" seem to develop - (the ones that are so prevalently documented in modern human psychology today). When they discover the correlation between the magnetics and the "people types", they may even start measuring the not-so-subtle effects that astronomical bodies in our own solar system have on Earth's polarities . . . like the effect of our own moon for instance. This will also expose some information as to why our magnetic field shifted or flipped so many times in distant past geological history.  

When it finally happens, this will be the first spark of understanding as to why serious astrology works . . . and what the actual mechanics are. It will be a telling fact about human nature, that once science sees the possibility of astrology being viable, it will suddenly have credibility . . . and not because it was a good system that had value . . . but because our "modern" science now saw how it worked.












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