Who and what is an Avatar?  In contemporary terminology, it is  someone who enlightens - someone who by virtue of his/her writings, channellings, lectures,  spiritual leadership - offers society new concepts and inspired information.

In the recent past, I have had the wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with several Avatars who have reached out to mainstream and presented their intuitively received concepts from Spirit or God concerning  our present evolutionary status here on the planet.  This information is available to everyone who is willing to listen and then evaluate their information and determine if these concepts are indeed new spiritual truths that they wish to incorporate into their own spiritual belief system. Those of us who are sincere advocates of truth and understanding will be very receptive.

We have entered a wonderful new time era - a new millennium of spiritual enlightenment has embraced the planet.  There has been a consciousness shift on the planet, and you are starting to see it everywhere.  Many of you viewing this page now have already been exposed to new concepts that carry  a powerful spiritual energy derived from either reading  a book, viewed on TV, attending a lecture, or from a tape series given by a present-day Avatar.  

I  consider myself to be an Avatar.  I have spent a great deal of my earthly existence spreading the word.  I have written articles, taught and lectured.  I now have two websites that I use as vehicles to share  what is happening in the NOW.

The person who is spiritually "awakening" - who is in training, who realizes that this is not the end of the test - but is the beginning of a new Earth, is living in the "now".

Whereas what was once considered the end, is now intermixing with a new beginning.  Envision this:  Life is a circle.  Stand in this small circle with me.  See the path around you?  Standing in the circle, you can see it all - past, present, future.  If you want to, turn backwards and look at what's behind you as it curves around and becomes your future. 

How can you be in the "now"?  How is it different from a straight line (linear time)?  How can you place this into practical use?  What's the difference between the enlightened Human Being, standing in the middle of the circle, and the one who stands in the straight line?  It has to do with fear.  What is fear all about?  It is generated because most of us fear the unknown - that which is hidden from us.  Would you have fear if your future was in the open and you knew what was going to happen next?  Probably not unless you saw something you did not particularly wish to happen but could probably avoid by making the right decision.  Our future is set in motion by past actions as well as those decisions we are presently making. Those who claim their divinity within and co-create his/her own reality actually controls what he does not understand and what is seemingly hiding.  The person who stands in the circle of his own creation is the one who is peaceful.   How can you fear what you create?


What if you feel you are stuck - you can neither move forward or backward?  You're wringing your hands wondering what's going on, praying to move forward.  It is all synchronicity.  Quite often you are moving in a different circular motion.  You may be moving in a clockwise fashion while Spirit is moving in a counter-clockwise fashion.  So, Spirit has held a giant "stop sign" saying:  "Please wait."  The circle is a divine one.  Sometimes it moves at fantastic speeds, and sometimes it is still.  Sometimes the center moves faster than the outside, and synchronicity sometimes will come and meet you even if you're stopped and waiting.  Sometimes it even hits you in the rear!

Fear, anxiety, and lack of self-worth have to disappear when you're creating your own future and changing your own reality. Create your tomorrow with confidence . . . confidence that Spirit is with you.