Subconscious of the Universe?




Although people generally think of black holes as all-consuming vacuums, they also eject material at speeds nearing the speed of light. The material emits radio waves, which can be detected by radio telescopes. 


Scientists for the first time have seen energy being extracted from a black hole. Like an electric dynamo, this black hole spins and pumps energy out through cable-like magnetic field lines into the chaotic gas whipping around it, making the gas -- already infernally hot from the sheer force of crushing gravity - even hotter.

Black holes are perhaps the most elusive cosmic entity. Although we cannot see black holes, astronomers have confirmed their existence from the behavior of objects near the areas thought to be black holes. To learn more about these giant mysteries, scientists have to get a closer look at them. The very successful international joint mission has propelled astronomers one step closer to understanding the complex mechanisms that control black holes. 

Joern Wilms of Tuebingen University, Germany, and an international team of astronomers observed the novel "power tapping" with the European Space Agency's X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton) satellite by watching a super massive black hole in the core of galaxy named MCG-6-30-15. The observation also may explain the origin of particle jets in quasars.

"Never before have we seen energy extracted from a black hole," said co-author Christopher Reynolds of the University of Maryland, College Park. "We always see energy going in - not out."

"The gravity in this region appears to be so intense that the very fabric of space twists around the black hole, dragging magnetic field lines along with it," said Wilms. "The magnetic fields tighten about the black hole, slowing its spin. This 'friction' heats the region to even higher temperatures."

Scientists say most galaxies, including our Milky Way galaxy, have a super massive black hole at their core.  A super massive black hole contains the mass of millions to billions of Suns compressed within a region smaller than our solar system. The black hole in MCG-6-30-15, over 100 million light-years from Earth, has the mass of about 100 million Suns.


It occurred to me recently while reading several articles on black holes that if  we were to apply the theorem:  "As Above - So Below"  we could compare the psychic energy of the collective  unconscious that lies hidden deep within the recesses of the human psyche to the dark black cosmic energy of black holes.   

Psychologists know that when the time is right, the subconscious releases psychic energy bringing to the surface all that has been repressed and dormant in the hidden recesses of the mind - perhaps for generations . . . 

The powerful black holes of the universe may mirror the human psyche and have an identical function of offering cosmic  illumination.  (It is generally believed that all light contains wisdom and knowledge within its particles and atoms).

We are told that matter never dies.   Perhaps the function of black holes is to "suck up" all outworn energy and matter throughout the endless ages of time and then recycle it with a new "spin".   

Thus, the Macro - subconscious of the Universe and the Micro  - the collective subconscious of man - are both instrumental in offering new insights, alternatives,  glimpses of the future, the past -  the unknown.  

Since it is believed that the entire universe is inhabited with black holes, it is conceivable that their mysterious powerful energies  may well dictate the evolution of life on earth as well as other planets.

The scientific community regards black holes as an elusive mystery and admits that much research remains before they have a greater understanding of the complex mechanics that control black holes.

Only time will tell . .