Most of us are hopeful that there is a higher power from which all life emanates; a compassionate and loving energy that knows our deepest yearnings, problems and frustrations, and is readily available to send help.

Yet in time of urgency and despair, we may seek  immediate assistance from our external world, believing the answer is somewhere "out there".   Too often we forget that the answer or solution lies within ourselves since we are all connected to the Source and therefore possess unlimited abundance and grace.

What or Who is the Source?  Is it God, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, Divine Essence? This is the great mystery of life and often the biggest disappointment.  Why?  Because most of us have forgotten that we are connected to the Source.  We have lost faith.  

Surrounded by all the chaos and ills of our world, we have become overwhelmed by all of the negativity.  Unless we are clear of the power we possess being one with Spirit, we become convinced that we are victims who are incapable of attaining the unlimited abundance of the Universe.

It is said that it is not productive to dwell on that which we don't have or that which is causing us anxiety and pain.  We may be terribly lonely, have financial problems, health crises, etc.  We may long for that special person, that great job, that lucky break. 

If you recognize that you are one with God - Spirit - you will always have love, good health, happiness, wealth, and a purpose in life.   By acknowledging that you are connected to the Source, you can realize all that you need to be fulfilled.

Remember to focus on whatever it is that you want - not what you don't want.  It may take a while . . . you may need to hold firm to your belief.  But once you connect to the Source - you will not be disappointed.