Excerpts from Michael Tsarion's novel: 
Atlantis - Alien Visitation - & Genetic Manipulation


So the gods will depart from mankind - a grievous thing! - and only evil angels will remain who will mingle with men and drive the poor wretches by main force into all manner of reckless crime, into wars, and robberies, and frauds, and all things hostile to the nature of the soul . . . Darkness will be preferred to light and death will be thought more profitable than life . . . the pious will be deemed insane, and the impious wise, the madman will be thought a brave man, and the wicked will be esteemed as good.


When the Earth is utterly exhausted, as it soon will be, the progeny of the Atlantean sorcerers will again seek transplantation elsewhere.  Each world to which they attach is always in spiritual or intellectual infancy, a necessary condition to prevent discovery and facilitate concealment.  If they can find a way of breaking through the Stargate, they will vacate Earth in their "arks" taking some of us with them for seeding their new home planets with more slaves.  If the reader cannot feel for the Earth or even humanity, perhaps they can feel for their own particular ancestors, their own lineage, those grandfathers and grandmothers who sweated and perished like animals in the fields and factories, in battles and wars, from poverty and disease, and who in their agonies looked up to the creator asking - why? why?

We are still the victims of tyrants and of tyranny of our own ignorance and complicity.  Some question why things are so bad - why the "good" seem so helpless and why they seem to end in early graves?  An answer to this can be provided by anyone conversant with the principles of the game of chess.  A chess master will give his students four pieces of advice:
     - One must have patience.
     - A sense of timing is essential.
     - Knowledge of the opponent.
     - The willingness to make any and all sacrifices to win.
The good do not have any patience, no sense of timing, zero knowledge of the opponent, and because if their inherent morality, are not able to make the necessary sacrifices.  Compare this to the enemy:
     - They have endless patience with strategies lasting millennia.
     - They have an excellent sense of timing, moving in gradual stages while planning a long way ahead.
     - They have intense knowledge of us.
     - They are not the least bit hesitant to make any and all sacrifices that are needed; in fact - that is exactly what they have been doing.

Once the galactic gate is opened, the planet Earth and its inhabitants are utterly doomed.  These aliens have no love for us, no care for their host planet.  

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.  We have guided missiles and misguided men.  (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

The combined military expenditures of all the world's governments in 1987 were so large that all of the social programs of the United Nations could be financed for three hundred years by this expenditure.  (William H. Koetike, The Final Empire)

Those who fear to face reality can never hope to change reality.  (Michael Tsarion)

Now that we have an explanation of what has happened to the Earth and its inhabitants, we cannot but seek to find the final remedy.  But the time may be shorter for this that we imagine.  The ancient Mayan Calendar ended in the year 2012 and some scholars have forecasted this date as the end of the world.  Indeed, the way things are going, it could be.  But more likely, it will be the world as we have known it that comes to an end.

Mr. Tsarion believes that there are four possible outcomes to the predicaments of the Earth and to the conflict between the alien and human DNA within.  The nature of each outcome depends on their all-important intermediate stages and what transpires therein.  Therefore, what the adversaries are doing presently impacts the events of 2012.

The possible outcomes foreseen by Mr. Tsarion in  his present state of awareness are:

  The first outcome is that the progeny of the Atlanteans succeed in regaining all their technological hardware, especially that necessary for space travel.  They manage to crack the code and break through the Stargate and prepare for departure.  In doing so, they come out into the open more than ever, startling the human race who cannot comprehend what is happening.  When they are out of range, they destroy the planet and all that lives on it.  
(The reader is referred to Dr. Who and the Pyramids of Mars, Koyaanisqatsi, and Moonraker).

This is the "burn and rise no more" outcome.

  The second outcome is that the "Dark Archons" realize, once and for all, that they cannot leave the planet, that no matter what they do they are forever "chained to the pit."  In this case, they begin to rule the world with unmitigated tyranny, relentlessly and openly.  The human race loses whatever privileges it had while its utility was beneficial.  Now they are deprived and slaughtered and turn even upon themselves.  Debauchery is everywhere and the planet is handed over to the perverse scions of the sorcerers of Atlantis.  We sink into chaos of unimaginable proportions, with all the repressed, dark content of consciousness in full view and without restraints of inner or outer authority.

This is the "Bridges to Babylon" outcome.

  The third outcome is that the "good" under the weight of the yoke finally rise against their oppressors, actively preventing them from ever leaving and taking their evil elsewhere.  To do this, we destroy (sacrifice) ourselves, taking them with us.  (The reader is referred to the movies:  The Wild Bunch - The Magnificent Seven - Terminator II)

This is the ". . . start the fuse Tector"  outcome.

  The fourth outcome is that mankind finally discovers the correct means to the end and vanquishes its enemy with no excessive loss of life or home-world.  Mankind will prove itself its own defender and redeemer.  We will eradicate the enemy externally and finally resolve the question of evil on the microcosmic level.  The beasts will be slain, the maidens rescued, the planet saved, and the ending happy.

We can accept God becoming Man to save Man, but not Man becoming God to save himself.  (Vernon Howard)

The fourth outcome is possible despite the odds and is obviously the best for humankind and the planet.  But how are we going to get to that stage?  What kind of remedy is relatively non-violent and attractive to all peoples from any culture and guaranteed to be 100 percent successful?  How can we get back to lives of harmony on a beautiful, vital, planet - the way it was prior to the visitation of the Nephilim?  This is the dream of so many in our world.  Can it be achieved physically or will it remain a dream?   If this question was in the minds of all people today there would be progress instead of regress.  

There are certain prerequisites to the fourth outcome.  To avail it, it is imperative that during each intermediate stage almost all the "good people" need to be proactively participating in unison and solidarity, leaving aside their segregating philosophies and agendas.  But even before reaching this seemingly impossible state, something else of great importance concerning the nature and machinations of the children of the  Nephilim, the state of our world, and our minds needs to be addressed.

 Despite the evidence, people still find the story of the Nephilim and the hidden histories of our planet hard to accept and futility is the general reaction. The "good" have rarely accessed the strength implicit in the word.  Nor have they been operating according to their own rules of engagement.  The adversary has dictated the game plan almost from the outset, giving themselves a head start toward the realization of their goals, by insinuating, with consummate artifice, a fallacy in the minds of the good about the very nature and operation of evil.  Questioning what this fallacy is, how it works, and what to do about it, is crucial to our personal and collective empowerment and to the attainment of the fourth outcome.

The Bible gives us the advice "know thine enemy." 

Some of the most salient points communicated to the "Adepts of the Rose" are as follows:

The Adepts knew that the Nephilim could not be fought in direct combat or with energy that reciprocates their own natures or machinations.  Rather, the  coming of the Nephilim to Earth was to be compared to a biological infection - the infestation of a parasite, a virus into a normally healthy host organism.  The parasite has no life of its own and so hasn't any energy other than what it derives from its host.  The virus acts slowly and penetrates the cell, but only when the immune system of the host is malfunctioning.  The pathogen cannot be removed allopathically which is the futile tactic attempted by those who are under the mesmeric influence of the Masters.  The offending pathogen is not removed by radical surgery or by waiting periods where hope is that it will change its character.

The success of eradicating the virus is entirely contingent upon the patient acting in accordance with the advice of any homeopathic doctor.  The Shamans within their tribes conducted their age-old rituals and dances at exactly the right sidereal times and at the right geomantic locations on the Earth-grid and by so doing had long posed a threat to their pathogenic nemesis.  The Nephilim will be eradicated swiftly and permanently only when the "immune system" of the planet Earth itself is working 100 percent.  Knowing this to be true the scions of the Nephilim, since the time of the Tudors, have seen to it that the indigenous peoples they come across are slaughtered en masse.  Hence, mandatory genocide attended their acts of conquest and colonization.  War and genocide were, and still are, the precautionary measures to maintain a low biospheric immunity and make conditions suitable to themselves.  (See Koyaanisqatsi and Wolfen with Albert Finney).

The Earth is a living entity.  She is indeed living and has more of a life than most of us can ever know or experience.  She is intelligent and knows exactly what she needs for her well-being.  She knows when she is infected or poisoned and how to effect precautions.  She has been retarded in her holistic regeneration because her "white blood cells," her "lymphocytes," are not doing their work.  Her "T" and "B" cell count is constantly waning due to toxicity brought on by the presence of the pathogens and the sluggishness of the regenerative agents.  Human beings on the face of the planet are the Earth's lymphocytes.  Because we are recalcitrant in our duties, the "cell wall," was penetrated and the parasite was able to invade.  Now the time has come for a change.

Each "human cell" has a different task for which they are perfectly suited.  When the human is not doing his/her job - they, like the Earth on which they live, are also in a state of deficiency.  How sad are the following observations:

We reproduce catastrophe because we ourselves are traumatized - both as a species and individually, beginning at birth.  Because we are wounded, we have put up psychic defenses against reality and have become so cut off from direct participation in the multidimensional wilderness in which we are embedded that all we can do is  to navigate our way cautiously through a humanly designed day-to-day substitute world of symbol - a world of dollars, minutes, numbers, images and words that are constantly being manipulated to bring the most possible profit from every conceivable circumstance.  The body and spirit both rebel.  (David Watson, The Pathology of Civilization)

What does it matter if one is free or slave in this vale of tears?  The essential thing is to get to heaven, and resignation is one more means towards that . . . Christianity preaches only servitude and dependence.  Its spirit is so favorable to tyranny that tyranny always exploits it.  True Christians are made to be slaves, they know it, and they are not concerned by that: this short life is too unimportant in their eyes.  
(Jean Jacques Rousseau.  The Social Contract. 4.8).

Indeed . . . food for thought.