Well, you can't say you weren't warned . . .  on this website, at least.  Would you care to know what the POMPOUS ICONOCLAST is up to since his election?  

In his first news conference after re-election, President Obama said there was still time for a diplomatic solution on Iran’s nuclear program and that Iran could enjoy ‘peaceful nuclear power‘ if it meets international obligations. Diplomacy has failed and international sanctions, though having some effect, have not persuaded the radicals ruling Iran to stop their illicit nuclear program. The economic screws must be tightened. Iranian leaders did not hide their satisfaction in Mr. Obama’s re-election and the prospect of more negotiations, which, in their view, will buy them more time to develop nuclear weapons. Professor Pirooz Mojtahedzade, who teaches political geography at Tehran University said in a recent interview, “Perhaps one reason for Obama’s success in his re-election campaign was his opposition to the ‘war-mongering’ Prime Minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) of Israel, who officially eliminated the effect of the Zionist lobby in presidential elections resulting in the little effect the Israel lobby will have on U.S. politics in the next four years.

Make way for the Messiah! 


This apparently is the new mantra for these grotesque and hideous post-election times. Barack Hussein Obama is not denying his Messiah ship as he basks in the new role cast for him by gloating supporters. At the ‘Soul Train’ awards, Obama was nominated as ‘Our Lord and Savior’ by Oscar-winning actor/comedian Jamie Foxx, who was received by a wildly cheering throng. The YouTube showing of the cheering throngs to Foxx’s statement was mysteriously removed from the Internet yesterday morning.  Following was the news of artist Michael D’Antuono’s painting of a smirking Obama hanging from a crucifix which will be on display until December 15th at Boston’s Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery. The painting, depicting Obama as Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns around his head and his arms outstretched like the crucified Christ symbolizes Obama as Jesus’ second attempt. D’Antuono calls his painting ‘Truth‘.




These demands include:

  • A doubling of his campaign 'promise' to $1.6 Trillion in new taxes levied on the American people (which will decimate what’s left of the middle-class -his intent all along),

  • An immediate funding (to Obama) of $50 Billion (to be used for political purposes as he sees fit…in other words a 'gift' to him personally for any political purposes he deems necessary).

  • Personal unlimited sole authority to raise the USSA’s debt ceiling as he desires…whenever he wants.

Translation: Obama now demands full dictatorial powers over the US economy and the elimination of Congressional authority,  even any  input in all economic matters. In exchange, Obama said he may consider spending less of the taxpayers’ (aka serfs) money , but he did not say it was a guarantee.

___________________________ARE YOU KIDDING???



Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) spoke to anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney yesterday on Secure Freedom Radio where he alleged that the Obama administration actively aided Al Qaeda and follows the advice of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Texas congressman partnered with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and a group of Republicans to demand investigations of Muslim Americans serving in the Administration with Bachmann warning that Muslim Brotherhood secret agents have successfully conducted 'deep penetration' of the U.S. government. After the witch hunt was roundly criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike, Bachmann ended up literally running away from reporters. But Gaffney and Gohmert remained defenders of the witch hunt, with Gaffney accusing Speaker John Boehner of 'parroting the Muslim Brotherhood line' and Gohmert claiming that Obama 'has helped jump-start a new Ottoman Empire'.


We witnessed another one of Barack Obama’s oddities with the Muslim Brotherhood. The first anomaly was when Obama was almost giddy when the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, ascended to power. The Muslim Brotherhood had openly called for the destruction of the United States 'from within', most recently apparent in Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR calling for the purging of any training materials within the FBI and CIA that 'offended' Muslims. Barack Obama of course dutifully complied. The most recent oddity, however, is Obama calling on Morsi to broker a truce between Hamas and Israel. Hamas has fired on average one thousand rockets per year at Israel from the Gaza strip; and for eight days, Israel did something that they should have done a decade ago -  fight back!!  Keep in mind that the Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of Hamas. Also keep in mind that, like Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for the annihilation of Israel. So for Obama to call on Morsi to 'broker a truce' is ridiculous.


For the fourth year straight, President Obama has omitted any direct statement thanking God in his Thanksgiving address. In 2009 President Obama made history when he issued the first presidential Thanksgiving proclamation that failed to directly thank God. There was an outcry, and Obama’s subsequent proclamations have made prominent mention of God. However, as Ben Shapiro of Breitbart points out, his Thanksgiving addresses (as opposed to the proclamations), which he reads to the camera, have continued to eschew mention of God. In his 2012 Thanksgiving address, Obama says, "Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for each other, and for the incredible bounty we enjoy.”


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