The legends, histories, and religious folklore of almost all ancient peoples contain some reference to previous world ages or civilizations that flourished for millennia and ended in cataclysm.  Most of us are both skeptical and intrigued about these myths.  Did they really happen?  And if so - why?  Are we destined to face the same kind of changes as did the ancients? 

Prediction and prophesy have fallen into disrepute in this century largely because the scientific community, with its own built-in-aspect of predictability,  has replaced the need within the human psyche.  Besides, prophecies have had a notorious reputation for not coming true, or fulfilling themselves at the wrong time, in the wrong place and under different circumstances.  However, this did not seem to bother primitive people - the gods simply changed their minds.

Often, the prophetic vision, when received, may be too advanced to fit into the present cultural matrix.  As a result, the description of the vision may have used a limited vocabulary as to be unintelligible.  If we cannot grasp what we experience or see, no one else can.  Or  a prophesy can be averted because of the interaction of the karma and/or free will of those involved in the chain of events leading to its fulfillment.

At this very moment, we are living in a world seemingly "out of control" indicating that something is brewing.  

So with this in mind, let us review the predictions of various ancient  sources.


According to the Hindu tradition of cosmology, we are  now at the end of the Kali Yuga - the Age of Iron, which is the final  and most negative of the four evolutionary Yugic cycles.  

Each Yuga is like the season of a super-cosmic year, even greater than the cosmic year of the Precession of the Equinoxes.

The 1st Yuga - Sathya Yuga meant purity and was equivalent to the Golden Age.  By the 2nd Yuga - Treta Yuga or the Silver Age, spirituality decreased by one fourth and by the time of the Dvapara Yuga (Copper Age) - negativity had a fifty percent holding.  In our present Yuga - the Kali Yuga (Iron Age), the vibration has become pretty murky and humanity is laboring against heavy odds.  We are now living in what the Hindus call "the dregs of time" and the destroyer of illusion.

The Vishnu Purana, one of the oldest sacred texts of India, says the following about the Kali Yuga:

The leaders who rule over the Earth will be violent and seize the goods of their subjects. Those with possessions will abandon agriculture and commerce and will live as servants, that is, following various possessions.  The leaders, with the excuses of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their subjects and take away private property.  Moral values and the rule of law will be completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men.

Seem familiar?

It is  important to understand that Earth is part of a spiritual/physical testing zone, whose inhabitants are undergoing the task of freeing themselves from the tyranny of matter controlled by the "fallen" hierarchies inhabiting key regions of the universe.  These negative powers rule the Age of Night and the constellations of Ursa Minor, Ursa Major, Thuban and our present pole star - Polaris.   These realms contain intelligences of the negative hierarchy, administrators of the "dark force".  They have used their might to establish themselves as powers over the physical plane.  

The return of the light at this time in history is having intense effects upon our consciousness - a growing spiritual awakening on one hand, and a disturbing rise in crime and general confusion on the other.

The "fallen angels", cast out of the higher heavens into the lower levels of creation, created a great imbalance  on the Earth plane (as above, so below).  The Battle of Armageddon is the final conflict between the forces of good and evil.  It is the Great Purification that all of creation must experience so that the negative forces  are ousted and replaced by graduating beings of perfect light bodies whose "will" it is to restore harmony and balance to the highest purpose.  

The Great Pyramid

Controversy surrounds the age and purpose of the Great Pyramid.  Its overall design, architecture, engineering and construction  stands unchallenged from anything even remotely like it.  It is a  repository of geodetic data as an astronomical calendar and observatory, as a prophetic blueprint,  and a place of initiation in the ancient world. 

For openers - in squaring the circle, the sum of the Pyramid's base diagonals measures 25,826.53 pyramid inches mirroring the 25,826.53 year precession of the equinoxes, the Great Year.  It would seem that the architects of this structure understood their place in the cosmic scheme of things and that the Pyramid represented a good deal more than we can presently comprehend.

Edgar Cayce spoke of the Great Pyramid as a center of initiation. Further light is shed upon the Pyramid's initiatory aspect by the ambiguous nature of the Egyptian Book of The Dead which is associated with the Osirian mysteries and the central theme of resurrection.  The book is a random compilation of funerary texts, spells, prayers, hymns, magical formulas, and other ancient papri.

The research of Dave Davidson - a structural engineer - who studied the Great Pyramid for 24 years - confirmed a 6,000 year system of prophetic dates beginning in 3999 B.C. and ending in 2001 A.D.  The ratio of one pyramidal inch to one year is the basis of the mathematically deductible dates of the time scale.  Although numbers are not carved into the masonry, the historical events themselves provide the details which history has established as important.

In order to correctly chart the motion of the tides prevailing on 9/17/2001 A.D., the last predictive date of the Great Pyramid, a computerized natal chart was drawn up for 12:00 noon on that day.  Three themes emerged:  magnetic changes in our relationship to the sun, the final stages of karmic retribution - and the possibility of planetary initiation.  The chart shows the sun and new moon in the midheaven (symbolizing a new beginning).  Neptune at 6-7 degrees Aquarius indicates the beginnings of the sixth root race

Change in radiation is a key element in this chart of 9/17/2001 A.D. that can be either good or bad depending on an individual's personal journey.  The release of intense bursts of ultraviolet radiation is the color correlated to the sixth chakra, the seat of Christ Consciousness.  Pluto at 13 degrees Sagittarius heralds the dawn from high above the actual stresses of existence.  However, the New Age will have to deal with a residue of unfinished business from the world of today and the shadows of the past.  The "New Order of the Ages" will possibly take root on what is now known as the North American continent which may be known in the future as the new Atlantis.


Archaeologists believe that the Maya originated from Asia and crossed the Bering land bridge to Alaska about 30,000 years ago.  Vast numbers of small hunting bands are thought to have roamed south, following the migration routes of the great game herds.  Then, about 12,000 years ago, the glaciers melted.  Sea levels rose, the land bridge became submerged, weather changed gradually, and large game animals became extinct.  Hunting was eventually replaced by gathering, and as cultivation skills were developed, the Maya settled into the patterns that held them to the land.  Their great civilization grew within the general area that ranged from the cool of Guatemala through the tropical lowlands of southern Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and on to the humid Yucatan peninsula of southeastern Mexico. 

Edgar Cayce (Sleeping Prophet) had a different perspective believing that the people who became known as the Maya were part of a massive exodus from Atlantis around 28,000 B.C.  The migrations fanned out to many parts of the world, but Mesoamerica and Egypt in particular.  Cayce also indicated that the records of the Atlantean civilization were all "one" but divided into three repositories:  Egypt, the Bimini area of the Caribbean and the Yucatan.  He declared in various readings that each of these repositories would be discovered; implying that this could occur by 1998.

The histories tell that at the peak of Maya civilization around 843 A.D., the powerful driving force that had sustained Maya culture lost its momentum and collapsed.  Because it happened comparatively suddenly, it is believed that a particular function had been served and that the Maya intentionally disincorporated their centers with great deliberation.  Buildings under construction appear to have been left unfinished, their wall murals frozen in time half completed.  Major Mayan cities were abandoned and that the population of several million declined drastically.  The Maya people continued, but their flourishing civilization did not.  Toltec and Aztec empires followed close behind.  Most of what is known about the Maya derives from archaeological excavations that uncovered  monuments from the jungle.   However, great volumes of fan-folded books that contained the records, wisdom and science of these people were zealously destroyed by the Spanish missionaries.  Three generations of scholars worked to decipher the writings of the few remaining codices and text fragments and to interpret Maya calendric information.  

The Maya were a remarkable people - productive, industrious, and creative.  They pioneered the mathematical concept of zero, which they linked to the symbol of the beginning - the Milky Way.  No Native American culture understood the heavens better than the Maya, or left such intricate records of its discoveries.  Temple complexes and observatories were carefully designed by astronomer priests and geomancers.  The astronomy  they practiced was so precise, it served as the basis for sophisticated understanding of a planetary world picture, the world's best calendar, and an unsurpassed system of time recording.  They understood that the "morning star" and "evening star" were the same planet - Venus.  Without telescopes or precision instruments, the astronomer priests were able to compile accurate tables to predict both solar and lunar eclipses as well as equinox and solstice times.  They seemed to have been a culture obsessively invested in the subject of time and its computation!  Their elaborate record keeping and calendric systems seem to have been an ingenious method by which they were able to plot and synchronize cycles of terrestrial and galactic significance within a "master plan", a clue to which had been preserved in the legends.  Their cycle of 13 Heavens followed a prophecy begun in the year 843 A.D., the year that is believed to have coincided with the end of the classic Maya era, a period marked by the mysterious abandonment of the Maya.  

According to the ancients, order, once established, had to be carefully maintained for it was always in imminent danger of being engulfed by chaos.  Their calendars plotted four previous Ages, each ruled by a different sun, that had come and gone.  Each of these ages, which comprised a "great cycle" of 5,125.40 years, ended in a cataclysm symbolized by the calendar glyph that 
represented it.  This means that our present Age of the fifth Sun is due to culminate with the graduation of the "life wave" by
December 21, 2012 A.D.  The duration of our 5,125 year Age is the time it takes for Homo Christos to emerge from Homo sapiens.  Yes, the "People of Light" are being quickened.  Quickening is what happens when the embryo within the egg is enlivened and begins to stir in its becoming.  

The compelling force of the Maya calendar's  last katun, 1992-2012 A.D., is not likely to be spent without accomplishing the transformation or disintegration of corruption within the traditional world order.  For those who choose the old ways, it will be the end of their world.  For those whose pledged allegiance to the sacredness of life and the planet, no matter what, the sound the old makes as it crumbles will be the sound of one egg cracking.     

Please note:  

In addition to my own insights, other material for this article was obtained from Beyond Prophecies and Predictions by Moira Timms




In northern Arizona, atop the sacred mountain of the Hopis and Navajos, lies Black Mesa, an island in the sky comprising of more than two million acres that rise 3,300 feet from the desert floor.  The traditional people of these tribes continue to live as their ancestors, tending their land and growing crops of corn, beans, and squash, and grazing sheep and goats.  It's a hard life, but the natives identify their lives with their myth and toil the land with diligence and love.  

The Hopi myth embraces the complete cycle of creation from the beginning of their nation until the time of the Great Purification when the Great Spirit will return.  It was The Great Spirit that gave them the life plan for harmony and balance between our rational intellect and our intuition - or left brain - right brain.  The Hopi journeyed to the place where the Great Spirit had lived, at the spiritual center of the continent (where the Four Corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona merge).  In this sacred area they were to pray for balance and harmony and to live within the life plan that had been taught them.

This "life plan" prophecy of the Hopis is very similar in theme to the Great Pyramid, which offers its choice between two paths - a return to the natural life path or the continuance on a path of destruction.  The Hopi prophecies are drawn on a rock in Black Mesa.  Its says there will come a time of much destruction in the world. It also tells of the gradual devastation of the Earth's natural processes because of human interference.  The Hopis are concerned for the whole planet and fear that all life will be destroyed.

The Hopis have watched for a series of three world-shaking events, each accompanied by a particular symbol.  These symbols are the swastika, sun, and the color red.  (We have already witnessed the horror and destruction triggered by the symbol of the swastika.  Presently, the sun's rays are so intensified that it has caused worldwide heat waves resulting in deaths and power shortages.  And - "Planet X"

dangerously approaching Earth and feared to cause a "pole shift" - is presently leaving a trail of red dust visible to the naked eye in some parts of the world.  Its huge presence will cause the slowing down of Earth's rotation which will  affect Earth's magnetic grids causing severe earthquakes, tornadoes, and flooding.  And Mars (known as the "red planet") will be the closest to Earth than it has been in 700,000 years on August 27th.  Let's not forget all the pictures taken of the various man-made structures visible on the planet.  (Quite a lot to handle and/or speculate about).

The Hopi knew long ago from their prophecies that the Mesa was rich in oil, coal, and uranium.  The Great Spirit had specifically instructed that these resources not be removed until after the Great Purification.  Yet, today this land is being raped and plundered.  They have witnessed the Earth Mother's heart being torn open and are powerless to stop it.  To expand the concept of the "heart" of the continent further, the largest energy-generating power grid in the entire world is located at the Four Corners area.  And, although it is economically cheap to use water from the Colorado watershed and from deep wells in the Mesa to cool the power plants and to transport coal hundreds of miles away to Nevada and to California for shipment to Japan - this water is ecologically valuable in this dry region, and the huge amounts required by power plants have far-reaching environmental effects!  Natural springs have dried up, the water tables are rapidly becoming depleted, rainfall is sparse and Hopi access to some traditional watering spots has been cut off.  Who's responsible?  The Hopi Tribal Council sponsored by the U.S. government.    In other words, certain Hopis were   "bought" and betrayed their people for profit.


The Bible contains many prophecies and references to "the end times" and Armageddon.  These prophecies present warnings of signs to watch for before the finale.  It is not the end of the world that is predicted - but the end of the Piscean Age and present world situation.  In the visions of the various Hebrew prophets,  we witness similar, if not identical recorded events of many ancient peoples.  Just prior to the great cosmic upheavals that accompanied the magnetic pole reversal around 860 B.C., the following quotes are recorded:

Joel, c. 820 B.C.:  "The Earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble; the sun and moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining."

Amos, c. 800 B.C.:  "And it shall come to pass in that day saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the Earth in the clear day."

One day on the Mount of Olives the disciples asked Jesus privately when the end would be.  Jesus spoke of wars, of famines, pestilence, and earthquakes, and said that they would be but the beginning of troubles. He warned of religious persecution, false prophets, and imposters who, claiming to be him, performed such heavy miracles that even the wisest might be deceived.  Unless God intervened, humanity would be wiped out except for those with the seal of the living God on their foreheads.  This is achieved when one achieves the "divine marriage" between one's human and divine self,  transcending the world of duality and reconciling all opposites.  

In the Book of Revelation, St. John the Divine, the youngest and most beloved disciple of Jesus, gives an account of the future detailing signs of Christ's 2nd coming and the events that presage the final judgment of humanity.  The Revelation involves a series of happenings that occur in the spiritual world of the heavens.  Included are the Seven Seals which are allegorical to each of the seven chakras (energy centers of the endocrine system of the human body).  With the opening of each seal comes "revelation" and the opportunity to be purified and transformed by the particular energies released.  

The first four seals released are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, bringing pestilence, war, famine, and death upon Earth.  This is followed by a now familiar scenario . . . a great earthquake, stars that fall out of the sky and utter destruction.  This would appear to be yet another vision of the shifting of the Earth's poles accompanied  by the meteor showers or the tektites that have been scientifically recorded during past geomagnetic reversals.   


Bible Code

 for other possible predictions


The sixth seal, or chakra, is related to the Pineal gland.  Spiritually, it opens  the inner light and can be accessed through meditation.  Within this seal resides the "I Am" presence - the actual consciousness and Light of the Christ.  Becoming aware of our individual "I Am" presence ultimately connects us to transcendent consciousness.  Jesus alluded to this reality when he described himself as the good shepherd who could lead the sheep by being a role model as to how we should pray and attune to the higher consciousness.  He also said, "I Am the door; if anyone enters through Me (prays in the same vibration), he shall be saved."  Insight into the meaning of Jesus as "the door" is found in the Kabala and the Tree of Life.   

The Kabalistic Tree of Life is a map of how the universe was formed and manifested and provides a context within which the gnosis is revealed.  Daleth is the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, meaning "door."  It is the central pillar that runs from Tiferet the Heart -(fourth chakra), through the Throat (fifth chakra), through the (sixth chakra) - Pineal, to the (seventh chakra) - Kether - the Crown.  

The nature of the sixth chakra is  (Door/Pineal) - the door to higher consciousness.  

"I Am" is one's higher Self, the Christed overSelf.  "I am" is "me", the human self.  

The words, and consciousness, "I Am", express the covenant between the human and the divine self, and a knowing of one's true identity.  When one attains enlightenment one becomes "Christed."  Jesus is the Christ who embodies the Office of the Christ, encompassing the work of all Christed beings and Ascended Masters.  Those enlightened are dedicated to the "Great Work" of serving God's plan in order to purify and liberate the souls of the planet.  As holder of this office, Jesus came to redeem our karma and awaken the human race to Christhood - which is why He promised we would ultimately do even greater things than He.  He said:

I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  
No one comes to the Father but through Me.

However, orthodox interpretation of that statement assumes erroneously that only through the person of the  historical Jesus can one come to the Father.  Misinterpretation of this statement is responsible for non-Christian realities being condemned as "of the devil" and millions of people have been tortured and killed throughout history in the name of Christianity.  

Cultural bias has resulted in a fixation upon the historical Jesus of the past who won't be seen again until after Armageddon.  In the meantime, the universal Spirit that He is, is upon the land, alive and well, inspiring and illuminating individuals primarily outside of Christian orthodoxy.

According to Key 308 of the Keys of Enoch, the collective antichrist is the body of religious orthodoxies who withhold information on the true nature of the Christ, and faiths that do not evolve the soul.  They understand scripture from the historical standpoint, but not the higher spiritual truths; they do not understand the codes within scripture that can transform ordinary consciousness into the consciousness of the living Light.  The Key (written in 1973) states that as a sign of the end, establishment religion will try to conceal and destroy interpretations of the scriptures which give people true spiritual liberation.  (example:  The Dead Sea Scrolls).  

If "I' is the human self, and "I Am" is the "Christed" Self, a deeper meaning shines forth from Jesus' words:

. . . No one comes to the Father but through me . .  becomes
No one comes unto the Father but through who
 "I Am."

Hence, "I Am" the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the father but through who
"I Am" - the Christ within."


In 1973, The Keys of Enoch were given, one Key of which was to catalyze a crucial part of the Master Plan by the end of the last Hell cycle (presently).  These teachings of sixty four Keys, on seven levels, were given for the quickening of the "People of Light".  Enoch (synonymous with Thoth), the master initiator of Light, addressed the evolutionary implications of Earth's dilemma and need for a return to center.  Key 204 (numerologically reducible to "six", number of Return) gives the Key for the "Great Return":

If a global network of Spiritual humanity unites to draw upon these (spiritual) energies (of the Higher Self) and focus them with a unified purpose, towards the marriage of a consciousness evolution to a scientific evolution, the world will be One Planetary Mind that will fuse with other planetary worlds and understand how our planetary mind is One of Many thinking membranes between evolutionary systems.

The Key describes the transmission and imprinting of "living energy codes of light" via our electromagnetic energy spectrum to raise the consciousness of our evolving species, and provide instructions for the new building blocks of life within the galactic Tree of Life.

Electromagnetic frequencies actually transmit information and interact with biological functioning, especially that of the DNA and central nervous system.  The Pineal gland (sixth chakra) orchestrates the functioning of the human psyche by producing a host of psychoactive chemicals such as melatonin, dopamine, serotonin, and others which affect consciousness.  For psycho-physical effects can be positive or negative, depending upon the frequency of the field.

It has been reported that 10,000,000 people will suffer the debilitating affects of Alzheimer's in the near future

The planet Neptune is closely associated with the Pineal Gland, spiritual enlightenment, and the hormone melatonin.  As more and more people become disillusioned and depressed because of the difficult conditions of present day society they will withdraw from their environment mentally, emotionally, and psychically.  Therefore, it is urgent that each person adhere to a spiritual discipline that offers strength and faith to ease the pain and fear that will grip his/her heart.