this page was designed for all you 
warm-blooded kissing enthusiasts . . .


Just run the mouse over the person you wish to kiss  - and click!


hasn't a special season . . .it's encompasses all 


Feeling in a kissing mood?  Well pucker up  my friend!

This is your chance to finally smack the lips of people you have only fantasized about.

And oh - it would be nice to receive a kiss for creating this page.

 Please note:  This fun page has 'blocked java' that was imposed without  my consent.  This problem occurred when 'Window 8 Explorer' was installed to update.  I have not resolved this problem as yet.  I have decided not to change any of the 'java' until I have exhausted my options.  If anyone with a knowledge of java is viewing this page (and other pages throughout the site, please contact me - -  Thank you.)