Should we stop blaming God for all our problems?



Dear friends:

In a world overwhelmed with chaos, pain, uncertainty, fear and despair - is it any wonder that so many people in our nation are depressed, overweight, lethargic and detached about life?  The public has been urged to embrace a low fat, low-carbohydrate diet and to exercise daily.  Get rid of all the junk food - shape up and be thin and healthy.  Great advice!  However, I suggest that the real source of much of the depression and overeating in our society stems from strong emotional upsets and problems that everyone is trying to cope with and keep under control.  In other words - the stress is depleting our serotonin, the natural calming chemical of the body!  So we ingest huge amounts of carbohydrates to calm down - and any carbohydrate food will induce your brain to make more serotonin.

But wait a minute.  Why should Americans be so stressed out?  We live in the greatest country of the world, enjoy our freedom, have the most wealth, are endowed with many luxuries and  amenities, live a decent lifestyle, drive new automobiles . . . why  are we so depressed?  We should all be happy . . . and many of us are.   But many of us aren't and this portion of the populace is expanding.

Americans probably consume more food, more drugs, more alcohol, continue to smoke cigarettes (even though a pack is up to $6 or more) - and work more hours than most people in the world.  They are a  driven race and are suffering because of it.   

Perhaps the corruption and injustices we are seeing exposed within our country are what we are trying to cope with on a daily basis.  Many of us are thinking:  "Is the world going mad?"

Since the early 50's, perhaps marked with the assassination of an American president, John Kennedy,  many of this nation's moral values and belief systems have been slowly eroding.  Our leaders, both political and religious, have been instrumental in contaminating and/or destroying those values this country was founded on and which were held most dearly by its people.  Ruthless and greedy individuals (let's call them the "elite") have been on a self-gratifying path, raping the country of its resources, destroying its society's moral fiber, and beating down its middle class to submission to obtain power, wealth and control.   How?  Many ways.  Let's discuss a few them:

  WAR:  In the last two hundred years, our country has been engaged in nine wars.  Yet, we claim to be a peace-loving nation.  We sent our idealistic and most vibrant youth off to war leaving behind the "unfit" to continue the bloodline of the nation.  At home, women were forced to take up the slack during these times.  They worked the farms, raised the children alone (for the next war) without their husbands, put in grueling hours in factories, and were even allowed to participate in our national sport - baseball  - until the war ended, of course. Others  joined the ranks of our armed services as nurses, staff support, and some even  flew airplanes.  I cringe when I think of all those who have labored and died in past war times  to protect our nation - our people.  Looking back, it all seems so wasted - so futile.

Today, we are involved in an Armageddon - a war perpetuated by a  barbaric people who haven't any value for human life - theirs, yours or mine.  Opposing them are the "elitist" of the free world who are in control militarily, politically and economically.  The tactics of the terrorists are cloaked in a religious ideology that hides their true motivation to take control away from the western world.  So in reality, this is a war between one ruthless group (elite) with another (Islamic terrorists) . . . a war that  cannot be resolved with the blood, dedication and sacrifice of those who have died thus far.  We as a nation are really fighting two fronts - our own internal elitist machine of ruthless individuals and the barbaric ravages of  3rd world terrorists.  This war can only end when both evil groups are destroyed. 

  JOB MARKET:  And to make it even clearer as to how a few who have the wealth and power in the country   are trying to enslave the American middle class - our political and economic "big shots" are exporting jobs by the thousands abroad resulting in  trained American professionals to lose their livelihoods, homes and lifestyles -  not to mention leaving all our future college-trained young people high and dry.  Are young citizens only to hope for a job at some fast food chain or supermarket or behind a computer for nine hours daily or - join the armed force reserves  to make ends meet? One cannot dispute that sending the kids to college with a false promise for a future kept them out of the work force for at least four years while the selfish elite manipulated the economy a little easier.  Now let's examine the politicians' strategies to make more money -  let's  import illegals into our country and flood the job market so that natural born American citizens can't find a job and let's give the illegals low housing, social security, medical benefits and other perks  - duh!  Let's give everyone here illegally the right to work, vote, and screw the American people.  

  PROSPERITY: Our government would like you to believe that the economy is picking up - that we are on the mend financially.  But, the only group that may be enjoying this financial gain is -  you guessed it - the 'already wealthy'.  Research has discovered that the average American ('2004) has not been able to  accumulate any wealth nor enjoyed  upward mobility in the last ten years - although the  wealthy have managed to increase their holdings very nicely.  Well, that's fair - uh - duh.  But tell me, when the middle class (otherwise known as slaves) are non-existent - who will the wealthy control?  How will they stay in business? Perhaps they plan to escape to Mars and contaminate another world!  

Things cost more than 50 years ago.  The average American has 'maxed'  his credit cards, which in my opinion was a scheme generated by big business to give Mr. & Mrs. America a false sense of affluence and wealth while distracting  them from the manipulation of  corporations like Enron, industries in the promotion of  sports, movies, pharmaceuticals (legal drugs), government subsidizing, etc. - all raking in the big bucks from the American people.  But that's progress, right?  No, it's all inflation and soon to dissipate.

A country without a middle class in any society goes downhill fast .  Look around - look what is happening right before your eyes.  We as a nation have been exploited - big time!!  In the corner of many American minds lurks the dark repressed fear:  "Maybe my world will soon be taken away from me."

How can we fight back to reverse this country's decaying social mores?   It may already be too late.  Some analysts are talking about an inevitable rebellion by the "middle class".  Some think our country has deteriorated beyond the point of return and has lost its power and prestige as a world leader.  Frankly, I don't really give a dam what the world thinks of us.  But I do care about my country and its people.  I do care about a future that offers hope and peace.  

This article has only scratched the tip of the iceberg.  It consist of words - someone's opinion - someone's perception.  It can all change.  Life is not static.  Yet, somehow,  somewhere, at sometime, we each have to take a stand to regain our self-respect, autonomy, esteem and God-given natural right to live in peace and freedom.

It starts with me and you.  Take a stand in your job, in your government, in your belief system.  Walk away from all the hypocrites -  the 'BS' artists.

Our future world rests with our youth.  They are our hope.  Be an example of truth and honor for them.  Support them.  Encourage them.  Educate them to be decent citizens.  

And mostly -  be aware.   Be pro-active.  Be healthy.  Fight depression with conviction..  Stop eating to fill the void.  Stop smoking.  Stop consuming alcohol to suppress the anger and fear.   Fight back.  Take responsibility for your health and life.  Wake up America!  You've been asleep for too long.  

Restore my faith.