It is with a heavy heart and feelings of tremendous disappointment that I am writing this article. It isn't that I'm incapable of acknowledging defeat, but I do have problems with the unethical and devious tactics Obama and his campaign used to win the presidential election. I take issue with the decision of the 2012 election for many reasons.  Admittedly, with all the available evidence concerning Obama's covert activities in the White House, I am amazed that he even won the election.  It baffles me. On a subconscious level, I am waiting to hear news that could upset the whole applecart.  How about you? 

The World Wide Web is flooded with information concerning two recent major scandals:  'Fast and Furious' and the 'Benghazi Attack', both occurring under Obama's watch.  The articles are undoubtedly more informative and interesting than the one I am in the process of writing.  In my defense, I am writing from my heart. 

I am extremely upset  to realize that so many Americans (or perhaps those who posed to be legal Americans . . . and weren't) were conned into voting for the candidate least qualified to hold the office of the presidency. Yes, politics has a reputation for being 'dirty' and 'ugly' and both parties (Republican and Democratic) are guilty of unethical actions.  But watching this election and all the unscrupulous lies and smear tactics Obama used was appalling. The man doesn't adhere to decent moral ethics.  He works from instinct and will use any untruth, scheme, tactic or device to win.  Win what?  Another four years to feel important and live in the White House?  Perhaps he'll do more TV shows and play more golf while Rome burns  . . . we being the present day Rome.

After winning the election, Obama's ego can't possibly be more inflated. Therefore, he is not the least bit concerned that his character has proven to be flawed and his intelligence 'questionable'.  Shrewd is not the same as intelligent.  Obama's actions are a projection of a scared animal stalking prey in the jungle. His focus is set on his own survival and power.  He could care less about 'we the people'.  And the proof of his self-aggrandizement is out there.  But half of the American population are too stupid and/or lazy to acknowledge it.  Ugh!  What a disappointment.

It's obvious that many Obama voters were coerced into voting for him by his promises of  a 'free' ride. 

"Lets crucify those Americans who are fortunate to still be working and paying taxes. Lets raise their taxes and take away their earnings and give it to those of you who aren't  working." 
Never mind that these citizens are the only people capable of giving financial support to the country or employing others.  They are to be scorned and envied. How dare they have businesses, homes, cars and amenities when you poor, dumb unfortunates don't have the same?  

What's that? You do have stuff.

You have an Ipod, a Smart phone, a huge HD television, and a new rental pickup truck you use when you work 'off the books'. (I guess this is why you can pay cash for your technical toys and expensive clothing on sale at Macys and other department stores). And are you collecting welfare and disability, too? You are.

O.K. Who pays for all of this?  Oh, it's from  Obamaclaus! The man you voted for promised you would receive all your 'freebies'.  Isn't he the one who wants to take from the rich and give to the poor? You know . . .take from those hard working rich bastards who busted their asses starting businesses and creating jobs to employ people like you?  Sure.  Obamaclaus.  He's the one. 

Obamaclaus!  What a guy. Tell me.  Does taking from the rich to give to the poor apply to him and Michelle, too?  How much has he or Biden given to the poor lately?  I wonder how much Biden's dazzling mouth of 'white teeth' cost him? Every time he smirked, his teeth's brilliance made my eyes tear.  He's another smug, useless exploiter.

Lets be clear.  We are not including seniors, vets, the handicapped, or those who lost their homes and were severed from their jobs. They deserve all the financial help they can get.  And seniors and retirees still pay taxes on clothing, food, appliances, gas, etc. The point is that Obama is a Fascist and he's encouraging people to continue to stay on welfare, etc.  He's asking them to condone his failure to lead the country in the right direction. He wants their acceptance and forgiveness for his stupidity and lack of experience. He has already admitted how inept his math skills are.  Duh . . .  I guess this is why  he hasn't submitted a budget in four years.

His only thought is to 'TAX THE RICH'.  This will surely fix his seven trillion $$$$ debt.

Just overlook all his failures and broken promises and give him another four years to live in the White House and enjoy all the presidential perks he has grown to love.  Let him feel important even though he's an idiot; albeit a cunning one. The truth be known, if not for assuming the role of some secret  'power broker's puppet',  he would never, never have even come close to being in the White House - even as a guest.  

I guess our apathy and laziness concerning our country's welfare earned us this prize situation . . .  Obama in the White House.

Critics of Romney pontificate how he lost the election because of his attitude towards illegals. Well in my opinion, he is right.  Why should our government give amnesty to people who constantly break our laws and smuggle themselves into the country via our unguarded borders while other foreigners, obeying our legal process of entry into the country, are still waiting to be admitted?  Why should their illegal children attend  our colleges free when American students are forced to embrace sky-rocketing college fees? This is bull----!  Obama and his student program loans are raking in revenue for the government from our children and their over-taxed parents.  In reality, encouraging our youth to obtain  college degrees is a manipulative ploy to keep them out of the workforce for four years.  When they graduate, they haven't any promise of obtaining a job suitable for all their financial burden and scholastic efforts. And this is who was elected another four years? (deep breath)

The infamous health care program - 'OBAMACARE' - is another nightmare.  Obama, Pelosi, and Reid supposedly orchestrated this package and, as was disclosed, will pull out millions of dollars from Medicare to pay for it. You know the story.  No need to repeat all its ramifications again in this article. Like many other concerned Americans, I did everything possible to alert the public about all of these crooks and their unethical policies toward the American people.  Here again, it  was the Fascist Democratic party that promised the minorities and those here in the country illegally (who were already raping this country medically) they would benefit from the 'free' care putting the burden on the middle class employer and worker. This rhetoric gained them a lot of perks resulting in -  VOTES!  Lets face it. This country's demographics have changed. The majority of people living here are not natural born citizens.  They are  3rd world country citizens - and most are here illegally.  And American 'white' Caucasians are not the majority in the country either. 

Did you ever stop to consider how our pool of young males has been depleted by yet another devious attempt to destroy our nation's future. Those intent on destroying the country to make room for the 'One World Government' have been busy. The majority of our youth have been killed or maimed in senseless wars for the past twenty years.  Many young people enlisted in the service because they couldn't find work or weren't able to pay for higher education to improve their living standards. Politics made it impossible for them to farm the land and so the next generation of the country's farmers abandoned the fields. No wonder people of lower intelligence and social savvy are now the majority living in this country.

And Monsanto has poisoned the chain of food supply in the country resulting in serious illness.  Read my articles on this website about the dangerous side effects of chemically treated food (corn, soy, potatoes, etc.)

My list of issues is endless. 

Returning to Obama and the 'devious dorks' in the White House supposedly under his supervision, I am quite annoyed about the blatant 'cover-up' of Eric Holder and his participation in the 'Fast and Furious' gun episode that resulted in the death of one of our men at the Mexican border. The White House stalled to give certain information to the investigating committee for months. When finally pressed against the wall, Holder and his office were given immunity under some bogus law the White House contrived.  The American people will never know the truth . . . at least not while Obama is in office. 

In regard to the Benghazi Attack that resulted in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other young men, bogus information was initially reported by Obama, Hillary Clinton and UN ambassador Rice while the truth about the attack was put 'on hold' until after the election.  I cried when I viewed the scenario illustrated by Fox News as to what had probably happened to the men.  And then the lies for weeks and weeks by Obama. The cover up persisted blaming the attack on a video and not what it actually was . . .  a terrorist attack on our embassy.  

Obama is not a president I would welcome into my home.  If it were in my power, I would have impeached Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and a host of others in the Congress!  Why the American public puts up with this B.S., I don't understand.  Why is everyone so complacent?  As I write this article, we have suddenly learned that the CIA Director, David Petraeus has resigned from his position because of having an alleged affair in the recent past. This is all too coincidental.  It is feared he will not testify in the upcoming scheduled hearings because of his indiscretion.  I don't buy it.  I think the whole scenario has been orchestrated to cover up something really outrageous!

Obama is an iconoclast!  I really despise his character and politics. I don't want to hear any more conciliatory B.S. about  'what a good family man he is'.  He's a liar and manipulator and cannot be trusted.  From the get-go, he's been phony. His forged birth certificate, his true childhood background, his association with his Fascist-Communist bed fellows, the 'undesirables' he played and smoked pot with in Chicago, his fabricated personality, etc. Who is this person?  What kind of example has he given to his daughters? How to lie and cheat and get away with it?

I rest my case for now.  My next article will honor Mitt Romney, an intelligent, honorable gentlemen . . . a wonderful husband, father, and patriot.  Surely a man of class and distinction.  It was this country's loss that he wasn't elected president. 

All I can say is -  'Thanks, Mitt'.  I voted for you.