"Though it is unlikely, but not impossible, that any of the original alien visitors still physically live, their offspring certainly do exist and continue to bring mankind to the brink of spiritual degradation and physical annihilation for their own selfish purposes."  Michael Tsarion 

The year is 2005.  The United States and allies have been engaged in a war that is supposedly designed to bring democracy and stability to the people of Iraq.  Long under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi people have suffered and endured many hardships and cruel inhumanities. The struggle is not over; rather it seems to have escalated to proportions of unbelievable destruction and terror that has exploded worldwide.  Many people have died in this struggle.  Those who have escaped death have been inflicted with severe wounds and must live the remainder of their lives disabled and scarred.  Our own young men and women have fought a gallant fight for their country as have the soldiers of our allies.  Will their sacrifices and efforts realize the goal that was promised?  Or will they be forgotten too soon when the last bullet hits the dust?  Has this war, like all the rest, been just another scenario orchestrated by a hidden power designed to destroy Earth?

Excerpts from : 

"Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation" - by Michael Tsarion

"Our forefathers have fought the good fight in ages now forgotten and laid down their lives and liberties to eradicate the enemy.  They have endure terrestrial paroxysms of unimaginable proportions, famines, plagues, massacres, and inquisitions, imposed upon them by tyrants.  Each and every event is etched in the racial memories, in the  DNA, of every person living today!"

Nothing can be brought to an end in the unconscious; nothing is past or forgotten. 
(Sigmund Freud)

"At this very moment, we are still victims of tyrants and of the tyranny of our own ignorance and complicity." 

"Once the galactic gate is opened, planet Earth and its inhabitants are utterly doomed.  These aliens have no love for us, no care for their host planet, and will in all likelihood incinerate the entire place and all of humanity, by way of HAARP microwave technology now mounted on satellites.  They may also use chemical weapons which will leave not a person or creature standing.  With all the efforts into remote viewing, nanotechnology, virtual reality, subatomic manipulation, microwaves, silicon, genetic foods, cloning, chemical and germ warfare, cybernetics, vaccines, designer diseases, and the worldwide web. A bleak picture emerges."

"The benefit to ordinary man of all this expenditure and industry is virtually non-existent except on the usual utilitarian level.  If one is interested to know how the existential dynamics or metaphysical constitution of any agency comes to ruin, merely observe how much of what is naturally and inherently good and normal is lost to it forever.  Then observe the manner in which it is removed.  Identify the cause or culprits and then, if the desire exists, do something about it without hesitation, weakness, or fear and whether others help or not! "

"All that is good has been and still is being systematically removed from our inner and outer environments.  Just as a virus penetrates the living cell, so have these alien beings penetrated our planet long ago.  It may be a short time before we, the host, are utterly destroyed and before those, who cause our sorry end, spread their wings and rise heavenward once again."

We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places.
(Ephesians 6:12)

                                                    The following are my thoughts:

It is conceivable that every Muslim extremist and terrorist worldwide is genetically defective - that something in their DNA or genetic code has been tampered with to enable them to kill themselves and others without guilt or hesitation.   If we are open intellectually to the possibility of all that has been researched and written by Mr. Tsarion -  then it is conceivable that the "aliens" he believes inhabited Earth 10,000 years ago and who are still among us - have relentlessly and ruthlessly programmed their slave "Homo Sapiens"  to self-destruct and kill others.  

We in the free world and so called "civilized societies" have been witness to the brutality, genocide, disease, poverty, starvation, slavery, and utter disregard for life in many regions of the world.  This same virus of destruction is also right here on our doorsteps.  It has many varied expressions.  Ask  yourself the following questions:

How many brutal and gruesome murders occur on a daily basis?   How many killers haven't any remorse or feelings for their victims?  How many innocent children have been raped and murdered by sadistic and unstable degenerates?  How many people have been at the mercy of crime and drug lords?  

Every murderer is a terrorist . . . 

  It would seem as though our government (on a covert higher level) is really a member of a secret world power and as a "member" must adhere to policy outlined by this power.  Is it not suspicious that so many of our former tenets and moral structures have been so severely challenged by our own judicial law-makers and politicians?  Money and power - money and power . . . our world revolves around money and power . . . for the select few.  

   As the Eagle plundered downward . . .

Early in this century, America was a bright, shinning light for the world.  Like the mighty Eagle, one of her powerful symbols, she would soar to unbelievable heights and become a powerful world leader.  However, while the country was growing and expanding internally, corporate and political America (in reality - the elite or alien influence) aggressively and greedily went abroad in pursuit of  accessing the resources of smaller and undeveloped countries compromising their standards of living in many instances.  History has recorded our participation in world events since our conception as a nation.  We reflect back and ask: 

How many wars did we fight in the name of  peace?  

It would be appropriate to refer to several excerpts from Mr. Tsarion's novel that offer explanations to much of the above:

"Are we aware of the real reasons for genocide, for the mass slaughter which attended colonization?   When John Dee entered into communication with he supernatural intelligences, he was informed there would be a price for the information.  The oversouls or Macrobes  wanted "blood".  Blood has occult properties, especially when it is taken from an innocent, murdered in a ritual setting.  So in his great pact, Dee put the whole of mankind up as the sacrifice to his masters' cause.  This is the reason for the endless wars and conflicts that beset world history.  Wars are precisely planned blood rituals."

"Many of today's so-called "serial killers" are performing, consciously or unconsciously, acts that have their roots in the darkest of rituals.  If a victim is not slain ritually, their energies cannot be absorbed by the "Macrobes".  Many modern assassinations are committed at important sites on the Earth Grid . . . ("Jack the Ripper" crimes, as well as the executions of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lady Diana Spencer.")  

"Many serial killers murder between seven and thirteen victims before they are suddenly "caught".

"Another strategy used through the centuries was the spreading of the plagues among the peoples of the world.  The medical profession has been one of the most effective agents in the bloody rituals and it would shake the world to its very foundations if the full story of their malevolence ever becomes known."

Outrageous! -  you say . . .and yet, certainly food for thought.   I recently heard someone voice his opinion that mainstream has been the victim of slow death designed by the evil in our world (air pollution, Chem-trails, viruses, HAARP,  etc.,) while being fleeced by the drug and  pharmaceutical industry. 

Presently, we are witnessing the rapid decline of our country's internal structure - morally and financially.   Unless the vast majority of Americans wake up and come out of being in denial, we are going to be reduced to a nation in need - a far cry from our former status as a world power.  Government (who's?) and big business are depleting our resources and power.  Stop and ask yourself the following:

  How many billions of dollars at our expense were and continue to be spent on space exploration and technology when so many problems on planet Earth should be address and remedied?   How many more space stations and satellites will we be told we must launch to protect us from invasion when our "earthly" borders are vulnerable and unprotected from those who would exploit and destroy our county?  How many more jobs will be exported that are  crippling our ability to earn a living and sustain our lifestyles?  How many more rights will be taken away in the name of security?  How many more secret deals will our government make with other powers in the overall scheme of world affairs?  How much more corruption will our political and legal professions embrace and engage in?

The list is endless and growing every day.  

Big Brother is here!  We are constantly being surveyed, scrutinized, categorized, and brainwashed by media and technology on a daily basis.  The purpose:  to instill fear and confuse the populace.  What price are we paying for our so-called protection against those who would harm and destroy us?  Has our government played upon our humanity and lack of  knowledge?  Is everything mostly hype?  Is all really a control issue?  These are the questions we must find the truth to -  NOW!

Why is evil so engrained in those who have money and power?  And how did they succeed in exploiting and manipulating the world?  The answers are all there - in print - in Mr. Tsarion's amazing book - chapter after chapter -a must read for all of us.