If you are a Christian, it is hard not to wonder what Jesus would think about his beloved land - Jerusalem - in the midst of all the insanity, chaos and destruction in year 2006.   How painful it must be for him to realize that all of his efforts, including his death, were in vain . . . his people just didn't get it.  They just did not understand that Allah wished them to love and live peacefully with each other. 

But, is there an underlying reason why these people still act and live the way they do presently as they did thousands of years ago?

The behavior of mid-eastern fanatics and terrorists prompts one to consider the possibility that their savage and grotesque behavior is the result of some genetic malfunction.  Observation lends itself to suspect that somehow their brains are wired to kill and destroy incessantly.  It appears as if they have been programmed (perhaps literally) into believing that death is greater than life.  They are blatantly primitive and savage.  The thrill is in the killing and destroying.

Are they the creation of some evil power (alien) who have cloned this race for the purpose of destroying the free world? 

This question may sound a bit peculiar and 'off the wall'.  However, if one were to observe the physical features of many Arab terrorists - they really do look alike.  It is difficult to distinguish one from the other.  True, some are disguised and dressed in the outer garb of wealth and education and appear to be civilized.  However, in the end,  they have proven to have the same ruthless behavior tendencies.

Let us not forget that it was in the mid-east that civilization as we know it, began.  It has also been recorded in various ancient manuscripts that Earth was visited by alien beings in this area and that they may have never left the planet. This article is suggesting that because of the constant and endless turmoil in this area of the world throughout the ages to the very present, there is definitely something sinister lurking.  

Other articles on this website (Inner Dimensions) explain more in-depth as to when, how, and why we may be dealing with alien forces at this very moment.  Reading these articles would give the reader a broader understanding for this possibility.

Christians believe that there are many significant signs occurring on Earth that are preparing humanity for the second coming of Christ.  Whether it will be Christ in physical form or the spiritual energy of the "Christos" we really do not know.  At best, it is helpful to believe that good will conquer evil on the planet eventually.