This article reflects my own feelings and spiritual observations of life.  It may resonate with others who believe similarly.  It is not my intention to challenge anyone who presently professes to believe in a traditional religious tenet . . . rather, it is my desire to express my sadness and compassion for my fellow man and all the suffering he has and must endure throughout his life. There are many good people, including clergy, who are still being manipulated by the higher echelon of their churches.
Being a seeker of truth my entire existence, I have come to the realization of how my once naive and unchallenged beliefs about God and His/Her laws (conceived and introduced by power-seeking individuals and enforced through fear)  - have slowly eroded throughout  the years.  Today, I am able to see the facade of deceit and evil hiding behind the manipulative teachings and control of the church.  It is apparent that many others are having this same vision of truth.  Perhaps you too have been touched by  something you have recently read or heard; something that is challenging your reasoning - albeit very subtly.

Publications such as:  The Tomb Of God  written by Richard Andrews & Paul Schellenberger, The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths And Secrets - Barbara G. Walker, The DaVinci Code - Dave Brown, Atlantis - Alien Visitation-& Genetic Manipulation - Michael Tsarion are but a few publishing's written  to acquaint the reader of the manipulation, corruption and control we have been co-existing with throughout millennia and which we are still trying to cope with - unsuccessfully.  Greed, power, corruption.  This is what is in control of humanity and Earth.

And guess what?  It was all going on when Jesus walked the Earth.

 Who was Jesus?

Only now since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls which included the "Lost Years of Jesus" are we able to understand this highly evolved spiritual entity and his life.  Simply stated, Jesus saw through all the deception and corruption.  He assumed the task of educating and teaching others that love and goodness were  man's salvation.   It was what was in man's heart that would secure favor and grace with God. He was saddened with the suffering of man.  In his teachings (at least those we were permitted to read) Jesus never demeaned man or preached that man was the recipient of a Creator's punishment because he was evil.  Rather, he stated that every man and woman was the son and daughter of the Creator and  held in high esteem.  God does not punish man.  Man does this quite well all by himself through ignorance of natural law and complacency.   

Jesus taught that we should pray to the Father/Mother God as did he.  He stated that we were destined to do far greater things than he did.   He advised that we should live our lives in harmony with our fellow man and nature.  We must reckon with those who would mislead us, hurt us, have control over us.  We must become aware of our power as we are all God sparks - not lowly sinners!  God would never create evil.  Hold your hearts and heads up - you are loved - you are powerful God spirits - not sheep.  Once the majority of humanity is aware of the con game on the planet and who the culprits are  - evil can and will be defeated.  Explore the truth.  Educate yourself and take your heads out of the sand.  Become aware of your true essence.  Tap into your power.   

One does not set out to destroy evil.  The very thought of doing so engenders cognition and action which immediately disempowers the defendant.  Whatever activity is born from such thought is eventually circumnavigated by the challenger.  In other words, one will eventually become like what or who he is trying to destroy.  Victory over the worst evil or tyranny (especially that of a spiritual kind) occurs when the defendant is so inherently strong that the challenger, for all his guile and might, cannot operate or insinuate.  When your enemy cannot conquer you -  you have won.  Perhaps this is what Jesus meant when he said:  "Turn the other cheek".

To endorse a religion/s because of the crucifixion of Jesus is ludicrous.  That God would sacrifice his only son is absurd.  We are all sons and daughters of God.  Every soldier who has given his life in the defense of his country, is a martyr/saint.  Every man and woman who has sacrificed in the name of justice and compassion - is a martyr/saint.  Every little child who is molested and murdered by those who would embrace evil is a saint.  Everyone who has agreed to come to the planet and has endured sickness, disability, poverty, loneliness, starvation, cruel and inhumane treatment - is a saint.  We are all saints.

Yet, many of you do not believe that you are a saint - that you are a powerful  God spark.   

You would rather believe that you are a  sinner and that you must suffer and be subservient to false gods in order to gain entrance into the kingdom.  You don't wish to be in control of your life.  You would rather be sheep.  

We can accept God becoming Man to save Man, but not Man becoming God to save himself.  Vernon Howard

This is why Jesus cried.