Universal Year 2020 - Master Number 22/4


This year will be particularly significant to those who have a birthday with a  '22/4' Life Path, Challenge, Expression, Soul Urge or a first, middle, last Name 'energy'. 

Keywords:  Practical idealist, Master builder, Futuristic, Dreamer in the highest sense, Enlightened, Spiritual, Practical genius.

Master Number '22/4' has the ability to change the World.  If you are blessed with this energy, you have the potential to make a contribution towards the benefit of mankind on a Universal level. You will be given the opportunity to leave a permanent mark on humanity when you rise above the prejudice and expand the gifts that are associated with this powerful numerical energy.  Turn your visions and inspirations into 'reality'.

Sphere of influence: Politics, Government, Law, Ambassador, Philanthropist, Inventor, Scientist, Philanthropist, Publishing  . . . any International position.

The Master Number '22' energy is not a constant; it will operate on the '4' level as well as the '22'.

These unique individuals can be identified by the 'vibe' they send out. They are magnetic, poised, energetic, tastefully dressed, emotionally high powered, practical and resourceful, well-balanced, earthy, honest, warm and . . . dreamy. They are patient, diplomatic, self-expressive, optimistic, cultured, and possess executive ability.

Some individuals will operate on a 'negative' level. They will exploit, pursue 'get-rich' schemes, seek power for control and greed, and cause large scale destruction. They are  disorganized, reckless, indifferent, rash, superficial, and ruthless. They are the 'psychopaths' of society. (It is important to understand the mindset of a psychopath). There are many informative publications. I suggest reading  - 'Psychopaths' - available at Amazon.

The rest of us can cooperate and offer our support to those who are striving to reshape the World and make it a better place.