Reported during the years 2016 - 2018 -   'the tip of the iceberg . . .'



This new 'motherless' technique would be another step in the progression of genetic engineering and a greater departure from natural conception, gestation, and birth. Bio-ethicist Hank Greely has argued that not only will 'IVF' be easier and cheaper, but the rapidly developing field of genetics will divorce sex from reproduction. Babies will be grown in labs. "We’ll be able to take some skin cells from anyone and turn them into any cell type… we’ll actually see a world where most babies born to people with good health coverage will be conceived in the lab."

For decades both the pharmaceutical companies and even some ethicists have insisted that the abortions to produce the cell lines used in vaccines were not done with that intention, that it was only a couple of abortions from the past and that no further abortions would be needed now or in the future to produce vaccines. This may be the biggest lie ever told to the American public and the World at large. Not only have there been hundreds of abortions directly involved with vaccine research  specifically for that purpose where they altered abortion methods to obtain intact fetal organs, but we are now seeing more and more abortions for fetal research and new cell lines emerging for viral vaccine cultivation.

While much has been gleaned about the power of stem cells over the last few decades, researchers from the Salk Institute and Peking University in China recently found out there’s plenty left to discover — and invent. Nature, it seems, will always keep you guessing. In a study published in the journal 'Cell', the team of researchers revealed they had succeeded in creating a new kind of stem cell that’s capable of becoming any type of cell in the human body. Extended pluripotent stem cells — or EPS cells — are similar to induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS cells), which were invented in 2006. The key difference between the two is that IPS cells are made from skin cells (called fibroblasts) and EPS cells are made from a combination of skin cells and embryonic stem cells. IPS cells are the hallmark of stem cell research and can be programmed to become any cell in the human body — hence the 'pluripotent' part of their name.


In the US, the first planned clinical trials of CRISPR gene editing in people are about to kick off. China, meanwhile, has been racing ahead, having already used the gene-altering tool to change the DNA of dozens of people in several clinical trials. The Wall Street Journal reports that so far in China, at least 86 people have had their genes edited, and there is evidence of at least 11 Chinese clinical trials using CRISPR. One of those trials, the WSJ found, began a year earlier than previously reported, putting the start of the first Chinese CRISPR trial in 2015. China’s rapid advancement is the result of more relaxed regulations and a willingness to forge ahead with cutting-edge research despite potential unknowns and safety concerns, which are significant. One recent paper, for example, suggested that CRISPR could trigger an immune response in a majority of patients, which could render potential treatments either ineffective or dangerous.

In late November and early December, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience witnessed something incredible: The birth of two genetically identical long-tailed macaques named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua - a nod to the term ‘Zonghua,’ meaning the Chinese people. These monkeys are the first primates to be cloned using a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), the same method that was used to create the first animal clone, Dolly the sheep, over 20 years ago. The researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences are optimistic that the ability to produce genetically identical monkeys will allow unprecedented insights into human diseases, but the birth of Zhong and Hua is also a big deal for the science of cloning more generally. Primates have been notoriously resistant to cloning efforts over the past two decades due to the unique complexity of their cellular machinery. The birth of these macaque clones is a proof of concept that could lead to the cloning of other primates including humans.

Brockman’s book, 'Afterwords',  foreshadows the transhumanist philosophy of later years which envisions man merging with machine. He writes, “Man was nothing more than a model, a technique. It is necessary to construct a new model… The human delusion lies in the belief that the human being is the basis of reality and the final goal of the evolution.” The Edge billionaire meetings have discussed the future of genetic engineering, bio-computation and re-designing humanity. Physicist Freeman Dyson described the individuals leading this group as having god-like power to create entirely new species on Earth in a 'New Age of Wonder'. He describes them as: “…a new generation of artists, writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses, might create an abundance of new flowers and fruit and trees and birds to enrich the ecology of our planet.”

In a development that is almost too Nazi-esque to believe, our own government is working with Planned Parenthood to get 'fresh' tissue from aborted babies to produce humanized mice. Although it is almost impossible to believe, every word you read in that first sentence is true - humanized mice.  Dwell on that two-word phrase for a moment. It’s their phrase, not mine. The FDA is actually contracting with Planned Parenthood to get tissue from freshly aborted babies that they implant in mice to improve the immune systems of the mice. In other words, we are killing babies so that Human/Animal Chimeras (as in the Days of Noah) can be manufactured.



While the FDA confirmed to that its June 13 pre-solicitation notice for a contract to acquire tissue for humanized mice and the July 25 contract it signed with ABR (as reported on the GSA contract database) refer to the same deal, the FDA declined to answer 17 other questions asked about the contract and the aborted baby parts it requires for the contractor to provide results. Instead the FDA provided with a three-paragraph statement:

The FDA stressed that it was committed to making certain its research followed all legal requirements and met the highest ethical standards. "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is committed to ensuring that its research is conducted responsibly, conforms with all legal requirements, and meets the highest ethical standards,” said the FDA statement.

"The FDA’s researchers obtain fetal tissue from a non-profit Tissue Procurement Organization (TPO) that have [sic] provided assurances that they are in compliance with all applicable legal requirements, including relevant provisions relating to research involving human fetal tissue,” said the statement.

“The FDA is not involved in the TPO’s sourcing of the tissue. In addition, the FDA has in place systems to ensure FDA research using fetal tissue, as well as any research funded by FDA, is in compliance with applicable federal, state and local regulations and guidelines, as well as FDA policies.”

“The FDA research involving human fetal tissue accounts for a very small fraction of the FDA’s total research and has been used in situations where it is critical to understanding how the human immune system responds to certain drugs and biologics,” the statement said. “This work has led to a better understanding of a number of conditions and diseases that affect millions of Americans. asked the FDA to disclose answers to the following specific questions which they declined to comply:

  • The total number of babies expected to donate their tissue to the FDA to create humanized mice during the year-long duration of the contract.
  • Whether the FDA needed to know that the abortion of a donor baby was taking place so FDA researchers could be prepared to implant this baby’s “fresh” tissue into mice in a timely manner.
  • What the minimum and maximum gestational ages of the babies must be to provide the tissue needed to create these 'humanized mice'.
  • Whether there were any methods of abortion that could not be used to terminate the babies whose tissue would be used by the FDA to create humanized mice because that method would cause the tissue to be damaged or spoiled in a way that would make it unsuitable for this research.

The FDA would also not answer this question:

  • Are the mothers who agree to donate the tissue from their unborn babies for this FDA research informed that tissue taken from their aborted baby will be transplanted into a mouse?”


The above graphic depicting the creation of a humanized mouse was included in a November 2016 FDA presentation posted on the FDA's website.

Since 2012, according to the GSA's Federal Procurement Data System,  the FDA has signed eight contracts with Advanced Biosciences Resources (ABR) including the one signed on July 25th of this year. Seven of these expressly cite: 'Humanized Mice', 'Human Fetal Tissue', or 'Tissue Procurement for Humanized Mice' in the contract’s 'description of requirement'. The eighth simply says: 'Human Tissue'. The description of requirement for the latest contract is only two words long. It says: 'Humanized Mice'. The FDA’s most recent prior contract with ABR ran from July 13, 2017 to July 12, 2018. It carried this description: 'Tissue Procurement for Humanized Mice - other functions'.

Before that, the FDA had a contract with ABR that ran from May 10, 2016 to May 15, 2017. Its description of requirement said: 'Human Fetal Tissue (Liver/Thymus)'. The FDA’s June 13th pre-solicitation notice contended that Advanced Biosciences Resources was the only organization that could fulfill the new contract.

Other comments by the FDA:

“ABR is the only company in the U.S. capable of supplying tissue suitable for 'HM' research. No other company or organization is capable of fulfilling the need, ” the FDA notice said. “The government intends to solicit and negotiate directly with Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) Inc., and no solicitation will be issued. The objective is to acquire tissue for humanized mice.”

“ABR is the only company that can provide the human fetal tissue needed to continue the ongoing research being led by the FDA,” said this FDA notice. “Fresh human tissues are required for implantation into severely combined immune compromised mice to create chimeric animals that have a human immune system. This human immune system allows us to test biological drug products for safety and efficacy. This is necessary because these drug products do not bind non-human species drug targets.”

In investigative reports published in December 2016, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Energy & Commerce Committee's  'Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives' discussed ABR's actions in providing researchers with human fetal tissue retrieved from aborted babies. These actions included having ABR technicians working inside abortion clinics operated by Planned Parenthood affiliates.

The report concluded:

  • “Advance Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR) describes itself as ‘a non-profit corporate foundation established in 1989 under California law to provide biomedical researchers with access to human tissues. It specializes in the procurement, preservation, and distribution of both human fetal tissue and full umbilical cord blood for research.”
  • “For the period covering 2005 to the present, ABR informed the committee that it obtained fetal tissue from two Planned Parenthood affiliates, as well as from seven other independent clinics,” said the committee report.
  • “ABR technicians working at the Planned Parenthood clinics obtain the fetuses from the Planned Parenthood staff and then harvest and immediately ship the fetal tissue specimens,” said the report. “The fetal tissue is never stored or otherwise in the possession of ABR.”

An ABR attorney stated, "For purposes of actual procurement, ABR’s employees primarily work at a counter in each affiliate’s laboratory and are able to access various instruments and supplies from the assigned cabinets and/or refrigerators in the lab, or from the basement. ABR personnel may also access common areas as well as the recovery room to draw blood, as necessary.’”

The FDA has published materials and graphics on its website and in a scientific journal indicating that it uses human thymus and liver to create its humanized mice.



The first step on a slippery slope has been taken. The British Nuffield Council on Bioethics has decided that engineering the DNA of human babies is 'morally permissible'. All of us should stop and realize what gene editing means to the future Another concern held by scientists is the dangers of splicing the DNA of different organisms, especially humans with other species. This could be dangerous for the subjects and especially dangerous if a group was able to create a CRISPR-altered super organism. With this great power, humanity must tread lightly, for the world may be in danger if civilization is left unchecked to meddle with DNA of humans and other organisms. If civilization is left on its own to play God, a serious risk is posed to the future of humanity.

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe after regulators have given the go ahead to trial DNA-splicing therapy. Similar trials have taken place in China however they do not have the same restrictive regulations as Europe or the U.S. This type of therapy has been used for the past 30 years as doctors dispense the missing DNA from damaged cells to increase their effectiveness. But the work taking place at Crispr may be a more long-term solution which has also proven to be cheaper. The therapy uses bacteria’s natural defense mechanism which is carrying strands of deadly viruses so that they can recognize them.

The American College of Pediatricians is alerting parents to a dangerous new mobile phone app called Nurx. Dubbed the 'Uber for birth control', Nurx enables teens as young as age 12 to obtain contraceptive and abortive medications including the pill, vaginal ring, Plan B and Ella without parental knowledge or local physician oversight. Sexual activity in adolescence is associated with harmful emotional and physical consequences including depression, suicide, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and sexual exploitation at the hands of abusive boyfriends or sex traffickers. Easy access to contraceptives that bypasses parents and a physician visit, as Nurx does, increases the likelihood of teens experiencing these bad outcomes.

Washington State is set to legalize commercial surrogacy, a move children’s rights advocates say amounts to the selling of babies, bases the definition of a parent on 'intent', and opens avenues for child abuse and other horrors. The Washington State House of Representatives passed the Uniform Parentage Act, along party lines with every Democrat in favor and every Republican opposed. The bill had previously passed the state Senate with total Democratic support and three Republicans. The state’s Democratic governor, Jay Inslee, is expected to sign the legislation. 


February 5, 2019 update -

The American Center for Law and Justice has submitted to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease a Freedom of Information Act request for documentation of its 'humanized mice' program, which uses the body parts of aborted babies for HIV therapeutics development.

First:  "The creation of mice with human immune systems is horrific enough, but that these mice are being created using the body parts of innocent babies is unthinkable,” the organization said Tuesday.

Second:  "In contracting with UCSF, the NIH is creating and maintaining a demand in the market for aborted baby parts. Remember, federal government funds are U.S. taxpayer dollars. That is our money,” the group said.

The group cited reports from just months ago detailing the incredibly disturbing experimentation currently being conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) using the body parts of aborted babies.