A message to all aspiring authors who are eager to be published.  Stop. Do your research.  Make sure you check the performance and integrity of whatever publishing company you plan to do business with. Check their business ethics and how many complaints others have made about their various services.   
"The cover file does not meet our submission requirements for the reason(s) listed below. Please make any necessary adjustments to your cover file and upload it again by logging in to createspace.com. The cover is lacking bleed (the area that extends beyond the edge of the printed cover) on the [all sides]. The cover must have at least 0.125" bleed on all sides. Best regards. . . "

I responded with the following email to Create Space on January 7, 2016  after receiving the ABOVE original  critique of my uploaded COVER file and others that followed that were just as ridiculous:

"To date, I have published twelve novels with Create Space with one now pending - which happens to be the problem. I chose to do my own art work, editing, etc. in all these publications. The format I used for my front and back covers never deviated . . . always the same . . . yet from time to time, I will have major problems with your technical dept. to approve my submission of the cover file. I have received letters of apology from Create Space when this type of careless error made by one of the mavericks  in tech support was validated.

The useless and erroneous critique of the cover of my current novel - 'Love Hurts' generated by your incompetent staff is a mockery of my own professionalism. I have spoken to three reps - all assuring me they understood - but alas, if you inspect their ridiculous release of the cover on your digital apparatus - you will see that the cover is an atrocity and defies esthetics and common sense.

Here are a few of my published novels to illustrate covers . . . if one reviews these covers on Microsoft Image Composer, it is plainly obvious that they are all centered on the cover with a white border"

"All of the art work on front and back covers was centered and measured 4" X 5.5" - 6" with a large white border around its CENTERED position. I had advised your staff a while ago that the art work submitted was not to be STRETCHED to a  6"X 9" picture size . . . . to leave it the same dimensions as it was submitted with whatever size white border they chose to surround the picture. DUH. Even if your staff is recently hired, common sense would be to review my file of previous publications to eliminate any confusion. These people are not professional in my opinion. And judging from numerous complaints from other dissatisfied authors - this is an ongoing occurrence."



                       BACK COVER               SPINE                   FRONT COVER




This is what the FRONT cover of my novel 
'Love Hurts' would look like if Create Space followed the usual format submitted for all of my previous novels.



This is what the BACK cover of my novel 
'Love Hurts' would look like if Create Space followed the usual format submitted for all of my previous novels.





The mavericks at Create Space indicate that the distorted colors would improve once they put the cover in PDF format before printing. This illustration is presented by me to show the NEW SIZE art work and layout the mavericks decided my book should have.  It is hideous.  THEY HAVE STRETCHED THE 4"x6" ARTWORK TO 6"x9".  I don't have an actual proof of the book, but since it is a 6"X9" book size, it would seem to be an accurate assumption.

I last spoke to a Customer Service Mgr. on January 7th, who asked me to give him time to work this out.  Today is January 9th, and as yet,  I have not heard from him or anyone in Technical Support.  This has been ten days of harassment for me.  Why?  I don't know.  I don't know why someone in this company seems determined to sabotage my efforts with almost every publication.  They (Amazon and Create Space) appear to be making money as my books are advertised 'on line' everywhere.  I am sorry that I agreed to their expanded distribution program as there isn't any way for me to track how many books have sold and if I am receiving an accurate sales report.  I would think that if their Sales and Marketing departments thought the books weren't saleable, they would not continue to promote them on Amazon.  Remember, it's supposed to be POD (print on demand) system for these novels.  Lots of questions about distributions and sales without any answers.

I am going to upload this complaint as my gut tells me this company doesn't give a damn about my feelings or financial concerns. I do not intend to approve this book cover and the book will not go to print with them.  If need be, I will pull all of my other publications from their participation. Readers of this announcement should realize I no longer wish to deal with an unprofessional, detached workforce hiding behind the soft rhetoric of their up-front telephone reps, who are programmed to 'yes' the client to death.  At this point I haven't a problem saying . . .   'adios createspace'. This author is finished with your arrogant attitude, covertness, and poor excuses for incompetence.

To all readers of this article . . . 

I will keep you posted.  I would also welcome anyone out there who has legal savvy and/or pending complaint against  Createspace with room for another signature.



Carol Reimer

As I indicated I would do, this is my first update concerning the above problem with Createspace:

I checked my Createspace account the next day out of curiosity and was surprised to see different sized gifs on the front and back cover of my novel - 'Love Hurts' - displayed on their digital format apparatus.  Someone had changed the art work size back to my original submission ( 4"X6" gifs for both  the front and back cover). The only problem remaining was that there was several red lines showing on the art work that didn't belong. I called Customer Support and spoke to Carlos R., who is a  manager in the department  and asked him if he was aware of the 'switch'. He said he was, but had been informed that 'they' . . . (Tech. Support) . . . told him that they didn't know if they could remove the mysterious red lines when they printed the cover. I told Carlos I didn't know why these lines appeared on the art work, and that perhaps someone (at Createspace) had messed up the file beyond it being repairable. I uploaded another file - with a minor alteration that I thought might eliminate the red lines.  Meanwhile, they agreed to print the original cover file to see if the lines disappeared.  If not, they could then print the second file I uploaded as a possible solution.  Carlos suggested I be patient and that he would call me on Thursday, January 14th, to apprise me of the status of the cover.

*** Carlos R. was very supportive of me as a client and my dilemma.  He offered his assistance and acted as a liaison between Tech. Support and myself for which I am thankful.  

Today is January 14th. The time is 6:00 pm as I write this page.  Earlier today, I tried to access my Createspace account (I check for daily sales) and guess what . . . ?  I couldn't get into the account because someone has a problem with my outdated browser.  No warning . . .   no email . . .  I'm just cut off from accessing my account because some mental midget has a problem with browsers all of a sudden.  You can't make this up. (My XP is not compatible with the high speed of the various browsers and this is why I haven't updated).

There are numerous sites on the web who accommodate me and my browser and I am not  penalize and blocked from their sites.  In my case, with regard to Creatspace and Amazon, I'm thinking it's just another one of their quirks and a stall to prevent seasoned clients like myself  from accessing their accounts.  Why?  Maybe Mgmt. has to do some fudge work before sending out our income tax statements (1099s). 

I called and sent a follow-up email to inform Createspace about my situation.  I was promised a phone call from both Carlos and Customer Service - It didn't happen.

So, dear hearts. A word to the wise.  Take a deep breath and decide if it's worth the aggravation to get your novel published by this particular company.  If it's your first publication, you should probably take a chance.  I did.  But eventually, if you're not a 'star', or if they aren't making any money doing your cover design, editing, or formatting your novel, they will try to discourage your from future submissions in subtle ways.  You just have to be aware of the game and if you want to continue to play it.  

As I mentioned the other day, without any warning . . .  or  email . . .  I was abruptly cut off from accessing my account because some mental midget had a problem with browsers all of a sudden.  I finally spoke to Carlos and he was told the matter had been rectified - which wasn't true. As of today, I still cannot access my account on the Createspace web site.  However, they have sent several emails to me requesting that I approve the 'Love Hurts' files while completely ignoring the problem they have caused me. 


Carlos TRIED to rationalize that the browser harassment was to avoid me from experiencing a problem with the revenue reports that can be generated on the site.  Inconsequential as they cannot be accessed or changed by a hacker or curiosity seeker.

BUT . . .   They (Createspace) don't seem too concerned about companies who are offering  my novel as a PDF download . . . (It was never published in an eBook format).

Sophia and the Archons - Google Docs

https://docs.google.com/.../175Jbt2hUme-UFJaonuVE-zIgAqlU4QOKJa-BTdyvVDo/Sophia and the Archons pdf. Sophia and the Archons pdf. DOWNLOAD. Sophia and the Archons by Carol a. Reimer. ISBN-13: 9781484034941. ISBN-10: ...

[PDF]  Sophia and the Archons Book PDF - Technologybook.download


CAROL A REIMER. Sophia And The Archons eBook - Free of Registration.

Where is the watchful eye of Createspace's legal team and what are they doing about this type of piracy? 

This is only the 'tip of the iceberg', as the saying goes.  What hypocrisy. 

Management hasn't a clue that I've decided to FIRE them.  I am severing my business relationship with Createspace and I do not intend to do any further publishing with this disrespectful, unprofessional, and annoying  'vanity fare' printing operation. Why would I want to continue doing business with a company that has been operating under several names in the recent past, has numerous complaints from angry, frustrated authors, and has been accused of not reporting accurate sales information?  Beware of their EXPANDED DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM.

On a very personal note, they have:

  • Distorted the art work on the cover of my novel - (and there were other novel covers).

  • Have intentionally initiated more ill feelings by blocking my web browser from accessing my files on their site without any warning. And no, I'm not going to seek another person's computer so that I may access information on my Createspace account.. It's an imposition and an  unnecessary annoyance for me.  It's also very disrespectful.

Their 'supposed skilled' technicians (who can be anywhere in the World since this company 'farms' out the printing aspect of the publishing process) aren't  knowledgeable of the limitations of the various generations of computers and what is involved for a writer to upgrade his/her computer technology (soft ware, java, etc.).

Wouldn't I have upgraded my browser if it was possible, idiots?? 

Actually, they (mgmt.) doesn't give a damn, which is very, very, damaging  'PR'.  So, as it stands, my novel will not be published by Createspace.  They can deep-six their ISBN number that they assigned as the process never went any further . . .  and will not.  Their harassment has caused me a great deal of mental stress and anxiety. 

Update as of January 18, 2016

Since January 14th, 2016, I have been blocked from accessing my account. I was advised several times that if I used another computer with an updated browser or downloaded a different browser for my own computer and logged in, I could access my account. Of course, once again, I was given  misinformation.  The account was blocked on a very updated system at the library. Whether this was done intentionally or because they are ignorant and unknowledgeable of computer technology - theirs - it is inexcusable.

It would seem that the problem Createspace has initiated constitutes a serious legal issue.  I have the right to access my account and obtain royalty information.  Evidently, when they blocked me from accessing my account, my original password was 'deleted'.  And since I cannot access the account, I cannot enter the password again or issue another.

I spoke to two Sr. Support techs. today (1/17/16).  The first person was not helpful and I 'caught' several misleading comments she made.  The second person seemed more helpful and issued a different password (one she initiated) to access the account and that did not work.  They have screwed up royally . . .  and do not know how to fix their malicious sabotage. 

I then requested my royalty info be emailed - and the wrong info was sent.  This is really a nightmare. I am documenting all information for future reference. 

Once again, I would appreciate someone's recommendation for an attorney/s who offers legal counsel and services for author/publisher complaints.