It is believed that walking among us are entities from other planets.  Sound ridiculous? Welcome to the 21st century!

Are they ruling the planet?  Has our Government sold us short for technology?


It is suspect that these entities have infiltrated our Government, banks, and corporations.

If you watch YouTube and Fox News, you probably realize by now that individuals from all walks of life (whistleblowers) have come forth to reveal information concerning many secret activities our government has been engaged in for at least 60 years or so (space  programs that include the colonization of the Moon and Mars, star gates, deep-space craft, satellites, devastating weapons, robots, bio-chemicals, underground bases, etc.)  This activity began in earnest after the war when the United States Government offered safe refuge to NAZI  Fascist scientists in return for their knowledge of advanced technology (space, war, health, eugenics, laser, computers, etc.), which is believed to have been secured from aliens ( Anunnaki/Nephilim mentioned in the Bible), who have always been on the planet.  Unknown to mainstream until recently, many people have come forth to advise that our Government has been in secret liaison with the Nazis and aliens; both of which are hostile to our civilization.  It is strongly believed that they have sinister plans for humanity.  They operate under the guise  of The New World Order and other organizations. 

Working side by side with alien entities, the Shadow Government, World Management Team, New World Government,  Globalists,  - take your pick - are a  composite of the Vatican, lluminati,  C.I.A.., F.B.I., M5, M6, Knights of Malta, PI 2, and other secret organizations of the world.  Their goal is to mutate human civilization into a new species for their control.  How?  By inhumane experimentation with human DNA  and advanced technology.   We know about mind control and animal cloning to date.  It is suspect that human cloning has also been achieved.   Many science-fiction movies and books have portrayed this scenario.  It  reminds me of the 'Borg' aliens as seen on Star Trek years ago who traveled space with the intent of invading life forms on other planets.  After overpowering the  planet's inhabitants, the Borg would proceed to control their captives by implanting metal technology throughout their bodies. This resulted in an controlled society with a 'collective thought' process restricting the planet's species to think or feel independently.  

In the real world 2009, sources have indicated that China and our Military Industrial Complex, in a collaborated endeavor, are producing 'Supra' robot warriors for sinister motives (approximately 125M - 150M).  These robots, integrated with human intelligence, may be used as a militant force if the government issues 'Marshall Law' in the near future.  Anyone who resists control will be targeted, for any reason (forced vaccinations, surrendering children, finances, homes, etc.)  Yet, government advises us they are invading our privacy (Homeland Security) because of possible terrorist threats.  Phones are tapped, cameras are positioned everywhere to monitor our every activity, private records are confiscated, and we hear about future use of microscopic chips people will have implanted to enable government to keep track of us.  Big Brother has arrived.  He will be in your guts shortly along with your  computer and TV . . .  if we allow this invasion to continue.  Hints of this type of oppression are surfacing in Europe and who knows where else.  

One wonders how all this ever happened.  Supposedly, according to Jordan Maxwell, who can document everything he says, it has been planned by the 'World Government' for a very long time.  Most whistleblowers say  that our Government bit off more than they bargained for when they negotiated with aliens and are now powerless to resist this takeover. Concerned only with their welfare, they betrayed us and handed our future to the aliens.  This explains Government's constant denial of UFO sightings, abductions, cattle mutilations, bizarre sex atrocities, insane terrorist behavior, wars, murders, and their corrupt politics.  They had hoped their nefarious secret dealings with the aliens wouldn't be discovered  by an unaware and apathetic society.  But, thanks to many stout hearts, who refuse to be put into servitude, they have been exposed.  

'Impossible'  many of you cry out.  Admittedly, I too was reluctant to embrace this scenario believing it was too outrageous to be true.  However, I have since had the opportunity to educate myself and I understand a lot more than I formerly did.

I realized that our government condones the poisoning of our blood, air, and drinking water with harmful  chemicals.  The pharmaceutical industry, in liaison with the FDA,  prospers monetarily from human suffering.  In truth, pharmaceuticals are nothing more than legalized drugs that contain harmful chemicals.  Did you know that fluoride and soy are poisonous?  And concealed from the public for years, cigarettes contain addictive narcotics making them habit forming and high risk for lung cancer.  Have you kept track of all the drugs the FDA  approved for human consumption that have caused death because of their lethal side effects?  Age is not a factor.  These 'service to self'  people even target children with deadly cancer-producing vaccinations such as Gardasil, H1N1 Swine Flu,  and Cervarix - just to list a few.  And were you aware that our Government started many epidemics?

Info on these drugs can be seen on my  'MORE INFO' page.  Also, make sure you view Alex Jones' intense documentary titled 'Endgame' featured on YouTube.    

You can also catch very important information on TV - Channel 20 - (public  access) most evenings concerning many unconstitutional tactics the Government plans to enforce concerning the  bogus pandemic flu situation.  It will be a horrific revelation to many unsuspecting people.

It is now widely understood that the New World Government desires  to eliminate two-thirds of the world's population.  I believe the true intent of the Fascist politicians who are trying to forcefully legislate their unwanted Health Care Bill is for that purpose.  If successful, they will gain control over who will live and who will die. How insulting to have proposed a 2000 page package of B.S. to the American public!  My only hope is that they are all removed from office forever in the next election.  Then let justice prevail in their lives.

Our Government has reached a level of corruption that is extremely  dangerous.  Sadly, the media is no longer a reliable source of world and local information.  Most have been bought and report only what they are told.  Fox News is probably the last reliable milieu. Glenn Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly, and most of their guests seem to be more credible in reporting the news.   You have a better chance of obtaining truthful information on the web - in particular - YouTube -   and a few radio programs.  There is much information to embrace and you should be selective as to who and what you can believe. This is why I have brought attention to certain people who I  believe still have integrity.  

The most important realization is that each one of us must take responsibility to resist the takeover and destruction of countries and humanity.  The world is looking to us for direction.  We are facing many dangerous challenges that require immediate attention..  

What should we do to overcome the threat?  

Well, we should first realize that we outnumber the oppressors even if they hide in their underground sanctuaries or space havens. Since they have been exposed, they no longer enjoy the comfort of remaining a secret, powerful entity. Their exposure has forced them to act more aggressively lately in hopes of their plans materializing before time runs out.  

True, they are very, very cunning.  They have been observing humans for eons and will often outsmart us by arousing our anger and emotions.  They goad us into the action they desire us to take.  But, they are afraid of us - the Sleeping Giant - should we finally awake and realize our power - our Spirituality.  

We are advised that there are other extraterrestrials who are friendly and concerned with our welfare.  Many are on the planet and are helping those of us who reach out.  They are known as 'White Hats'.  But, they will not do the job for us.  We must clean up our own mess here on Earth.  Again, you may inquire - how?

For starters, recognize the dangerous Marxist individual we elected to the Presidency.  He's determined to undermine our country.  He must be stopped. Then vote all the phony minions in Congress and the Senate out of office.  Be prepared to take whatever action is necessary to resist them.  

They know we are catching on to them.  As we loudly begin to say 'NO' to their demands and show them that we are not fearful, we will take back our freedom and country.  Observing our example, the world will follow our lead and together we will oust the scum off the planet or drive them into the bowels of the earth where they belong.  Their underground hotels will wind up being their tombs when the time comes.  

**** Nibiru - The Anunnaki  
The World Government

As you may already know, Project Camelot interviews many people on YouTube.  Recently world-renowned Jordan Maxwell, an authority on religion, symbolism, and secret cults, has appeared on several video presentations.  During one of these interviews, Maxwell expounded on a particular symbol . . . the  'Sun rising between two mountains' and warned of its covert meaning.  He wouldn't elaborate fully during the interview, stating that he was preparing a video that would address his concern.  However, he did say that America is finished and will not survive the World Government takeover because throughout history most people have supported dictators. These same people revel in the smut and vice within society.  Maxwell said  he 'shut down' after 9/11.  He was devastated that people accepted the ridiculous cover-up explanation government offered for the tragedy and had not protested more vehemently for the truth.  It is his opinion that 'the vast majority of people are lazy, materialistic, uninformed, selfish, and stupid' and he hasn't any hope for the country's survival.  There are too few people that really care.  I tend to agree with him.  In God's name, when are people going to stand up for decency and defend their rights?  When are they going to say - enough!  Even when the truth is right in their face - they will turn away in denial.  Where is their humanity?  Their sense of self? They  are spineless!  I'm sick of the country's complacency with the idiots in politics who are suppose to represent our needs and rights.

Returning to Maxwell's concern, the symbol's meaning is threatening and can be seen everywhere. Throughout history it has veered its unsuspecting face in logos, flags, advertisements, ancient hieroglyphics, etc.  - even as recently as Obama's inaugural.  One has just to look for it.  It is believed it was Nazi Fascist (who are alive and well right here in this country) who initially contacted the aliens and agreed to various contracts with them in return for knowledge of advanced technology.  It is also a fact that U.S. Presidents, as far back as Eisenhower, were aware of the government's liaison with the Anunnaki.  Since the level of government that protects this liaison is secret, Maxwell is firmly convinced that the symbolism reflects the objective of The World Government under the control of the Anunnaki - to usher in the rise of a new dawn - a new humanity - a slave race devoid of personal  freedom and feeling.  Maxwell believes that the present TV series - 'V' - supports his conviction and is a last attempt to wake up the public. 

From the onset, Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Hillary, et al., have not acted in the best interest of the American people. Obama is a Fascist dictator, a megalomaniac, elected by the Shadow Government, and is very dangerous.  People, tired of the Bush years of games and deception, wanted change and were easily seduced by a more formidable politician who lied to the American voter. The other minions in his party sold their souls for their government positions.  Hopefully, an awakened American public will soon remove them from office.  Let me make it very clear that both political parties are guilty of unethical behavior and corruption.   Anyone who cannot see this betrayal of both parties is either in denial or sympathetic to the overthrow of this country.  I for one - am not.  This is why I am writing these pages.

It is imperative that we Americans wake up and take more responsibility for what is going on behind the scenes in the country and even the world.  We have a lot of catching up to do in familiarizing ourselves with secret space programs, underground military arsenal and projects, computer -'nano' technology, and the real evil hiding behind secret cults, religions, and the Vatican.  If those in government are in league with all of this, what chance do we have to defend ourselves?  To remain passive will surely bring on the demise of this great country.    

I pondered why Jordan Maxwell was so upset about the 'Rising Sun Symbol' and why he felt it threatened humanity's future. The reality of human experimentation with 'nano' technology and the present generation of 'smart' computers had occurred to me.  But, there was a more devious inference.  I felt it.  What did this evil World Government have in mind for its citizens besides genocide? And then it intuitively occurred to me.  Since there aren't any coincidences, I was guided to resurrect a book from my library. 

The Pleiadian Agenda 
by Barbara Hand Clow

Some of the pieces of the puzzle seem to finally come together.  

Most of the following information was obtained from this book:

  • Planet X (Nibiru), home of the Nibiruans - Was an outer planet of 'Sirius A' until it was pulled into our solar system by our Sun about 500,000 years ago.  It rotates around the Sun every 3,600 years and is due to make its appearance.

  • Our Sun is the 8th  star of a spiral sourced from Alcyone of the Pleiades.  Every 26,000 years, our solar system moves into the Photon Band as the Earth precesses into Aquarius. 

  • In the Pleiades, Earth's Age of Aquarius is known as the Age of Light of Gaia, a time when the 3rd star out of the Alcyone spiral - Maya - along with the 8th star - our Sun - moves into the Photon Band together.  This is the story of the return of the twin.  (Thus, the twin mountains of the symbol.)

  • It is speculated that when the Sun moves into direct alignment with the equator of the Milky Way galaxy in 2012 there will be a pole shift changing the magnetic energy field of Earth  and  the emission of intense solar rays will probably wipe out the world's power grids and satellites. There may be many volcanic eruptions, flooding and possible tsunamis.

  •  Anunnaki/Nephilim of the Bible - 4th dimensional beings - (4D).  They were involved with human evolution and continue to control us via 'The World Management Team' or 'Shadow Government'. The reality of it all is that humanity is an experiment captured on a planet called 'Earth'.  We have reached the end of the line so to speak, and have not risen to their expectations.  Not all Anunnaki are evil - it is the 'dark' element of their species that wish to exterminate a large percentage of the human race with the objective of mutating the rest of us into machines.  They are experimenting at this very moment.  Beware of  technology.  It is not going to advance our world - it will enslave us!

  • These dark Anunnaki differ from humans in that they are a metallic biology similar to the computers that are becoming life forms in today's world.  When they visit Earth, they wear various costumes over their bodies, since they would look like Reptillian metal robots otherwise.  They receive electromagnetic kundalini energy from reptiles and they can monitor all devices that are based on electromagnetism.  They head the World Management Team who run the covert spy apparatuses, secret police, government, and multinational corporations of the world.  They are brilliant mechanical scientists but, lack Spirit.  They are incapable of feeling.  

  • It has been rumored that these entities live underground when not in disguise.  Base 51(Colorado) is highly suspect of hosting them. 

The author, renowned astrologer and spiritual teacher Barbara Hand Clow, channeled this information through Satya, a Pleiadian goddess.  Clow has written several other novels and is a ceremonial teacher at sacred sites. It is very interesting that many people from all walks of life, too numerous to mention, have supported the possibility of this and other information as fact. Only time will tell as the controversial 2012 cosmic event moves closer.  

It has been suggested by many concerned observers that we should take heed and prepare for the 2012 event.  (Hopefully, most of us will be around by then).  Food, water, and other life-sustaining items should be gathered and stored in a safe place.  Plan to have a two-month supply for survival.  Have a pre-arranged plan with loved ones and decide on where you will meet and hang out.  Remember, phones, computers, cars,  and other electrical devices will go down and not be usable.  

If you are laughing and scoffing at this article, you may want to ask yourself why there is such a strong buzz circulating about the underground cities, off planet bases and deep-sea nuclear submarines that have been built over the last several years.  The World Government has been aware of the earth changes soon to occur.  This is why they have been preparing so earnestly to build these safe havens for themselves.  To add a little fuel to the fire percolating in your brain, they did it with taxpayers' money.  It is important that you realize that 'those in the know' aren't concerned about you or me.  

It is outrageous that most of us have been manipulated for so many years by so many 'service to self' individuals.  Wake up.  Face reality.  Your life and the lives of those you love are at stake. 

The astute observer may question why the World Government is concerned about reducing the population knowing about the approaching 2012 cataclysm?  I myself wondered about this seemingly circumstantial paradox. The most obvious rational explanation is that Government fears many of us will survive if we take caution.  They suspect we will make every effort to entomb them in their underground havens after the Earth settles down and hold them hostage as they have held us for so many years.  If this is true, I second that motion.  As more and more of their devious behavior is disclosed, they can rely on one possibility  - they will not realize any mercy. 

The 12th Planet

Zecharia Sitchin is known for his astonishing documentary of Earth's encounter with the Anunnaki.   His famous publication, 'The 12th Planet' , is the product of 30 years of extensive research by the author and the first book in his controversial Earth Chronicles series.  I suggest to the reader of this article to obtain a copy to understand the comments in this article more fully.  

The symbol of the rising Sun between two mountains may indicate the return of the two Anunnaki brother-gods via the planet Nibirui.  Since there was rivalry between the brothers, the possibility occurred to me that maybe they intend to divide Earth and its inhabitants according to a pre-planned agreement.  

to be continued . . .

Back in 2005, receptive and curious as to what modern-day Seers were buzzing about, I was surfing the web and came upon some very unusual sites offering predictive information and opinions; albeit controversial.  I have copied some of this information onto this page.  This information did not originate from me personally. 

The article was written by:
 Ken Adachi@Educate-Yourself

PO Box 3046
Costa Mesa, CA 92628
949-726-5098 voice mail

1. The following includes a brief synopsis of events that may occur in the near future. I have no way of knowing with absolute certainty, but the confluence of prophetic, psychic, alien, and biblical predictions along with historical evidence has led me to strongly believe that these events will unfold. If your belief system is solely rooted in a physically manifested world, then discussion of higher dimensions, spirit guides, and OBE's (outer-body experiences) will seem dubious, however, considering the stakes, you should approach this synopsis with an open mind. In the interest of brevity, this synopsis can only serve as a mere introduction to the subjects discussed. Since there is only room here to introduce the main elements in a large and complex story - without any supporting evidence - it would be premature to make a judgment based solely on this limited outline. In order to intelligently evaluate the significance of this material, participating in a far more detailed exposition or personal investigation is necessary

2. The information about the Awakening, Transformation, Harvest, and Spiritual Orientation, Geophysical Effects, Earth Changes, and other topics were derived from a group of aliens* who are described as Zeta Reticulans or Zetas.   When Betty & Barney Hill of Vermont were taken aboard an alien spacecraft in the early 1960's, Betty Hill asked her Grey abductors where they came from. They showed her a star system which Earthlings refer to as Zeta Reticuli (in the constellation Lyra), thus the name Zeta Reticulans. The Zeta communications can be accessed at a web site called Zeta Talk.  The site is maintained by a woman named Nancy, whom the Zetas describe as their emissary.  Nancy, a Zeta contactee since early childhood, had material implanted in her brain by the Zetas which allows her to engage in instantaneous communication with them. She does not channel these communications. Nancy has been interviewed on different occasions by talk show host Jeff Rense of Sightings on the Radio.  

 Information discussed about The 12th Planet, The Anunnaki, and the Giza Plateau were mostly derived from the work of Zecharia Sitchin, however, some additional details are augmented and elaborated by Zeta data {indicated by (Z)}. A channeled source that closely corroborates and parallels the Zeta information is referred to as The RA Material. The RA Material is extensively covered in Scott Mandelker's book From Elsewhere: Being ET in America. The full four volume RA texts can be obtained from L/L Research, PO Box 5195, Louisville, KY 40255-5195.

3. Further corroboration of Zeta statements on earth changes and spiritual evolution is available in the many books of Edgar Cayce. Other sources of corroboration include Mary's Message to the World by Annie Kirkwood; Notes from the Cosmos (1997) by Gordon Michael-Scallion; Two books by Bob Frissell: 'Nothing in this Book is True, But it's exactly the Way Things Are' and 'Something in This Book is True' also bear special mention.

4. I initially learned of The New World Order agenda, the Government & Aliens, MJ Twelve, Detention & Relocation Centers, FEMA, Alternatives 1,2, & 3, and The Council on Foreign Relations by reading , 'Behold a Pale Horse' (1991), written by ex-Naval Intelligence officer, William Cooper. Later, the books of authors David Icke and John Coleman have revealed the most astounding insights and revelations into the makeup, agenda, and ultimate goals of these treacherous individuals who wish to enslave all of humanity. They are collectively referred to as The New World Order. The threat is REAL and rapidly advancing towards fruition of a global agenda of domination and genocide. John Whitley has a web site with considerable material devoted to the New World Order. 

5. Other Alien groups including Pleiadians and Sirians are also attempting to help prepare humans for the coming changes. Their input can be read in the books of Lyssa Royal (bookstores) or downloaded at (

6. The topics that follow may initially appear disparate, but they are related. Some topics such as the Giza Plateau aren't essential. but are included to satisfy curiosity about common mysteries. The most critical information to focus upon in this synopsis is: 'Transformation, Spiritual Preparation', 'The 12th Planet', 'Pole Shift & Earth Changes', 'Emerging Diseases', and 'Survival'.

7. I decided to begin with a discussion of the Soul to help the reader overcome the natural tendency to react to some predictions with fear and anxiety. Spiritual forces and Service-to-Others Aliens are trying to convey the concept to mankind that we should not allow ourselves to be manipulated and controlled by others (institutions or individuals) out of fear. We all have the capacity to overcome any difficulty; but most folks lack sufficient faith in themselves to prevail. On a personal note, I believe that I was led (among many I'm sure) to realize this information in order to inform others, as small an audience as that might be.

I have found that many people will react with anger towards disturbing predictions and will often direct that anger towards the messenger. Try to resist that. If you absolutely cannot believe these matters, then laugh it off as amusement, but it's foolish to engage in blind, uncritical denial and squander away the remaining time available to you-precious time that could allow you to prepare and. . .  prevail.  I offer this information to help and inform you; not to frighten you. To be forewarned is to be prepared and that is the purpose of this document.


  The Twelfth Planet


21 years ago, Zecharia Sitchin (linguistic scholar & historian of ancient Hebrew, Sumerian, Akkadian, and other early Mesopotamian civilizations) published The 12Th Planet (1976) which discusses the periodic return to our solar system of a large, red planet called Nibiru by ancient Sumerian historians (and Marduk by the Babylonians). Nibiru was home to a race of war-prone hominids referred to in ancient texts by either their earlier Sumerian name of Anunnaki or their later Hebrew name of Nefilim (the word Nefilim is mentioned repeatedly in the Bible). 

The Anunnaki are described as handsome, well developed human look-a-likes who are physically larger than humans; averaging 10-15 feet tall. While the rank and file astronauts who first came to Earth were called Anunnaki by Sumerian historians, the ruling royalty were always referred to as gods. The Anunnaki were technologically capable of interplanetary space travel when they first arrived on Earth about 450,000 years ago.

Nibiru returns to our solar system approximately every 3,600 years. Nibiru is sometimes referred to as the red comet or red star in some ancient texts (and the 19th century channeled work, the Oahspe). Sitchin explains in his book that the 3,600 year periodic cycle of Nibiru is called a Shar or Sar by Sumerian historians. While a single shar occupies a time span of a little more than 3,600 years on Earth, it is equivalent to one year on the planet Nibiru. All told, ancient Sumerian clay tablets and cylinder seals record a total period of occupation/visitation by the Anunnaki of over 124 Shars. Sitchin provides compelling historical evidence that the Anunnaki actively participated in the affairs of mankind up to the final destruction of the great city of Sumer in Mesopotamia, about 2,000 B.C. The Anunnaki's original objective in coming to Earth was to mine for Gold; an element they atomically dispersed in their atmosphere in order to prevent core-produced heat from dissipating excessively into space. Since 99% of Nibiru's orbital cycle is too far from our sun to benefit from its heat, it has to retain its internally generated heat in order to survive The Anunnaki first extracted gold from the waters of the Persian Gulf but later switched to land mining in South Africa and other locations due to greater abundance of gold ore.

The Zetas report that the Anunnaki have access to a plant (or tree), native to Nibiru, that prevents normal aging and bodily deterioration. Sumerian texts referred to it as 'The Tree of Life'.  Later, the Bible referred to it as 'Knowledge of The Tree of Life' in the Garden of Eden story. Only Anunnaki royalty had privileged access to the Tree of Life (sometimes called Ambrosiac in Sumerian texts). They absorbed this substance into their bodies by taking baths soaked with this life extending plant. This special bath water was the origin of the story of The Fountain of Youth (Z). Apparently, Anunnaki royalty enjoyed extremely long lives. Sitchin's research reveals that some members of the highest echelons of the royal pantheon participated intermittently throughout the entire 446,000 years of the Anunnaki's occupation of Earth.

Exodus and The 12th Planet

The last time the 12th Planet passed by the Earth was during the time of the 
Exodus from
Egypt. In fact, the upheavals, cataclysms, and fear generated by the near passage of the 12th Planet allowed the Israeli slaves the opportunity to escape from the grip of Pharaoh's troops who had become completely overwhelmed by panic and confusion (Z). A red dust (iron oxide), along with larger chunks of debris traveling in the tailing wake of the fast moving 12th Planet (as with other comets), rained down onto the Earth's atmosphere during a close passage. This red dust landing in the water accounted for the Biblical account of the rivers running red with blood. The Bible also refers to fierce lighting storms and the red particle debris "reddening the face" of men. Electrical/magnetic storms of an intensity, which only occurs during a close passage of the 12th Planet, reacts with carbon materials thrown into the atmosphere by volcanic action. This produces a type of sticky carbohydrate substance in the atmosphere (Z). In some areas, this substance precipitates to the ground and is available as food if collected in the early, pre-dawn hours. When the substance falls on water, it appears whitish in color. Called Ambrosia in ancient texts (Greek), or Manna, this carbohydrate material is the biblical reference to milk and honey ("Unto a land flowing with milk and honey":  Exodus 33:3)

Geophysical Effects of the 12th Planet

The 12th Planet is 4 times larger and 23 times more dense than Earth (Z). The Biblical narration of 7 years of plagues, crop failures, increased earthquakes/ volcanic eruptions, and other phenomena that preceded the Exodus was caused by the magnetic & gravitational effects of the approaching 12th Planet on the Earth's molten iron core (which behaves exactly like a giant bar magnet running from the North to the South Pole). The growing disruptions in our present day weather patterns, increased earthquake/ volcanic activity, the gradual slowing of the Earth's rotation, reports of magnetic deviations, new manifestations of DNA mutation (deformed frogs & fish, recent births of albino buffalo calves predicted by Hopi Prophecies), emerging viruses and bacteria, etc., and other anomalies are being precipitated by unique and unrecognized forms of energy being released from the core of the Earth due to the approach of the 12th Planet.

Pole Shift & Earth Changes

After the passage of Planet X the North and South Poles will shift from their current location. The 12th Planet will pass between the earth and the sun, approaching from below the elliptic (from the direction of the South Pole) and move in a trajectory towards the North Pole. As the 12th Planet passes by the central portion of the earth, the magnetic influence of the 12th Planet will be so great that its North Pole's magnetic field will cause the Earth's North pole to deflect away about 90 degrees. This rapid movement of the Earth's molten interior core will pull the Earth's crust along with it. The resultant earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mountain building, mega winds, and tidal waves will be on a scale beyond normal reference or imagination. The Zetas report that new land masses will rise in the Pacific Ocean, reducing its overall area; while land will sink in the Atlantic, expanding its current dimensions. Vast areas of both the East and West coasts, as well as the Mississippi valley of the United States, will be inundated by tidal forces and permanently flooded. A large section of northern Europe, the western half of Australia, and most of Japan will go under water as well (predicted by Edgar Cayce).

During the period of non-rotation, obviously half of the earth will be exposed to the sun while the other side of the earth experiences darkness. This scenario corroborates with the biblical revelation and Hopi Prophecies concerning 3 days of darkness.  (Sitchin also points to many historical texts by ancient historians describing events from both the dark side and the illuminated side of the planet during past visits by the 12th Planet).

After the 12th Planet moves beyond its obstructing position vis a vis the Sun, its gravitational grip will lessen and allow the Earth to again respond to the influences of the Sun and other planetary bodies in our solar system. This lessening gravitational influence will permit the Earth to begin rotating again; slowly at first; but gradually returning to its normal speed as the 12th Planet pulls away from us. Due to the enormously long, debris-filled tail of the red giant, the close passage of the 12th planet will cause a tearing away of a portion of the earth's atmosphere as well as raining down of a great deal of chunky debris and red dust into our atmosphere. Oxygen in the atmosphere will burn with this inbound debris and ignite superheated atmospheric firestorms that will consume much oxygen. Continuous volcanic eruptions will throw up massive amounts of smoke & ash. The large amounts of sulfur and lead in this ash will poison most sources of surface drinking water such as lakes and rivers, and possibly contaminate some underground water sources as well. The Zetas report that it will take a few years for the atmospheric pressure to rebuild to former levels. During this period, clouds and wind currents (the jet stream), which normally blow aloft, will occur at the surface. This atmospheric change will translate into an almost constant rain and drizzle and very high surface winds. Therefore, it will not be possible to grow food unprotected or live above the surface for a few years. Underground protected environments will be a necessity for survival.

New Polar Regions

After the North and South Poles shift, they will permanently assume this new position and not return to their former positions. Present day India, as well as the mid-ridge of the Atlantic off the eastern tip of Brazil will be near the center of these new polar regions and will flash freeze within a matter of hours (Z). This will obviously change the location of the Equator, the Tropical and Temperate Zones, etc. The Zetas report that Nibiru has passed close enough to Earth to have caused Pole Shifts many times before. Today, there are many books which discuss the ample physical evidence of former Pole shifts, but Immanuel Velikovsky was one of the earlier authors to thoroughly document the evidence and make the case for Pole shifts in the early 1950's. John White's contemporary book Pole Shift is also well done.

Safe Areas

The Zetatalk  web site discusses safe areas in depth. One should read these files carefully. There are too many details to consider in choosing a safe area to include in this synopsis, but it should be borne in mind that the climate in your chosen safe area will change immediately following the pole shift. Southern Canada, for example, will assume the temperature range of present-day southern California. More detail on safe areas can be found with Gordon-Michael Scallion, a modern seer/futurist in the tradition of Edgar Cayce, who provides port-cataclysmic maps of the United States and the rest of the world.

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This article was taken from the website of Lee Carroll

"On the Internet these days, there’s a tremendous amount of fear-based information about the coming of Planet X. Seemingly backed by scientific proof, there are thousands of pages of websites that are discussing it. The most vocal proponent is Mark Hazelwood, author of Blindsided. He has also been on Coast To Coast with Art Bell at least three times disseminating this information. The Hazelwood book came out in December 2001, coincidentally riding the wave of fear over 9-11. This is exactly what Kryon told us to expect. (Kryon Book Nine, Page 293)."

"I will start by quoting Kryon: When asked, “Is Planet X coming to destroy us?   Kryon says, “No!”  

What is Planet X? The so-called Planet X is actually a potential tenth planet of our solar system. There’s actually evidence that we might have had a tenth planet at one time, and this is often trumpeted as the main science behind the Planet X fear. Beyond that, not a lot more makes sense.

Who discovered it? The Sumerians. Zecharia Sitchin, an archeologist, and also one of the few who can interpret the language of the ancient Sumerians, first wrote about it based on a Sumerian artifact called “The Berlin Seal.” To understand this, we have to fill you in on the Sumerians. This was a civilization thought to be very advanced, who lived 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Kryon actually spoke about this very group in Kryon Book Nine, page 222 (although not by name), so I believe that it is so. The Sumerians told a mythological story about the creation of humanity, similar to the Adam and Eve story. It’s complete with a fall from grace, a couple of angel/devil wars, etc., etc.  But, the biggest news is about Planet X.  The Berlin Seal artifact shows a diagram of our solar system!  It has 12 bodies in it (hence the title of Sitchin’s book, 'The Twelfth Planet'). It is acknowledged however, that the Sumerians counted our sun and moon in this scenario, so actually we’re looking at the potential of a tenth planet (one more than we’ve counted so far).

How could the Sumerians have known? For that matter, why is it supposed to return every 3,600 years? First, The Berlin Seal gives us a number “3,600” next to the tenth planet, which they named “Nibiru.” This may indicate the yearly trip around the sun, as calculated by their math. 

The arguments for it: 3,600 years ago, a lot of events were recorded that sounded like a cataclysmic event. Tidal waves, a potential comet pass, and so on. Many of the indigenous peoples mentioned it, and even some geologists have indicated through the study of rock strata that indeed, something happened 3,600 years ago. Some of the indigenous ones even said, “The Sun stood still.”

But . . . remember the prophecy? The incredible gravity and magnetic force of Planet X is supposed to stop the earth’s rotation and turn us upside down. If anything like that happened 3,600 years ago, it would have been a total extinction of all life on the planet (which didn’t happen), not just a notable pass-by. In addition, I give you a little math of my own: Right now we’re all going almost 1,100 miles an hour! That’s the speed of the earth’s rotation at the equator. Can you imagine stopping something that’s going that fast? Even a “slow stop” over a few days? Everything would be destroyed totally -   not a tree standing - nothing.  Mountains would go flying.  Mark Hazelwood says that he advises people to up a mountain at least 1,000 feet. Sorry Mark, that won’t be good enough. If you run to a mountaintop in California, within a few seconds you will probably be in pieces somewhere in Montana. Perhaps something did happen 3,600 years ago, but it wasn’t Planet X, as we’re being told.

Lee Carroll wasn't open to the possibility of Planet X's arrival  at this time.

Personally I believe Planet X's arrival is very possible.  Much has been written to support this theory since these articles were first written.

to be continued . . .




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