Astrological/Psychological Insights 

by Carol Reimer

Having been an Astrologer for many years and sharing so  many astrological truths and insights, this page seems rather redundant.  Many people "get it"  and yet - many do not.  Unlike the general monthly astrological horoscope columns (including mine) that endeavor to indicate probable  circumstances, a personalized astrological profile will determine a more accurate account of the planetary energies indicated in the birth chart.  No chart is identical even in the case of twins.  Since we are unique, these same energies  will prompt different responses from different people because of the planetary placement and their aspects in a chart.

Q.  Does Astrology really work? 
Yes, it does.  

Q.  Is it a predictive science?
Rather than predicting the future, it is a guide or roadmap of an individual's potential.  You, of course will be the best judge.



In Astrological jargon, the Sun, which is the heart of our solar system is the single most important symbol within the birth chart.  It reflects the individual's urge to become him/herself.  The Sun then, is a symbol of each individual's heart - his center - his conscious self - his ego.  In attempting to understand the symbolism of the birth Sun, we know that the ego is the center of the field of consciousness and is a regulating center which serves the purpose of illuminating those areas of the unconscious, and is that mysterious center which Jung calls the Self.  It is important to realize that its symbolism (Sun) cannot be reduced to a few well-chosen keywords.  However, it does suggest the path which the individual must follow to fulfill his basic urge for a sense of identity.  It is the urge for self-expression, self-realization, self-awareness and the need to reflect a genuine essence of his individuality.  


The moon symbolizes the image of oneself that a person sees reflected in his/her own dealings with the public. There is probably no other factor in the natal chart that can be so immediately related to past experiences and past habit patterns.  Therefore, a stressfully aspected Moon can show an inability to project oneself harmoniously so that other people will respond in a positive manner.  The Moon's sign also shows what you need to express in order to feel good about yourself.


People will usually inquire about having an Astrological chart done when they are  going through a crisis and need answers.  Some have difficulty in expressing the need for counsel and will simply tell the Astrologer they are "just curious".  An Astrologer will endeavor to  determine the true reason and offer insight into whatever dilemma may be confronting the client at this critical time.








Ultimately it is the individual personality in its entirety - not just the "significant" bits - which must mediate the deeper, more universal forces that operate within life and within ourselves.






This tough little planet gives us our initial definition in life.  It is the fighting principle for the Sun.  At a certain point in the Sun's development, Mars must be invoked to defend the growing individuality.  It symbolizes our aggressive and assertive abilities. It is concerned with the basic instinct of survival and the will to live on the physical- instinctual level.  A repressed Mars will often be the underlying factor in diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, and/or a chronic state of depression.  



Confused about your true career path?  An astrological chart based on accurate birth information will indicate your talents and interests to determine what vocation you are best suited for. 



























This article will endeavor to shed light on an individual's dynamic personality traits - those energies symbolized by the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Venus as indicated in the horoscope.  For those of you who would like a personalized profile, you may request this information by e-mail:





Astrology is a useful tool in exploring an individual's true nature.  Rather than running from one unsatisfactory life situation to another, wouldn't it be wise to finally take the time to discover who you are?  It's probably one of the best investments you can make in your lifetime.




One of the functions of Mercury is to keep the "Divine Child" within us alive.  Wherever Mercury is positioned in the chart is the area of life where we are meant to stay young, open, and childlike.  If your mind is open, your spirit remains young and fresh.  If there is something you wish to achieve or master, it helps to sit down and create an image of yourself already there.  (Called visualization, it works well with the actual mastery of whatever it is you are trying to achieve.) However, if you are unconsciously afraid of achieving or realizing that goal, or if you feel you do not deserve what you are wishing for, you send troubled or mixed messages to the universe, negating your efforts.



So what is it that really pleases you?  What do you value that is a reflection of who you are?  Do you have difficulty in defining your values?  If you do, it will stop you from going after what it is you truly desire!  Provided that living out your desires does not endanger or harm other people, you should act in a way that supports your beliefs and longings.  Otherwise, you are not accepting who you are, which is another way of saying that you do not love and respect yourself.  Your Venus sign will clarify what you would like to have or gain that will bring you more happiness.




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