The materialist views astrology as a sort of astral theology.  He feels that old orthodoxies are being fed to him again 
. . . under a different name.  He feels the influence of the heavenly bodies to be as improbable as heaven and hell, and relegates angels and planets to a common limbo.  The modern man, wise with the conceits of 21st century scholasticism can find nothing in the universe nobler than himself and settles down to a fanatical veneration of his own superiority.  Yet even a little thought must convince the reasonable-minded man that some principle of order binds together the far-flung purposes of the cosmos.
                    Manly Palmer Hall

The increasing interest in the doctrine of reincarnation is now finding a measure of scientific support.  A number of prominent researchers - most notably - **Brian L. Weiss, M.D. - have written well documented books dealing with memory of past life experiences.

The walls of the Borobudur, a magnificent Buddhist ruin on the island of Java, are decorated with scenes from the 600 previous lives of Gautama Buddha.  To most Buddhists rebirth is a simple fact.  It is one of the determining elements in the ethical and moral philosophies of these people. 

The question arises:  Would it be possible astrologically to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that reincarnation is an actual fact?  Could a chart be set up at the time of death which would be the birth chart of the individual entering the spiritual world, and would it be possible for such a chart to reveal the condition of that individual in the after-death state as well as the time and place of its rebirth on the physical plane?

Would it also be conceivable that a birth chart of the present life could provide some clue to the previous incarnation?  Hindu philosophers would answer these questions in the affirmative, but many Western thinkers have strong reservations.  Those astrologers who do believe in reincarnation base their assumption on the natural progression of zodiacal signs supported by the position of the Moon's South Node in the horoscope of the present life.  The South Node is considered karmic and relates to the unfinished business brought forward from the past.  Aspects made by and to the South Node indicate assets and liabilities which the individual has brought with him/her at the time of the present incarnation.  Lessons we have learned before contribute to pleasure and those unlearned reveal difficulties which must be solved through conscious effort. 

The horoscope for future lives depends largely upon the accomplishments of the present life.  Growth continues until the physical body is cast off.  The sign of the cusp of the second house may indicate the general direction of future activity.  The Ascendant cusp sign (1st house) signifies the present state of the evolving soul.  The 12th house cusp signifies the previous life of the individual.  Ordinarily, the 12th house of the horoscope is termed the house of self-undoing because it reveals the fundamental weaknesses of the individual's character which undermine the probability of present success.  The term self-undoing is identical in meaning with karma or the accumulation of past actions which overshadows present conditions.  This accumulation is carried forward from life to life until all weaknesses are overcome and final perfection is achieved.

The Law of Cause and Effect is one of the most important of the seven great laws by which, according to the ancient wisdom, the universe is sustained.  Yet few people apply this law to personal action, sometimes because of ignorance, but more often, because the training of modern man has caused him to feel that he is in some way superior to - or apart from the ordinary edicts of nature. 

The great philosopher of India, Gautama Buddha, once said:  "Effect follows cause as the wheel of the cart follows the foot of the oxen."  We live in a world completely ruled by a law of universal compensation.  Most of the miseries which now afflict suffering mankind are due to our ignoring the principle of compensation in action.  We do not sense the profound moral inference behind the story of the sowing and reaping. 

So how does astrology fit into this picture?  What part do the stars play in the administration of The Law of Cause and Effect? To understand this point, we must have recourse to another law of the ancients - Reincarnation.  Life is eternally building, constantly improving vehicles for its own expression.

Reincarnation  applied to man teaches that each human being has already lived many times upon this earth, and in future ages will frequently return.  The present life of an individual is not the whole of his existence, but a mere fragment.

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