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You may have heard the question:  "Is the glass half empty or half full?"  Your response is an indication as to how you are perceiving your life. Those people who are genuinely optimistic will reply  "half full".  Others who have been hurt or disappointed in life will see it "half empty". 

Everyone has a different spin on life.  Yet, you have to wonder why some people you have observed  are able to go on and not surrender to defeat even though they have had more than their share of problems and challenges in their lives.  What's their secret?

Experts in the study of  human behavior believe it is an individual's attitude and expectations.  

"What a man can conceive - he can achieve."


  People who do not trust life and think it is out to get them usually focus on all the negative.  How much  easier it would be if they believed that sooner or later if  they don't give up - things will work out.  When you are down the only place you can go - is up!  Have faith and believe your luck will change for the better.
  We often do not listen to our gut reactions.  Fear and other people's opinion restrict our natural responses to situations.  You may make some mistakes - but this is how you learn and grow.  Some people think that the ability to know is  "psychic" and - it is.  We all possess the gift of knowing. 
  Instead of being depressed about what you don't have  - at least not yet - make it a daily discipline to reflect on all you do.  Be thankful for your blessings:   love, family, friends, good looks, talents, intelligence . .  the list is endless - and you still  have latent abilities yet to be developed.  The key is to reflect and spread some love and joy to others less fortunate. 
Dreaming and visualizing about your wishes does not make you an escapist.  This ability is necessary for you to reach for something better - something that will transform your life.  Make a "wish list" of all that you desire.  Then visualize what it is you should do to attain them.  It may necessitate going to school, changing your residence - job, losing weight, etc.  It's your list. 
Often we get stuck in a routine  or way of life we have created.  We complain about how horrible we have it, but are too afraid or unwilling to pursue another lifestyle.  Sometimes we are just not aware that there are other choices.  What is it you would really like to do?  Where would you like to live?  Would you like to change your status?  What is holding your back?  Explore - break out of the box.
If you have a talent that you were discouraged from developing because of parental advice or lack of opportunity, now is the time to allow it to make its debut and release it from limbo.   It is never too late - and you are not too old.  You may or may not realize monetary compensation from it instantaneously, but the sense of fulfillment you will feel is priceless.  
If you do not desire something  - how can you possibly attain it?  If you fear being disappointed and "what's the sense anyhow" - get rid of this negative mindset!   It's just a cop-out!  Boredom and inertia are substitutes for laziness and a reluctance for not wanting to go the extra mile.  Read the life stories of famous people and the challenges they experienced.  It was DESIRE to succeed that made the difference and led to their success eventually.
It is not selfish to expect love, success, and happiness.  You deserve it!  You may not have had the proper support system as a youngster to enable you to springboard to a happy adulthood, but you are just entitled as others who have not experienced your challenges.  For reasons unknown, you are being tested and challenged by life to rise above negativity and hardship and may be destined to show others how to overcome.