Natal Chart of Bill Gates


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  I don't think the time for this birth chart is accurate (10:00 pm). It's not inconceivable that he would intentionally lie about his birth time (Scorpio Sun & aspects). My intuition believes that he was born at 5:30 am.  Below are the charts with both times.

I think this Chart is closer to Gate's real birth time.  Since I haven't access to various dates in his personal life, I cannot accurately rectify his chart. In addition, this chart seems more compatible to Melinda's Chart (birth time unknown) which is also shown.


Melinda Gates Birth Chart

There are numerous YouTube videos exposing the Gates/Epstein connection. Do the research. This info should impel you to squash the efforts of Gates and all his perverted elite associates.

I urge all astrologers to analyze the charts and make their own conclusions. The 'red flag' aspects (in my opinion) are the transits of Uranus & the conjunction of planets in Capricorn - especially Pluto.  . 


To all Light Workers -

'We will persevere'.