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    July 24, 2013

The House voted 215 - 205 in favor of the NSA to  continue  their  eavesdropping on all phone calls, emails, etc.  This is a violation of our Constitutional rights under the 4th Amendment.  Evidently, there are 215 politicians concerned about what personal information the government has collected on them.  Perhaps this was a negotiating factor for their vote. 

Every citizen is urged to obtain a list of those representatives who voted in favor of  continuing these 'spy' tactic on all American citizens.   



  To All ~

It's been a while since I have added an article to this series.   I'm writing novels these days and the manuscript I am presently working on is a sequel to my last publication - 'Sophia And The Archons' -  (very time consuming).  Besides, there is so much happening in the World, it is really difficult to keep up.  By the time I finish researching and writing an article, it can be 'old news' when I finally upload it on this website. 

However, the information I am sharing with you presently really caught my attention and I feel compelled to advise everyone. 

As it so happens, the 'facts' I am uploading today support my new novel's premise.  So much for synchronicity.  

I am grateful that my attention was inadvertently drawn to a  very informed and interesting woman by the name of  Deborah Tavares.  She was a guest speaker on an early morning radio show I usually don't frequent.  I caught just enough of what she was saying to make me pause and listen further.  Her message was intense.  Even though I've been around the 'political muck' for some time, I was still taken 'off guard' by what she had to say.  I memorized her website before going back to sleep.  It's:  "Stop the Crime.net."   An extremely informative and heart wrenching site.  Following are a few comments from her numerous links.  I haven't had the time to validate her reporting, but I've heard similar comments from other sources and so I believe her info is accurate.

Let's start with some very alarming news:  

(Ms. Tavares' words are in quotes  . . .)

"It is very important to understand that what we thought was our government is not. The United States is being run by bankers and mega corporations posing as a legitimate government - and they are not. We are and have been USA, Inc. and now the bankers have a new name for the globe - Earth, Inc. aka a New World Order . . a totalitarian government of total oppression and total control over every aspect of our lives. The Department of Defense is a corporate agency of the mother corporation USA, Inc. The goal is to collapse the economy of the United States, along with many other goals . ."

"The DOD by using the guise of 'such a difficult decision' to furlough thousands is a cover up for creating economic hardships on the family - this is Economic Warfare. This technique has been successfully used by the bankers to eliminate millions of jobs and cripple and further weaken the economy. Budget cuts and mandatory unpaid days off require all family members work outside the home-front and hand over their occupationally orphaned children to government indoctrination camps aka schools. . . The plan of the elites in spelled out in the "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" policy." 

"Note: a representative government operating under the constitution would not be spraying us with toxic chemicals (the Geo-engineering Program) via the U.S. Air Force and the many other agencies and corporations ‘allowed’ to fly over all of us creating 'weaponized' weather events, nor would a representative government want poison (fluoride and other toxic chemicals) in our water supply, nor would a representative government massively increase artificial frequencies to cause countless health disorders from the microwave radiation, nor would we be fighting against Monsanto to prevent GMO (terminator seeds) in our food supply, attacking our farmers and stealing our property though the schemes in the United Nations Agenda 21 aka Future Earth Agendas - this is just to list a few of the assaults. This is directed GENOCIDE through the quiet weapons system. . .simply said they want YOU to DIE . . . and they are KILLING YOU."


"Tavares' Comment:   The purpose of the sensors being deployed on our children in schools should now be clear - and all this additional information will be collected and analyzed at the NSA, the massive data collection center in Bluffdale, Utah, where the harvested information from our children will be stored and used to track and transform our kids, and to mold and reshape future society. Actually, data is being collected on every human being on the planet. You may say, " So what! - I have nothing to hide." Understand this is unwarranted searches of your MIND and YOUR THOUGHTS. Just think - if you even think of a criminal action you will be swept off the streets and incarcerated in the prison system where you will be used as slave labor while being chemically altered for best behavior outcomes as required by the system. NSA is Quantum Computing and the next phase of this 'Data Analysis' is a World run by computers known as artificial intelligence (AI). Human emotions will be discarded and computers will make decisions for all of us. Computers are void of feelings, ethics, or concern for life itself. We see a rush to harvest and collect profiles on every human being on the planet and keep in mind the Global Smart Grid is a large component of the enslavement and incarceration in your homes."

"We are all being bathed in massive amounts of artificial frequencies that are intended for 'mind control', depopulation, and replacement of humans by cyborgs and robots. (Read the NASA WAR Plan). Once these profiles have been successfully collected and catalogued in the NSA ‘Global Data Banks‘, known as ‘bio-sociology‘, the restructuring and molding of society by the global ‘elites’ through (AI) artificial intelligence will eliminate the value of the human species. This sounds crazy. This is Crazy. Read the NASA WAR Plan on the site below. Understand, reshaping and creating ‘evolution’ and seeking life extension - living forever - has been a long awaited goal of the elites and with data collection and the Quantum Computers they will become closer to achieving their goals. The elites believe that in order to retain their sovereignty they must control the lower classes, all of us, by 'dumbing' us down with the silent weapons systems and creating enslavement through poor education. By 'dumbing' down the education, the elites will create total enslavement by lack of knowledge. This is the elites plan for us. History is being rewritten to reshape our past and create a ‘controlled and mindless future’ by massive 'mind' control. If you have NOT read the "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" or the "NASA WAR Plan" you will not comprehend the future that is being incrementally and covertly implemented by the elites. The elites believe they must dominate the masses because of our lack of intelligence and the inability to make right decisions. Further, the vocabulary of Life, Liberty and Happiness including Equality are words the elites inserted into our belief system. The elites say in nature none of the entitlements are guaranteed and it has been always the survival of those that understand the harsh realities of the Law of Nature where equality is not a REALITY. This is according to the elites and is stated in their documents. . ."

"(Read the recommended documents located on the 'Source Doc' Tab
Listed on website:  Stop the Crime.net)"

"The elite believe their power over us is derived by creating TERROR and Propaganda. Learn the TRUTH to live without the FEAR . . .So what do we do? We must not participate! We must educate ourselves and read the source documents.  We MUST NOT allow our children to attend any government indoctrination camps aka government schools that have adopted the Common Core Curriculum. In fact, the No Child Left Behind School Program was set up to leave our children behind.   We are left with ONLY one choice - to find home schooling networks in your communities and not enroll your children into a certain future of mind control which is planned to reduce the human race to mere cattle on a field to be slaughtered by the elite."

"Final Note: The 'Silent Weapons Quiet Wars' policy will tell you about the plan to reduce OUR education to the poorest quality and to mandate the use of Ritalin, a drug, on our children to provide for a faster fracturing of the family unit."

"The reality is - this is a tracking chart - and like the IRS and the census this information is used for surveillance and monitoring. This chart will show the progress being made towards bankrupting AMERICA, and monitor the progress of the projected goals and the timing to determine the accomplishments  by the Global Bankers that are controlling AMERICA.  We know that mega bankers and mega corporations are controlling the United States and posing as a legitimate government, which they are NOT."

Deborah Tavaras


***   for additional information on many of these topics -

I highly recommend: 'Human Race Get Off Your Knees'
by David Icke 

An insightful novel about the covert plans of the Illuminati and the elite shadow government

*** Carol A. Reimer