If you are a frequent visitor of  this website, you are well familiar with Carol's credentials.  

She has been a helpful counselor to others for many years using her expertise in psychology, hypnotherapy, astrology, numerology and psychic ability.  She has written numerous articles pertaining to the exploration of the psyche and how to attain awareness in your life.

Her history of helping and guiding others in times of stress merits her the deserving title of 
'Life Coach'

She urges you to reflect on the following:

 Who are You?
 Where are You going?
 What makes You happy?
 What are You looking for?

If you find that you are stuck in any of these areas of life,  contact her for a consultation.  You will be pleased with her insights.

She also encourages you (if you have the time) to read some of the many articles on this site. Those recommended for immediate reading are the following:

The Little Professor


Your Potential for Love


She has also written and published many novels (also advertised on this site) for your reading enjoyment.  

 Another tool you may wish to use -

email:  astdome@aol.com