Many Americans are aware of the recent 'Green New Deal' endorsed by the newly elected N.Y. left-wing Democrat -  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Her proposal was hit with mockery by many government officials and private citizens who pointed out how unrealistic the suggestions were once the details were unveiled. The ambitious proposal would radically transform the country by completely eliminating fossil fuels rendering 'air' and 'auto' travel obsolete. It promises free medical and educational programs, and guarantees economic security for everyone - even for people who are 'unwilling' to work. (They're too tired after smoking their 'weed').  In essence, the left-wing liberals intend to drastically  limit  your freedom and mobility - which translates to 'control' of the masses. In case you aren't aware of the contents of this obnoxious proposal, which I consider an 'insult' to the intelligent American public - here are additional facts:

The 'Green New Deal' is far from just a proposal to curb emissions and create more environmental regulations – it’s also about implementing radical left-wing measures; i.e. socialism. Somehow, government-controlled healthcare, ‘family sustainable’ wages, paid leave, and ‘affordable’ housing are also ‘required’ for a clean economy.  

The proposal would require a 10-year national mobilization commitment towards accomplishing a series of goals that the resolution lays out. Jesse Jenkins, a postdoctoral environmental fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School, stated that this may well be an unreachable goal. Similarly, removing combustible engines from the roads or expanding high-speed rail to largely eliminate air travel would require nothing short of revolutionizing transportation. 

Likewise, some of the more progressive economic policies — universal health care and a job guarantee, while popular among some Democrats, would be very difficult to implement and transition into. On top of all that, implementing all of the policies would cost trillions upon trillions of dollars. Altogether, the 'Green New Deal' is a loose framework. It does not lay out guidance on how to implement these policies. There isn't any scientific data involved. Realistically, in order to live up to the proposal’s promise of 100 percent of renewable energy, a space as big as the entire state of California would have to be dedicated solely for the facilities, wind turbines, and solar panels.

The proposal’s suggestion of putting 'charging stations' everywhere, upgrading or replacing every building, (more like converting them into 'smart' dwellings) and developing high-speed railway across every state may also hit a wall due to permitting laws'; i.e., taking a trip to Hawaii or perhaps even Europe by rail. Ugh.  What complete stupidity!!

Even those pushing for the document aren’t sure it can actually be achieved within 10 years. In a now-deleted FAQ page on Ocasio-Cortez’s website, the document had stated that it’s calling for an elimination of greenhouse gas emissions rather than an immediate ban on fossil fuels because, "We aren't sure that we'll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast."

Let's not forget the promise of  working with farmers to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions ... as much as is technologically feasible while supporting family farms and promoting universal access to healthy food

Healthy food? Does this mean the liberal left intends to eliminate the 'mega profit organization' -  MONSANTO - and allow farmers to grow healthy food products? Most of us know how detrimental GMO food products are.

And what about air travel? Planes run on fossil fuel. No fossil fuel, no visits to granny. Cows produce methane, and this is why alarmists want to get rid of livestock. AOC  can't do it ‘fully’ in 10 years, but she's  coming after your air miles and bacon. This is how ignorant left-wing Democrats want to micromanage private life.

Lastly, the Green New Deal, which doesn’t exactly reveal how it will be funded, except for the suggestion that the Federal Reserve could step in and extend credit and then tax those who make more money than government thinks they should with a fat 70% penalty. (There is no mention of  taxing the mega wealthy psychopaths - Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, etc.). You see, the psychopaths accuse others of what they do so well and covertly.

Taxing ordinary citizens will pay for a lot of 'free' socialist perks. Right? And how do they propose to pay for mass trillions in cost? Don't worry! Federal Reserve will just ‘extend credit’ and ‘new public banks' can be created to extend credit. You know, like, money is just paper, and how hard can it be to make some more of the stuff, right? 

Cortez, like many other brainless, manipulated puppets, fails to recognize that her contempt for successful millionaires  (who she wishes to destroy) should include the 'master' who controls her and who probably has $$$$trillions in the vault.  How else could the sick psychopath/s manipulate and control governments worldwide? 

I'd like to believe this woman is a victim of her own delusion, but I can't.  She is power-driven and seized by her lust for recognition and promises of glory and wealth. She must not be taken seriously and should be removed from government.

Had enough?  It's really sickening just to even deal with this stupidity. But wait. Could there be a more devious, subtle, covert motivation for all of this?  I think so.  It's when you connect the dots with what you know and what you intuitively suspect will happen in the future. 


Although there are many of us who are resisting the ‘Singularity‘ and the enforcement of the One World Government, we haven't seen the results we are striving towards as many people are still unaware or complicit of the World situation. Our goal is to eliminate all psychopaths and their ‘control‘ of  government, business, academia, military, and social agencies. This menacing evil that seduces with power, mind control, greed, lust, and false promises seized control of the 'free' World a long time ago. Its minions are the complicit ‘elite’ of the World. Its slaves are the 'ignorant corruptibles'.  Unless defeated, they will destroy us and the planet. Throw away your precious smart phones, games, gimmicks, etc. Do not allow yourself to become a subservient robot . . . you are being brainwashed with AI technology. If you don’t believe this warning - do your own research and become aware!

Deborah Tavares

Deborah Tavares is a tireless activist who has researched the many sinister and hidden aspects of ‘Agenda 21‘ - The Singularity. In an interview with Jeff Rense in 2015, she provided documented proof of the premeditative intent by the Rothschild cabal (who controls all of the public utilities within the U.S.) to ‘ignite’ the fires that would destroy Sonoma and Mendocino Counties in Northern California using microwave weaponry (Smart Meters). Why? Rothschild plans to restructure the country - rebuilding it with ‘Smart Cities’ which will allocate the amount of 'energy' a person is allowed with enforced mandatory technology. ‘Smart Cities' are the ‘planned’ corralling of people into prison zones, based on the idea that we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is ‘fraudulent’ science. 

Connect the dot.  They intend to control us with energy restrictions.

The ’Greenhouse’ threat has been negated by scientists worldwide. And yet, policy is being written by every government agency to enforce ‘Agenda 21‘. We erroneously think elected politicians and social institutions are working for the welfare of the American public, but they aren’t. They are putting forth corrupt policy, creating new global markets, and corralling all of us into it. This is just the tip of the ‘iceberg’, and I strongly advise every reader to visit Tavares’ web site: ‘Stop the’ to realize a full account of what she has uncovered with her tireless research.

A brief example: Cost estimates in the ‘Energy Action Plan’ in San Gabriel to retrofit the average residence is $2,000 to $5,000 per household. The plans discuss how increasing taxes, grants (bribes), and structuring ‘retrofit’ home mortgages will meet the costs requirements to implement the GHG reduction commitments agreed to by city government. Household and business monitoring programs will enforce the ‘required’ reduction of resource use. A third party energy manager will conduct monitoring annually to verify target GHG reductions are being met by the cities. Keep in mind the partnerships are Private Public Partnerships. Also read the report from ‘Iron Mountain‘ that discloses the agenda implemented and advanced by NASA as to how pollution was invented to trigger the fear necessary for the Global Banking Cartel to maintain ‘control’ of society by creating pollution – intentionally! Think chemtrails, water contamination, GMO food products, technology, etc.

Connect the dot. They have created the pollution.


What is a LAND GRAB? The most comprehensive estimate of the scope of land acquisition, published in September 2010 by the World Bank, showed that over 46 million HA in large scale farmland acquisitions or negotiations were announced between October 2008 and August 2009 alone, with two-thirds of demanded land concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa. Of the World Bank’s 464 examined acquisitions, only 203 included land areas in their reports, implying that the actual total land covered could be more than double the World Bank’s reported 46 million HA

The most recent estimate of the scale, based on evidence presented in April 2011 at an International Conference convened by the Land Deal Politics Initiative, estimated the area of land deals at over 80 million HA. What better way to implement these acquisitions than burning houses in California? 

How about the 'New Green Deal' proposed upgrading or replacing every building? The construction of 'Smart Cities' intends to  eliminate private land ownership.

Connect the dot. They want to abolish private ownership of land.



A ‘Smart Meter’ is a global deployment of the World Grid by the military (DARPA). It will be the first device to be deployed in every home. The meter is generally stationed outside the house. It will compute your monthly energy usage to generate a bill for electric consumption. All of the meters are to be installed nationwide; on every building and structure even if you’re living in the woods. The cabal are planning to put these ‘smart meters’ on your property to enforce surveillance of every individual 24/7 yearly. The CIA finally admitted they have been deploying hundreds of thousands of these "Smart Meters' nationwide. 

People have been fighting back. This is what it’s all about - fighting back. When rules and regulations don’t serve the best interest of the people - they must resist. There is an evil, organized cabal on the planet - the ‘Singularity‘ - intent on destroying society to obtain world control. It’s operating on every level. We know this from obtaining a military document from the Freedom of Information Act. It showed why the military have deployed the ‘Smart Meters‘. They are fully aware of what this technology will do to the public. It is meant to destroy the ‘grid‘, leaving the populace helpless and fearful. In addition, the levels of radiation that will be pumped throughout every home will cause eventual death to many. We must stop the meters from being deployed in our houses.  

This is why the grid has not been upgraded despite many requests to government.  It is ludicrous that 5G EMF has been installed in many cities despite the present vulnerability of the grid. 

Connect the dot. They want to enforce surveillance of every individual 24/7- yearly.

Every person should call their local utility company to find out when 'Smart Meters' are going to be deployed in their neighborhood. Most people aren’t aware, but the utility companies working with ’global’ mandates orchestrated by the mega global bankster corporations worldwide - are! The plan, titled ’technocracy’, was initiated in the 1930s. It will require that all electric appliances (stove, refrigerator, oven, etc.) be replaced with RFID chipped enhancement. The amount of information to be collected on the public is ‘enormous‘. The data is being stored at a facility in Utah equipped with an Adiabatic Quantum Computer from D-Wave possessing processing power equivalent to over 7 billion human brains; a concept difficult to comprehend.


The radiation emitted from the appliances with RFID chips are adverse. The psychopaths know that the smart meters will cause harmful affects to humans. They know that radiation has similar effect on our biological systems as do ‘drugs’. Our immune functions will be negatively affected. They also know that the radiation will be lethal for many people causing cancer and reproduction dysfunction. People will suffer ringing in the ears,confusion, short-term memory loss, inability to focus, allergies. The list is enormous.

Connect the dot. Mind control & ill health.

The ‘microwave’ heating will mimic a fever and will affect brain tissue. Thousands of people are presently suffering with nose bleeds, skin eruptions, respiratory ailments, etc. Scientists and technological engineers are being ‘paid off‘. The technology will change society and the global economy forever. It will control the availability of energy resources that are distributed globally. Here in the States, the grid will be standardized. Presently, we have three distinct grid areas: the east coast, west coast, and Texas. We will soon become ‘one’ standardized grid, merged with Mexico and Canada that will be orchestrated and distributed equally. The ultimate goal of this grid network will be to issue carbon credit allowances to each individual, which will designate the amount of energy consumption available. They (cabal) can turn off your appliances whenever they decide you have used your allowed amount of energy. Resources of all sorts, not just electricity, will be monitored. We’re talking about your gas, your water - and even waste. This has all been planned to gain absolute control of everything you do. You will never enjoy the privacy and freedom you presently have once the smart meters and other technology (the Internet of all things) are implemented. The Singularity - One World Government grows stronger.

Connect the dot. AI technology is dangerous!


An organization known to be a major player is IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers). They receive funding from the U. S. Department of Energy & the World Bank (which is Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan) as well as from Yahoo, IBM, NASA, GE - the list goes on. This organization is the World’s largest technical professional society, designed to serve professionals involved in electrical, electronics, and computing fields related to science and technologies. They also are involved in micro, nano-technology, ultrasonic, robotics, electronic materials and many other facets of designing and shaping the globe. They are allied with professionals all over the World and there are about 400,000 members in 160 countries. They are the complicit puppets who have screwed up the biosphere and atmosphere of the planet and will be responsible for the eventual destruction of the World.

Even though the mainstream media tosses out tidbits about what has been going on in California regarding the 2017 fires and 2018 catastrophic mud slides, the average TV watcher, news magazine reader, and computer-news ‘aficionado’ may not be aware of ‘behind-the-scenes’ activity contributing to those catastrophes, plus the pre-planning that’s gone into them dating back years and which is now apparently being implemented into fulfillment for what’s pushing society toward the ‘global mind’ and its absolute control. Deborah Tavares documents EVERYTHING she offers with credible documentation. She has disclosed that  the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are positioning ‘to restructure North America‘ (as well as the World). One of the apparent ‘tools’ for their soon-to-be-realized ‘pipe dream’ is the use of man-made climate-related challenges. The apparent buzzword that will be used to implement their plans is ‘Resilience’ - which according to Deborah, are ‘false policies‘.  She states it’s more like ‘Peril and Opportunity‘.

In a most informative interview on the ‘Power Hour Nation’ program, Deborah shocked her audience with the statement that people will be conditioned to believe ‘Government is their god!’  Technology (AI) wants to create a ‘man-made soul’ to replace the soul given to us from ’The One’ true God. She has become aware of the deliberate climate control destruction of California, which she said is on the planning boards for other areas of the United States and elsewhere!  She claims there is evidence that lasers and smart meters were used to implement those horrendous unnatural ‘forest’ fires in California. She witnessed government workers bulldozing and trucking off toxic materials, including foundations and earth/dirt as deep as ten inches!  She thought the material was scheduled to be reused around the country. 

Another threat Tavares spoke about was the ‘NASA War Plan’ that was ‘mind boggling‘. She then spoke of ‘The Cooking of Humanity‘ and showed the audience a U.S. map she had found on the 2012 White House website during the Obama administration illustrating the electromagnetic fields around the boundaries of our country. Our communities have recently been wired with 5G - a very dangerous amount of EMF.

Tavares brought up the subject of ‘robots’ and transhumanism and how the psychopaths were planning to invent an entirely new species never before anticipated by Nature.

The goal of the Singularity is ‘wealth redistribution’ and it is in progress by the Rockefeller Foundation. Communal living is planned to become a reality of the future (Internet - Smart Cities). 

Connect the dot. Wealth distribution reflects a controlled One World Communist Society.

Tavares and her husband visited Russia where they witnessed how a communal society had been implemented. Homes had been seized and the owners were killed. Afterwards, the homes were repopulated (depending on the amount of rooms). A four-bedroom home would have four families living in it. Each family lived in one bedroom sharing bath and kitchen facilities.  This is COMMUNISM folks! We know that Hillary and Obama are communists as are most Liberals. This is what the scumbags want for Americans and the World while they live in luxury. Deborah believes many people are being seduced with AI technology. Electromagnetic (EMFs) and micro-wave radio frequencies (RFs) as well as smart appliances have become addictive to many humans. She advised people to discontinue using smart appliances, as they can produce brain tumors. We should reduce or eliminate cell phones and other microwave technologies. As a precaution, you can wrap your cell phone in Mylar when carrying it in your car. A cell phone in your auto is similar to being inside a ‘Faraday Cage’ and being bombarded by EMFs and RFs.

Connect the dot.  AI technology is dangerous!

If you want to find out if your microwave oven is leaking, do this:

  • Leave your cell phone turned on.
  • Place it into a vacant, turned off, non-operating microwave oven.
  • Shut the oven door and make certain it is closed tightly
  • Dial the number of the cell phone inside the microwave oven, and if the phone rings, your microwave oven leaks! Get rid of the microwave oven.

Ever wonder why the grid hasn't been repaired?  It's because it is being blocked by the money and power of Rothschild. It would interfere with his plans to build 'Smart Cities' and control our energy and mobility as previously discussed.

As a community, we should try to improve our standards and protect our only home - Earth. However, the cabal has restrained our knowledge of technology in many areas. In particular, the implementation of  'free energy' (believed to be used in the destruction of the Towers on  9/11). Improvements should benefit everyone and not just the 'swamp' of psychopaths determined to control the World. We must operate in a responsible manner whenever we replace an existing system.

Beware of liberal politicians like AOC and others who are promoting socialism and confusing many people with false promises. Hopefully, this article has sharpened your awareness. Do not listen to these psychopaths. Do not re-elect them. They don't care about your welfare nor do they belong in government.  They are ignorant puppets looking out for themselves!!