Most people experience fear when Death  appears in a spread.  It does not necessarily represent a physical death; it symbolizes transformation and renewal.  If you have chosen Death today, you are either curious or depressed and in desperate need of change.  It is time to leave the past behind you, accept change, and face the future with new faith and optimism.  Renewed life energies await the soul who is willing to release itself from the bondage and limitations of this earth.  Death as we fear it does not exist; life continually changes from one level of consciousness to another.  Reflecting on your life you will realize that you have experienced many changes.  If something was taken away, something important was put in its place.  Old doors close - new ones open.  Attuning yourself to the natural rhythmic pattern of life, you will be born again and able to make new plans and enjoy each new day.  Be receptive of change and move forward.