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Thanks to the efforts of  Julian Assange and Wickileaks, the American public was alerted to the corruption and deception of the Democrats ( DNC) during the recent  presidential campaign.  The extent of the perversion and 'evil' that surrounded the Podesta circle has been squashed - for the moment. It has been labeled 'fake news', but it will surface again when the public is ready to listen. The bias of the media was also exposed.  For months, Trump and his staff were accused of  all types of  'you name it'  allegations by the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt political entity  in  U.S. government.  Her nefarious political background is beyond words. 

Perhaps the most revealing fact the public was made aware of was how often these political psychopaths will lie to the World with poker faces and ease of conscience. Corruption, greed, power, sabotage, betrayal, murder, espionage . . . are just some of  the key words operating within the political arena.  Those of us who were paying attention were aware of the corruption and lies. Wickileaks obliged and offered the necessary proof to confirm our  suspicions and 'wake-up' those Americans who were in denial . . .  and still are.  (If you're a liberal - raise your hand). How frustrating it is to see our public officials so detached and unresponsive from the mess they allow to exist.  They haven't done anything to resist the Washington 'cabal' of political gangsters.  No doubt it is fear, blackmail, revenge, death, and retribution that has kept elected officials from doing the job they took an oath to withhold when they were  elected.  I thank the powers above that Hillary and her cronies ('saboteurs' of the Constitution) were defeated. The American people voiced their anger and let them know they weren't going to take their abuse and deception anymore.  We kicked the 'liberals' out of their comfortable niches and they haven't been able to recoup and accept their fate as yet. Boo hoo. 

So, I'm pointing a finger of blame at all the corrupt, dishonest politicians and all the deadbeat liberals who refuse to protect the country that enables them to live their opulent lifestyle and make the 'big bucks'.  

The hardship and oppression so many people have suffered during this past Administration and those in power beforehand cannot be retracted.  Both political parties have a great deal of negative  baggage.  We, as a nation, have lost so much. The grievances are so significant and detrimental to our country and people, that even someone like myself, not very knowledgeable about politics, began to pay more attention to what was happening.  Names like Soros, Gates, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski  and many others became familiar. They comprised the power behind the scenes that dictated wars, drugs, racism, poverty, media, academia, economy, etc. The more  I learned, the  more concerned and upset I became.  How dare they?  How dare these miserable psychopaths gain the power to destroy me, my county, my life, my rights, my savings, etc.?  I began writing to vent my emotions and share the information I uncovered with the public.  

However, the bad news doesn't stop with politics. The same corruption and greed exists within our Medical System and all its affiliated professions; most importantly with the FDA and the pharmaceutical  industry. The chemical drugs they advocate for the sick and the vaccinations forced upon our babies and children are not safe. The MMR vaccine is highly suspect of causing 'autism' in children.  Big Pharma is determined to control as many people as possible and keep them  victims from 'cradle to grave'. Government  is comprised of psychopaths and hypocrites. Their main objective is to control people and they will change 'laws' whenever it suits them. They endeavor to intimidate the elderly and young with fear and threats.

I would not be actively involved with this topic unless I could speak from experience; which is the case.  My contact with the medical professional has always been antagonistic. Luckily, I am a healthy individual, and didn't require constant medical interference.  I was associated with one doctor most of my adult life, but when he retired, he 'threw me under  the bus' so-to-speak. How? Before he suddenly announced his retirement, he never gave me 'heads up'  knowing the 'Pakistani'  control freak he co-practiced with for a brief two month period wasn't going to prescribe my medication.  The transition was not  smooth or in his patients' best interest. (So much for doctor/patient loyalty). Since I was taking an opioid for my severe buttock pain (sciatica), due to femur and hip surgery,  I had to find a doctor who would prescribe medication. As you may or may not know, most pain medications  can be extremely dangerous.  You stay with a medication you know from past use that doesn't cause severe side-effects. Such was the case for me.

I soon learned that patients who were taking an opioid for pain were  being denied their medication. Everyone was lumped into one category - addict.  The medical 'gurus'  would rather send you to their Iranian associates down the street  who  injected  'useless', ineffective chemicals into your body. The injections, approved by the law and insurance,  are very lucrative for the 'out of the county' pain specialists at $95 a pop. Can you see the hypocrisy?

I was referred to a MD in the area, who to my chagrin, proved to be another ego-centric weirdo.  I have severed my dealings with him and am now looking for an intelligent, knowledgeable, understanding professional.  It seems that Long Island is devoid of this 'role model'.

In reality, thousands of  patients would like to have a truthful, accurate analysis of why they have pain and its real cause. I think most pain is the by-product of surgery. Years ago, I fell and fractured my femur. I suffered severe muscle trauma after the  surgery, but I coped for ten years. My pain  really 'kicked in' after undergoing hip surgery. Five months after my operation, I began to have severe pain, but the surgeon  maintained the defected PINNACLE prosthesis he installed in my body wasn't at fault - it had to be my back. Really? In desperation, I contacted two back specialists who said I needed a 'fusion';  an antiquated type of surgery with a bad history. 

It  was very discouraging to learn that doctors are so unknowledgeable and disinterested about the spine and still use antiquated, primitive surgery.  My research informed that most 'back' pain stems from muscle spasm and scar tissue. To address the problem is time-consuming and doctors are disinterested in pursuing innovative techniques aside from physical therapy, which only aggravates the problem or useless injections that I mentioned. Their rule of thumb is to have a MRI and then OPERATE!  "You have a stenosis, you have a spondy, you have a herniated disc."  Many people have these problems, but many do not suffer any pain.  Why? It's because these issues are not the cause of their pain.

'Fusion' is the medical profession's detached, robotic, monetary solution.  Who cares if they destroy your lamina - your spine's only natural protection,  or if they cut up your muscles and rearrange them?  Stop complaining.  Take  pain killers for the rest of your life.  It's not THEIR fault!  (I speak mockingly).

As for jumping on one of the law suites currently pending with PINNACLE, a patient's apparatus must be metal-on-metal.  My surgeon did a potpourri - ceramic, metal, poly, etc. which doesn't qualify for the claim.  The patient must also consent to another surgery, but the manufacturer and doctor will not guarantee the product is not defective.  What a bunch of garbage. 

How they insult my intelligence. This is why I have decided to write this article. There is a serious problem within the medical and pharmaceutical systems.  It must be exposed and STOPPED!  The following information is my limited contribution concerning  this situation:

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Dollars for Docs:  How Industry Dollars ... A ProPublica analysis has found for the first time that doctors who receive ... And the more money they receive, on average 

Orthopedic Surgeons Still Getting Money from Implant Manufacturers

Between 2008 and 2010, the companies still report having increased their payouts to doctors by over 40 percent.  Orthopedic Surgeons Still Getting Money from Hip Implant Manufacturers:  

Depuy bribed surgeons to use defective hip lawsuit:

Jul 9, 2015 ... For example, in 2009, DePuy paid Dr. Dodgin over $56,000.00, and in 2010 From 2002 to 2006 DePuy paid kickbacks to orthopedic surgeons to induce them to sue the ... Posted in Blog, Medical malpractice, Personal Injury

Approved in 2011 but abruptly withdrawn . . .

DePuy did not seek FDA approval for its Pinnacle CoMplete Acetabluar Hip System until 2009, and won approval in 2011. In 2013, just two short years after FDA approval, DePuy discontinued sales of its Hip System, allegedly due to low sales. “The true reason DePuy discontinued sales of the CoMplete Acetabular Hip System is because the ceramic-on-metal system is defective and unsafe for consumers,” the complaint states. 

(I believe this is my system - Author).

From 2002 to 2006 DePuy paid kickbacks to orthopedic surgeons to induce them to sue the hip system. The company was caught by the Department of Justice and fined $84.7 million in a deferred prosecution agreement.

“Prior to our investigation, many orthopedic surgeons in this country made decisions predicated on how much money they could make – choosing which device to implant by going to the highest bidder.” 

The complaint adds, “Unfortunately, the Deferred Prosecution Agreement has not resulted in any significant change or benefit to patients. At least one physician has noted: ‘It’s back to business as usual … Nothing will change until someone goes to jail. It’s a big game.”

The lawsuit charges, “DePuy designed, researched, manufactured, tested, advertised, promoted, marketed, sold, and distributed a defective product which, when used in its intended or reasonably foreseeable manner, created an unreasonable risk to the health of consumers and to Plaintiff, and DePuy is therefore strictly liable for injuries sustained by Plaintiff.”

In separate litigation, DePuy/ Johnson & Johnson offered to pay approximately $420 million  more to resolve approximately 1,400 additional DePuy ASR lawsuits. The order came from the court extending the settlement offer to plaintiffs who had revision surgery after August 31, 2013 up through January 31, 2015. 
(Posted on Blog Medical malpractice, Personal Injury)

 A brief overview concerning  DePuy Defective Medical Devices  

According to a new study, orthopedic surgeons are still receiving considerable payments from drug and medical device companies. The study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, examines reported payments by the five largest artificial device manufacturers, and finds that their total payments to orthopedists has not decreased since scrutiny arose. This raises ethical questions, as some of the products supported and promoted by these surgeons have been prone to early failure and other problems. For example, DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, allegedly paid doctors over $80 million to promote its hip replacement. This ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement has caused a number of problems for patients and was eventually recalled as widespread claims arose that the product was defective and dangerous.

"If you go to the Johnson & Johnson site for Canada, and go to the info for DePuy, it will bring you back to the US DePuy site. I haven't gone through the full list of surgeon consultants, but if you go to this page . . ."… 

"(scroll to the bottom) You'll see that you can click through an alphabetical listing of all the surgeons who received payment from DePuy as consultants. My guess is that these are all US-base surgeons, but take a look."

December 7th, 2010   By Abik (author)

I came across an interesting article yesterday over at Connecticut Health I-Team (C-HIT), a non-profit publication focusing on health and safety issues. The article was about the DePuy ASR Hip replacement. and the hip recall and sure, there’s been an onslaught of news about DePuy, but this article was one of the few I’ve seen that actually published the list of surgeons who’ve received compensation from DePuy Orthopaedics. The list includes around 200 surgeons nationwide who received a total of over $80.8 million. To be fair, the list is available over at the DePuy company website, but you have to work for it a bit.   It’s not only down at the bottom navigation on the homepage in grey mice type (translation: not exactly the most legible), but it’s also arranged as an alphabetical click-through by the doctor’s last name. I didn’t see an actual downloadable file of the complete list - and that’s where C-HIT comes - they did that legwork.

Now, I’m not saying that any of those surgeons necessarily chose to use the DePuy ASR Hip in patients when perhaps a better hip implant would’ve been a more prudent choice. What I am saying though is that the practice of pharma- ceutical companies compensating doctors for consulting, speaking gigs or whatever does begin to put into question just how independently or free from influence a doctor can truly be when making decisions  regarding patient care when he’s been compensated by the very companies that provide the menu of treatment options available to him, and therefore, his patients?

Did your DePuy Surgeon receive compensation from DePuy?

Did-your-depuy-hip-surgeon-receive-compensation-from-depuy.html   So, for those of you who are curious, this is the list that was published by C-HIT, by state. Click to read on . . . 

Dec 7, 2010

"The list includes around 200 surgeons nationwide who received a total of ... also arranged as an alphabetical click-through by the doctor's last name. ..... of all the surgeons who received payment from DePuy as consultants."

According to this report, this orthopedic received a payment on 16 out of 518 days from Aug. 2013 to Dec. 2014 from DePuy.  

Each box below represents a single day during the disclosure period. A gray box indicates no payments. The darker the color, the more payments a doctor received that day.

2013 - 2014

  • Types of Payments

  • Drugs & Devices

Totals listed below account for all payments that mention this product. If a payment record mentions more than one product, the entire value will be included in each of those products.

Payments  - At A Glance  -  57 payments

$2,178 payment total

Rank: 59 out of 102 doctors in this specialty and state 18 companies paid this doctor 13% frequent brand-name prescribing rate compared to an average of 8% for others in Orthopaedic Surgery of the Spine nationwide. 

Payment Calendar

This doctor received a payment on 55 out of 518 days from Aug. 2013 to Dec. 2014

If you are a victim of a doctor's negligence or mal practice, you will resonate to the following story.  There are many people of all ages who have been victimized and made to suffer hardship and pain because of their physician's ignorance, greed, carelessness, and detachment.  The following letter was seen on the web:

1. My right hip was replaced using one of the DePuy devices 2 days before Christmas 2008.

2. For the first 3 months after surgery I was unable to lie down straight in bed, only changing certain positions hourly sitting in a recliner allowed me to bear severe and violent pain. Actually, to the day (almost 2 years after surgery), I am not able to sit, stand, or lie down for more than a couple of hours, rather less. Even when I don’t move at all, severe and violent pain kicks in. During that time I also was ordered physical therapy. At the time, my Physical Therapist also wondered why I still was in so much pain.

3. Once I was ordered to walk on full weight, I was never able to walk more than half a mile without severe pain kicking in. Actually, to the day my hip replaced leg starts hurting badly when I walk only very short distances, much shorter than half a mile and often when I don’t walk also. My surgeon always suggested to be patient as recovery from a severe operation like that could take up to a year, or more.

4. The last time I saw my surgeon was in January of 2010. Again, I told him how severe my pains still were. Dr. Cuff discussed a bone marrow transplant with me. A procedure that could help to fasten the stem part of my implanted hip. But Dr. Cuff recommended to stay away from that procedure as he knew of only a couple of cases and they weren't successful. On top of it, I could be on crutches for another 10 to 12 months.

5. During this past spring/summer I tried to see my surgeon again. Mainly because I was suffering more and more. Unfortunately, due to my long tern ‘Leave of Absence’ I had lost my job and all my benefits including health insurance. My surgeon’s front office told me over the phone that I would have to pay a fee of $160 just to see the doctor as an uninsured person. I simply could not afford that at the time.

6. After I learned that I have an ACE tabucular cup hip replacement made by Depuy Orthopedics, I went to the Venice Regional hospital in order to request my Medical Records and Implant Report. It was a kind of odd that the clerks at the hospital said that they can provide my Medical Records, but that it seemed strange that they were unable to find the serial number of my DePuy hip replace- ment. They told me that they would send me a copy when they would find it. After appr. 2 weeks I received a copy of the implanted system, and it states ‘DePuy Pinnacle ACE tabular’. While this device is not under the official recall, it is also a metal on metal, and many articles/blog posts by doctors, lawyers and patients talk about the same symptoms I suffer from. Supposedly, the FDA has more than 300 patient complaints on that device.

7. My medical condition, personal situation and circumstances get worst and worst. Furthermore, and after my employer Comcast Cable had terminated me because of extended ‘Leave of Absence due to illness’, I applied for unemployment benefits. Unemployment was denied because the agency was not able to help me because of my illnesses. Since surgery and after I started to sit for extended time, not only severe pain bothered me, also a condition called Edema (excessive swelling of my right foot). Both my doctors back then (until January of 2009), Dr. Cuff and Dr. Schulte knew about that additional condition.

Meanwhile I have developed more severe pain in the hip area of my operated hip, also of my left hip, back, and all the way up the neck. My severe and violent pain is causing me a lot of discomfort, my overall medical condition seems to get worst and worst, 

  • I cannot get in and outside of a vehicle without terrible pain in my right leg and right hip.
  • I cannot get up from sitting or laying down positions without terrible pain in my left and right leg and left and right hip.
  • I can only walk very short distances without severe pain starting inside my right leg and right hip.
  • I move and walk very slowly, because I am afraid to fall with every single step I do.
  • I have to sit down in order to get dressed.
  • When I turn my neck to the left or to the right a little faster than very slow, I see 'stars'. Also, when I move my neck, another violent pain stretches out all the way down to my lower back.
  • Both my hands and arms developed a tingling sensation that stretches all the way from the tip of my pinky fingers to the elbows.
  • Each time I have to cough or sneeze, I experience a violent pain sensation inside right thigh and hip areas.
  • I have Diarrhea almost all the time, no matter what I drink or eat. Many times there is also blood in my stool.

8. At the end of August 2010 I applied for Social Security Disability benefits. My initial claim was denied 11/23/2010. I am in the procedure to appeal that decision and report to the SSA that I am suffering from the DePuy hip replacement.

9. I am also in the procedure to seek legal help on the matter of my failing DePuy hip replacement.

10. At the present time, I believe that I am in urgent need of medical care. Having lost medical insurance due to the loss of my job, and being denied help from the local Senior Citizen Help Center, I am trying to gain eligibility for the County's Health Department.

11. While I have no complaints about Dr. Cuff's care and the care I received at the Venice Regional Hospital, I have a problem to see Dr. Cuff again. Reason why:  

a) I cannot afford their fees as an uninsured person.
b) When you look up DePuy Orthopedics official website, and search for associated doctors in Venice/Florida, Dr. Noah pops up first. 
Dr .Noah  and Dr. Cuff both work for Suncoast Orthopedics Medical Center, 836 Sunset Lake Blvd., Venice, Florida 34292.

12. Today, 12/14/2010, I filed a complaint with the FDA online.

Juergen S  -  Florida

P.S.  (Author) None of the doctors were sued, which I don't think is right.  Doctors who knowingly used the defective hip equipment should be required  to make retribution to the patient..  Some of the paybacks listed on this page were received from the surgeon who did my hip procedure, which has also given me years of 24/7 pain.  I think my only recourse is to continue my search for a professional who can give me a correct diagnosis and solution.

Next issue . . . OPIOIDS

Patient: I am prescribed oxycodoyne 5mg four times daily. I have two herniated discs? I went to my doctor and they gave me a drug test (urine). The test came back neg- it said there was absolutely no drugs in my system, but i take them four times a day and even two the same day I gave my urine sample. Three days later the same exact thing happened to my friend. I now have to find a new doctor, because they said I broke the narcotic agreement, because the oxycodoyne didn’t show in my test. Can anyone explain why this could have happened? The drug should have been in my urine. thanks MJ

A. The only thing I can think of is the path lab who did the test messed up or the test itself was faulty. I would go back to your doctor and stand your ground because if this has happened it will without doubt happen to someone else under the same doctor. How are you going to explain to another doctor why you had to change? Tell the doctor that you are willing to take the medication in front of him. Did the meds work? The pharmacy may have messed up too. I hope you can sort this out. AK

A. Hello MJ. Some tests will give a false reading and your doctor should know that. See if your doctor who ordered the drug screening will send you to someone else for another test or run a blood test instead of a urine sometimes they are more accurate. If your doctor says he won't give you a second chance than he isn't a very good one and you should check elsewhere. Some doctors got their licenses out of a cracker jack box I think. Good luck my dear. Marjorie Zych


Apr 13, 2015 ... A urine drug test widely used by pain management and addiction ... The Millennium study was published in The Journal of Opioid Management. ... molecules is far more accurate than an immunoassay POC test, but it could ...

Urine testing is less accurate than the lie detector tests that have been banned from the work place. Employers who rush into urine testing, wouldn't dream of giving every worker a lie detector test. Dr. David Greenblatt, Chief of clinical pharmacology at Tufts Medical Center called the most widely used tests 'essentially  worthless'.

"Only 85 of the estimated 1,200 laboratories in the United States currently testing urine for drugs meet federal standards for accuracy, qualified lab personnel, and proper documentation and record-keeping procedures. Because private companies are not required to use certified drug testing labs, workers are being asked to put their job security in the hands of a drug test that has insufficient quality controls."

Even in labs that do meet the minimum standards, there is plenty of room for error. Your urine sample will change hands many times before its actual drug analysis, which increases the risk of mix-ups and errors. Also, the chemical reagents used in drug testing have a limited shelf life, which can cause 'false positives'.  (A false positive is a sample showing a positive for drug metabolites when there are no metabolites in the person's system).


Since the epidemic of illegal drugs became rampart throughout the country, many people in real need of a pain reducer are being denied their medication by medical doctors, fearful of repercussion from government. In the past, there were dedicated, proficient,  caring doctors - thank goodness.  However, since 'Obama Care' and the disruption of health insurance and medical policy by the government, many doctors have retired leaving behind a lot of misfits. If you are one of the unfortunate people trying to find a decent doctor, I can relate to your situation.  I have found only wackos - doctors I thought to be unqualified, disinterested, detached, unable to converse,  rude, etc.  I refused to put myself in their care. think they are greedy, arrogant 'FRAUDS'. As other patients catch on, they too will look elsewhere.  Quite frankly, I hope their practices fold for lack of business. 

  Here's a laugh - Many MDs smoke marijuana or use some form of drug or opioid for their own need and/or enjoyment.  Still, the hypocrites refuse to support  their patient's need, having no trace of compassion or empathy for them. They are a useless bunch of arrogant, ego-centered, incompetent fools, unworthy of the title and status they think they deserve.

It is my sincere hope that there will be a wave of info (welcome Wickileaks) exposing the ills and corruption within our medical community.  At best, I wish all the 'wackos' I have encountered  experience the pain and hardship they have caused me and others in the very near future.  It's called 'retribution'.  God speed.

to be continued . . .