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As of March 2015 The New York State Assembly voted a resounding 94-49 to approve a bill that would allow third trimester abortions using procedures such as a shot of poison to the baby’s heart by medical professionals who won’t necessarily be doctors. National Right to Life, highlighted the approval of the bill, AB 6221. The bill was culled from the previous 10-point Women’s Equality Act, which was broken down into stand-alone bills.

How do you feel about murdering a defenseless baby?


       . . .  for profit 

Do not be deterred by Planned Parenthood protestations of concern for women. Abortion is a big, dirty, money-making business. The giant 'cash cow' in the abortion business, Planned Parenthood, grosses (as of 2012 stats) about $320 million per year; 51% ($164,154,000.00) is generated from abortion services. To top that off, tax payers, knowingly or not, contribute another $542 million to the coffers as of 2012. No matter how you try to qualify it, this is 'big business'. Approximately 4 in 10 pregnancies are terminated via abortion.