Professor Bill Forstchen, Ph.D. - 

"The detonation of a nuclear bomb, two hundred miles straight up into the atmosphere has the same disruptive energy as powerful rays of the Sun which emit jets of deadly radiation on Earth's surface sometimes shorting the electrical power grid.  But, it  is infinitely more powerful since it is so close by.  As the bomb explodes, it emits a powerful wave of gamma rays. When this energy is released in the upper atmosphere, it creates an electrical disturbance known as the Compton Effect.  The intensity is magnified. (View it as a small pebble rolling down a slope hitting a larger one and setting it  into motion until finally . . .  you have an avalanche.)  At the speed of light,  this disturbance races to the earth surface striking wires, metal surfaces, antennas, power lines, etc. Its pattern is similar to how  a lightning bolt will always follow the metal of a lightning rod, or the power line into your house. It isn't something you can see or hear just as you don’t feel the electrical disturbance in the atmosphere during a large solar storm.  But . . . for all electrical systems it is deadly!  As it slams into delicate electronic circuits . . . computer chips, relays, etc.  they are overloaded instantly by the massive energy surge, short circuited and will fry."

Scary stuff . . . 

While I am offering a substantial amount of information on this page, I do not intend to give the reader a complete informational account to support the urgency of this matter.  It has already been done by others. If you're reading this article, you may wish to research the following on the web using Google . . . 

Electromagnetic Pulse - Wikipedia
U. S. EMP Commission

My own awareness has been heightened by the efforts of William R. Forstchen, Ph.D. who wrote the following:   


Talk Radio is a powerful vehicle for getting out the message.  Nearly every community has a well known talk show host. If  your interest has been triggered after reading this article, you may want to contact  your favorite radio or TV station urging its host to bring this issue to the public's attention.  Voice your concern.  Chances are your host might not know about it, but your voice will be heard.  Explore the web and familiarize yourself on the subject. 

Professor Bill Forstchen, Ph.D., contacted Art Bell, Coast To Coast, (which can be heard on radio and the Internet - YouTube) and spent the evening with Bell to disclose valuable information concerning EMP.  This radio show may be heard on YouTube presently.

What is an EMP?  It is an electric magnetic pulse that can emanate from the powerful rays of the SUN and/or be the result of an atomic missile launched by a rogue country (to explode 200 feet in a strategic atmospheric area of another country) with malicious intent.  In the worst case scenario, the energy grid of the country will  be totally wiped out.  Everything operating from the grid ceases.  The threat is real . . . it's extremely dangerous  . . .  and something you should be made aware of. 

An EMP attack only  requires  one nuclear weapon, detonated 200 miles above the middle of the United States. One bomb. The launch could even be done from a container ship somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico and in that instant, the war is already over and won.

In the case of a suspected enemy attack, pre-emptive measures can be taken.   However, if the Sun is responsible for the damage of a country's grid or even the World grid . . . which NASA has indicated to be a strong probability occurring in the year 2012 . . .  there isn't much we can do except prepare to 'harden' our energy grid NOW.  

How?  For starters, we must immediately begin to manufacture and store essential spare parts (unavailable in the country presently.)  It is an outrage that our government's negligence has allowed us to be in this dangerous situation.   Unavailability of essential parts to repair the grid is unacceptable!   Secondly, we must train our energy technicians, local police and National Guard, etc. on how to repair any damage the grid may encounter.  


There is the serious potential that we might never be able to restore the system. One might ask why? "Wouldn't it just require replacing some circuit breakers and 'fried' chips in the equipment?"

Forstchen:  "It's not that simple. The infrastructure America has developed since the beginnings of the Industrial Age, is now so vast, intricate and fragile, that it is like a delicate spider web, which if touched by a flame can instantly vanish."

A few examples to illustrate what might seem an extreme statement . . . .

"The incredibly complex system that creates electricity, starting from a hydro-electric dam, a glowing nuclear reactor, or coal fired plant, leaps through hundreds of circuit breakers, perhaps thousands of miles of wiring, across high tension lines to sub stations, and finally to the outlet your computer is plug into. This single line will now have hundreds of breaks in it, each one having to be replaced.  Any of us who has lived through a major disaster such as a hurricane, ice storm, or tornado, and then gone several days without power, knows the sequence and how much longer the wait seems to be.  Finally, the welcome sight of a power company repair truck turning onto your street. That truck might be from a power company five hundred miles away.  All our disasters have ultimately been local in nature . . . 'Andrew' in Florida, 'Katrina' in Louisiana and Mississippi and 'Ivan' in North Carolina.   Even when the disaster is local -  help will stream in from neighboring states.  Caravans of power trucks will carry experienced crews as well as all the replacement parts necessary to put electricity and phone service back into your home. When 'Ivan' hit my town, dumping 30 inches of rain and wiping out the power grid and water supply, thousands of gallons of bottled water had arrived from Charlotte in less than twelve hours .  Power companies from Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia were arriving with the special parts needed to replace my town’s shattered water main from the reservoir.  Supplies were air-lifted in by a National Guard unit.  

Consider if the entire nation is down!

Quite simply there are not enough replacement parts in the entire nation to even remotely begin the retro-fitting and replacement of all components. Every community will be on its own, struggling to rebuild. . . on their own."

Question:  Aren't we preparing?  Isn't there replacement equipment in place and trained personnel ready to react?

Forstchen:  "The frightening answer is no. I have spent over four years researching this topic, interviewing scores of personnel from Congressmen and Generals, to your local Police Chief and Sheriff.  At your local level, since 9/11, first responders have received hundreds of hours of training and briefings on all sorts of terrorist scenarios. Only a few have told me that they even discussed the topic for more than a few minutes at an official level. As to emergency stockpiles of supplies and crucial replacement parts . . .  there is nothing in place."



So far, this government's reaction in relationship to EMP is shameful.  The idiots would rather pursue a health bill that Americans do not approve of.  However, one of the few shining lights is Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (Republican - Frederick, MD), who initiated a Congressional Committee on EMP.  He  believes this is our #1 threat.  If you agree, send him an email and advise him of your appreciation and support - no matter where you live. Over 300 million Americans are at risk.  Bartlett needs the support of a couple of dozen Congress men and women from both parties to get this issue off center and out of Committee into the reality of planning and funding on a national level.   Remember - they need your votes this election 2010.  

You are strongly urged to contact your political representative and demand to know what efforts they have made to pass HR2195 to address this threat and protect the country.



However, you must be realistic.  In the event of this horrible phenomena, you are on your own - for weeks or maybe months.  Don’t count on the government to come to your rescue in a post EMP America. 

Professor Forstchen has recommended that every American consider doing the following in the event of an EMP scenario:  

  Safe water and food are your starting point. If you already buy bottled water, save the bottles and recycle them. Simple enough, just refill with filtered water, seal, and put in the basement or a closet so that you have at least a week’s worth on hand, though the more you have stockpiled the better off you are. Canned food is great.  Just remember to check expiration dates.  I tend to buy an extra few cans of soup, etc. whenever I am in the market.  Do not use recycled milk containers unless you sterilize them -  otherwise you’ll have problems.  The longer you stockpile,  the better off you will be as even a week or two of supplies could be crucial. 

  Medication. Secure the usual 'first aid' kit supplies for common injuries. Infections and infectious diseases considered trivial the day before an EMP could now become deadly.  Downloading from your computer NOW and learning basic survival treatment skills is essential. There are numerous websites devoted to what I would call the 'Boy Scout Level' of First Aid training we should all be familiar with. For anyone dependent on necessary medications, the collapse of a national infrastructure could mean that you might be cut-off for weeks  . . . even longer . . . and maybe forever.

If you have life threatening concerns, NEVER let your med supply drop down to only a day or two before refilling. If there is a way for you to safely and legally have several months supply of crucial medication on hand -  do so now.  It just might buy the time needed for your survival.

  Climate survival. This will be tough especially for those living in cold climates.  If you live in a rural community, have the wood stove and wood supply in place and extra propane tanks for cooking.  Safety is a key thing here with heat sources such as kerosene space heaters. Study up on it before preparing. A good investment is Coleman or propane fueled lamps, along with candles and old fashion kerosene lamps. The more on hand -  the better.  

  Other survival needs. Keep an adequate supply of anti-bacterial soap and 'first aid' items and toiletries.  Learn how to set up a portable toilet with household items. 

  Personal Security. Take your personal security seriously.  If you don't have a gun, this may be the time to consider applying for a permit.  It's a choice that you will have to make on your own.  There are places in this world, at this very moment, where someone would kill you for a can of food. Someday, that could be America.

If you do not own a gun but should decide to do so now,  get the proper training.  Remember that a weapon in your house is an increased danger to you and your family without proper training.  However, it might be the crucial factor of survival in a post EMP world.  If you are unfamiliar with firearms but decide to purchase one, talk to the experts.  You will find your local police a great help in pointing you in the proper and safe direction.

If you live in a community where neighbors know and trust each other, do not hesitate to talk amongst yourselves about  concerns.  A few hours of conversation might be the crucial difference between your life and demise.  Who on your street understands personal security and can offer solid advice?  Who is the gifted “tinker” who might get some things running again?  Who can help those with special needs?  Who can you trust? And sadly, who can't you trust?  It is better to know now rather than later. A street or neighborhood plan can make all the difference in who lives and who dies.

  Personal Health. Do your own personal assessment now. Realize you will be living in a world without automobiles, without electricity, without infrastructure or any kind of immediate medical aid. Are you fit enough to survive?

  Plan as a Family. Think about how far you commute every day. How far away is your child’s school?  They might have to walk home.  Do you have an elderly parent living close by? How do you pull your family unit back together and then survive. Talk about it now and lay out plans now rather than trying to figure it out after communications are down.  Most of all, everyone should be able to recognize IMMEDIATELY if we have been hit by an EMP. The signs are obvious. Power goes off.  But beyond that -  most  cars will no longer start and your cellular service will be dead.  There will be  a complete blackout.  Know the signs and how to react.  Those who react swiftly and logically stand a far better chance of survival then those who will wait for 'them' or 'the government' to sort it out.

  Communications. A simple thing called a 'Faraday Cage' is nearly a 'fool proof' protector of electronics from an EMP. You can find the plans 'on line' and purchase the material to make one for just a few dollars from any Hardware store. Make sure it is properly grounded. Purchase a couple of simple hand held two-way radios, plus a good short wave radio and place them inside the Faraday Cage. (Make sure they rest on a non conductive surface such as a ceramic bowl.)  They will survive the worst EMP hit.  And make sure you have plenty of batteries to support them since you may need to rely on them for months to have communications with your family, neighbors, and news from the outside world.

If you have an emergency generator don’t plug it into your home because the 'surge' will blow it out. Instead, disassemble any delicate components and put them in the Faraday cage. If there is a regular emergency, such as a power failure due to a storm,  you can always retract them and reinstall to resume the power supply.  In the event of an EMP, that generator might be a life saver.  Consider also having extra parts for an old car.  The few real life experiences of EMP, dating from nuclear tests in 1962, showed that car ignition systems burned out.  If you know how to repair these components, get the parts now and just store them away. You might be the only person driving in your community the day after we are hit.

If this article has sparked your desire to become pro-active, contact everyone you think can be supportive in spreading the word.  It's the American thing to do.  Share what you know.


UPDATE as follows . . .


WASHINGTON – Contrary to the findings of a 2008 commission mandated by Congress to consider a defense against an electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) and its effects on the national grid, a retired Air Force General who also headed the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency said there wasn't a solution to an EMP attack.

Speaking before the Bipartisan Policy Center at a Conference on the threats to the U.S. electrical grid, Michael Hayden also said the Obama administration hasn't a plan to defend against an EMP. The Conference focused more on the impact of cyber attacks on the national grid.

Experts say that protection against an EMP also would provide protection from a cyber attack. Hayden said the administration isn’t doing anything to come up with a solution, even though scientists have said that proper hardening of the national grid would mitigate an EMP either from a direct hit from a solar flare or a man-made high altitude nuclear detonation that would emit a ruinous pulse.

An EMP is a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy such as gamma rays, x-rays and microwaves caused by the rapid acceleration of super-charged particles.
As a modern technology-based society, the U.S. is heavily dependent on electric power, electronics, telecommunications, information networks and an extensive set of financial and transportation systems.

An EMP event not only would knock out the National Grid but would have a cascading effect on all electronics and automated control systems that maintain the life-sustaining critical infrastructures that depend on the proper function of the electrical grid.

Hayden said that when he was in government there was agreement that the EMP issue was serious, but would be difficult to solve in a timely fashion.

“I don’t mean to be so flippant, but there really aren’t any solutions to this,
so I would just leave it at that."

Retired Army Gen. Kenneth Chrosniak, who is on a Congressional task force on preparation and response plans for EMP emergencies, however, takes exception to Hayden’s comments.

“Well, the General (Hayden) is right in that our government is not preparing to protect us from any of these truly catastrophic events. But, he is also wrong to relegate it to the ‘too hard’ column. True leadership wasn’t displayed at that time, and still isn’t, but he had the responsibility to influence change, and he failed. So in actuality, he has no dog in this fight and no claim to any further insights." 

He encouraged Hayden to read the EMP Commission reports, an EMP preparedness law passed in Maine, and the proposed SHIELD Act in Congress.

Chrosniak also said that as a military leader, "He learned the hard way,  the tried-and-true adage that you always ‘plan for the worse case situation' and that there are people out there that are leading the attack to preserve the homeland, but that there are many who don’t have the best interest of the homeland at heart."

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said that the Obama administration is more concerned about a cyber attack than an EMP to knock out the U.S. electric grid system . . .“What I have to say is that the whole set of issues that could disrupt the grid are ones that we do look at, but our biggest focus, not surprisingly, is on cyber security in terms of disruption of the grid.”

Hayden’s comments are contrary to concerns from another former CIA director, James Woolsey, who is co-chairman of the EMP Coalition recently formed to pursue legislation to protect the grid. That legislation is the Shield Act, recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz.

to be continued . . .


 May 2018

Are you wondering why the U.S. government hasn't budged in securing our grid?  Russia, China, Canada, and other countries have long done so since 2002.  Would you be surprised to learn that Rothschild is in charge of  all the utility companies in the country and he has blocked repairing the grid. There are various reasons, but the main theme is that he intends to 'restructure' North America according to his dictates for control and monetary profit.  Please access Deborah Tavares on YouTube - (see her  intro link on this website) for an in-depth account of the many nefarious activities of Rothschild and his associates.