You have chosen this card today because you probably have an important decision to make and may be confused or concerned about making the right one.  While it is important that you weigh the situation and cover all bases, do not let fear seize you and prevent you from moving forward.  Past mistakes may be the best lesson especially if you have been careless and negligible about your affairs.  Listen to your inner voice and don't allow others to  discourage you if you feel strongly about the matter.  The Fool represents our total being or union with God.  it is the Oneness prior to any beginning - the superconscious.  Each precious day we can begin our journey like The Fool, completely untouched by any event the day may bring and by any emotions.  Fearing nothing, we trust God implicitly, knowing full well we are divinely guided and always protected.  Be prepared to start the day with new courage and childlike happiness and enthusiasm.  Life is an adventure full of wonderful surprises and experiences.  We must never feel hopeless or trapped.