The geometrical figure concealed in The Hanged Man is a cross surmounting a water triangle.  Water is a mirror on which we see our reflection upside down showing that things are not what they seem to be on the surface.  You must look beneath for understanding.  The man  is suspended by his foot like a pendulum at rest.  He is in perfect control.  His philosophy sets him apart from the crowd but brings him peace of mind and perfect contentment.  He observes the trouble in the world and knows it is due to others not seeing correctly.  When you are ready to submit to the higher vibratory forces you will release the turmoil resulting from your own actions.  Allow these forces to renew your existence.  Be tolerant of all things and know that you are an essential part of the life force around you.  Leave all worldly concerns behind and step into the higher vibrations so that you may know the path that has been chosen for you.