It has been said that what goes around - comes around.  Remember - your heart may be just as fragile as the heart you break.


Some things in life are repairable.  People and their hearts may not be.  An unkind word, detachment, or betrayal towards another who has loved and trusted you will often  cause permanent damage and heartache. 

People who are insensitive towards others and are in the habit of hurting them . . . be it a child, spouse, parent, friend, sweetheart  or casual acquaintance should be made aware of their lack of compassion towards people's feelings.  (Maybe this article will do it). Until they are finally confronted and made aware of this selfish pattern,  they will often continue to touch others in a negative way never looking back. 

Here are a few tips:

WORDS - Words are very powerful.  Select them carefully - and really mean them - not for the moment - but for the long run.  Avoid blurting out words with the purpose of hurting another in a situation.  You cannot take them back.  The person may forgive - but usually will not forget.

DETACHMENT - Detachment towards another person is very hurtful unless they have done something to qualify your behavior.  This is similar to the spoken word.  Once the bond is broken - the egg shattered - it may not be possible to reconcile and resume the relationship as it was.

BETRAYAL - Betrayal is the most demeaning put-down to another.  To do so makes a statement that you never respected or loved this individual.  You have violated their love and shattered their trust. 

Love is the creative force and cohesive element.  Without it, we become isolated and out of harmony with others.