My record shows that  I have assumed the role of a 'self-appointed avatar'.  I've been relentless with alerting people about the many hidden and not so hidden ills within our present day environment.  But, I realize that one voice in the crowd doesn't 'pack a wallop'. It's usually never heard or if it is, it is fast forgotten. Many voices, however, are a powerful tool towards getting attention . . . Roar.

Assuming you have read some of my previous articles, I trust you have given some thought towards taking a more pro-active stance against the psychopaths who have engineered all the chaos in the World. This is a repetitive theme I have gravitated towards and have urged others to embrace  - 'waking up, resisting the oppression, and letting go of the fear'.  To be more direct - 'getting in touch with your warrior energies!'  However, many people never engage their powerful inner warrior. They usually 'suck down' before taking a stance.  Why?  Because of fear.

Yes, fear is the culprit most of the time although some people just can't be concerned with other people's hardships and grief. Unless they are experiencing the same problem at the time, they just detach.

"I don't have time;  I don't want to invite trouble;  I have a family to worry about;  I'm too tired."  

I can relate to all of these comments because for the most part - they're true. And why should you do anything that will attract grief? Sure the World is in crisis and, like most of us, you're dealing with enough of your own stuff without worrying about other people.  What you may not realize though - it's only a matter of time before the same grief gets around to knock on your door.  Sooner or later, you'll feel the outrage and anger.  

Your most comforting realization is that you are not suffering alone.  People in all walks of life are hurting, too.  Well, almost everyone.  The elite and powerful aren't.  They're doing just fine as usual.  Their most difficult task is to keep the rest of us in a state of confusion and fear . . . and doing it quite well.  However, the tide may be turning as many people are beginning to wake up to the manipulation and corruption the psychopaths in government and Corporate America have been getting away with for too long. 

If you're cognizant of the global situation, you realize that Earth and its inhabitants (that be me and you) are living in critical times (as in the days of Noah). We are dealing with nano-technology, genetic experimentation,  AI intelligence, chemtrails, GM crops, lethal chemical vaccinations, food and water contamination, etc. The uncertainty of the future is causing a great deal of  apprehension  . . and rightfully so. The possibilities are life threatening.  

Supposedly, Earth experienced a similar planetary situation around 1155 B.C. or so.  How is this known?  Science.  The scientific community collected ice core samples at the Poles which enabled them to determine the Earth's environment for the last 500,000 years. These periods are called 'fractals' of time and the more significant periods repeat themselves at later dates.  Back in 1155 B.C., an advanced Egyptian civilization crumbled because, among other factors, the populace failed to 'read the writing on the wall'. They allowed themselves to become obedient slaves to the dictates of the ruling pharaoh.  

I would like to share the following with you . . .

Let fear be your ally.  Fear has a great deal to teach you.  Fear is the experience of being disconnected from who you truly are;  it is the opposite of love.  Fear can be an ally if you allow it to be and just say, "I'm afraid."  In doing this continually, you begin to see that you are not fear itself, but that fear is a 'feeling'. "I am afraid." becomes "I feel fear."  It is the reaction of inner feelings you are trying to repress. These feelings are based on a great many assumptions of what might happen.  Most fear is not of what is happening now, but what might happen.  If you are able to stay in the 'moment', fear will not find you.  Fear is the projection of something that has happened in the past and that you think  will happen again in the future.  Rather than denying that you 'feel' fear - just admit it. Then rationalize if the situation is actually happening - or might happen.

It's urgent that you take a deep breath and put your affairs in some semblance of order and perspective . . otherwise you'll slide into 'victim mode'.  And  you can't allow yourself to be in denial as it won't make the fear and pain go away;  nor will it change your life's circumstances.

You probably realize by now that individuals from all walks of life (whistleblowers) have come forth to reveal information concerning the many secret activities our government has been engaged in for at least 60 years or so (secret space programs, DARPA technology, colonization of the Moon and Mars, deep space stations and  craft, devastating weapons, chemicals, underground bases, etc.) This activity began in earnest after the war when the United States government offered safe refuge to NAZI Fascist scientists in return for their knowledge of advanced alien technology (space, war, health, eugenics, etc).  Unknown to the mainstream populace at the time, the Nazis had been in liaison with aliens who revealed this information to them.  It is believed that Reptilian aliens are presently involved with the psychopaths in the New World Government movement. They are not a friendly alien species and it is now known that they have sinister motives for humanity.

Working side by side with the psychopaths within the New World Government, comprised of the Illuminati, Vatican, England, the World elite and other secret organizations, envious Archon/Reptilian aliens are planning to mutate the human civilization into a new species for their disposal.  How?  By prompting their earth minions to experiment with human DNA, genetics, and implanting people with 'nano' technology.  Many science-fiction movies and books have portrayed this scenario.  It  reminds me of the 'Borg' aliens as seen on Star Trek TV years ago. They traveled space with the intent of invading life forms on other planets.  After overpowering a planet's inhabitants, the 'Borg' (alien perpetrators) would proceed to completely control their captives by implanting metal technology throughout their bodies. This would then produce a mutated race with a 'collective thought' process restricting the planet's species to think or feel independently.  Do you notice a similarity to our present day society?  Think DARPA - AI intelligence - nano technology, etc..

Many of us (the vintage population) know the scenario all too well.  But back then, it was treated as sci-fi and not considered a threat because we thought it simply wasn't possible.  Fast forward to 2015 - and accept the fact this is what is happening at this very moment.  Those of us who see the danger are considered stupid and 'behind the times'. The younger generation are too thrilled with their toys to comprehend the ramifications and are annoyed if  normal people get in the way of their 'exciting future'. They don't even object to becoming robots.  It's cool!

We must also realize that the government is relentless about 'control' and is the impetus behind the accelerated tech programs. In addition,  it condones the poisoning of our blood, air, and water with chemicals and pharmaceuticals.  Why?  Because it is the desire of the New World Government to eliminate two-thirds of the World population as quickly as possible. An unaware public are their guinea pigs. 

It's been said that our government bit off more than they bargained for and feeling powerless, decided to hand us over to these aliens.  This explains their constant denial of UFO sightings, abductions, cattle mutilations, bizarre sex atrocities, insane terrorist behavior, wars, murders, corrupt politics and politicians, etc.  They had hoped their nefarious secret dealings with the aliens would not be discovered  by an unaware and empathetic society.  'Impossible' - many of you cry out.  Admittedly, I too was reluctant to embrace this scenario believing it was too outrageous to be true.  However, I have since had the opportunity to educate myself and I have come to grips with the truth.

There is much information to embrace.  But, you have to make the effort to listen to what alert and concerned people all over the World are exposing to the public.  The most important issue to understand is that each one of us must take responsibility to resist the hybrid/alien psychopaths desire to 'wipe out'  humanity.  We must pick up our 'swords' and become warriors. The World desperately needs help.  

How can we defeat the psychopaths?  

Realize that we outnumber them - even if they hide in their under-
ground sanctuaries or space havens. True, they are very, very cunning.  They have been observing humans for eons and will often outsmart us by arousing our anger and emotions.  They goad us into action they want us to engage in.  But, they are afraid of us - the Sleeping Giant - should we finally awake and realize our power - our wonderful intelligence, and our spirituality.  We can at this very moment visualize scenarios that will stop these insane psychopaths 'dead in their tracks'.  Visualizing their demise should not arouse any guilt on your part if you remind yourself of all the horrific deaths innocent people have suffered at their hands. 

They know we are catching on to them.  As we loudly begin to say 'NO' to their demands and show them that we are not fearful, we will take back our freedom and our World. Observing our example, other warriors will follow our lead and oust the Reptilian psychopaths off the planet. 

There are other groups that have gathered around the World to offset the threat to humanity. They advocate a more extreme approach and their intent is to 'kill' leading psychopaths with magic. They feel completely justified because the psychopaths have 'openly' declared war on humanity and have expressed their intent to kill the 'innocent' and 'defenseless'. Think about it. We have been 'duped' with religious principles such as: " Turn the other cheek, love your neighbor, forgive, forgive, forgive."  This allows the perpetrators to continue their heinous crimes without any resistance. Many people now believe it was the 'aliens' who introduced the three leading religions to the World as well as other tenets and laws we blindly obey. It is each individual's choice as to how he/she will resist.  Remember, the World needs you.  Make a commitment now.  You are a warrior. Stand tall, pick up your sword, and engage.  Become emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically strong.  Stop taking unnecessary medication, weed, etc.  Improve your diet.


It has been suggested also that we, as a collective consciousness, visualize peaceful and positive future events.  In doing so, our powerful energy will negate much of the forecasted impending doom.

Keep your spirit in a state of gratitude and hopeful expectancy.  Avoid being fearful.   It is a fact that people who are in a constant state of depression will become ill.  Don't let government or media scare tactics put you in a panic mode.  Say 'NO' to anyone or anything that tries to impose their will upon you.

You are a powerful 'Spirit' and are capable of wonderful achievements. Allow your heart to assist in your decision making.  

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