Welcome to
ASTRADOME and to this very special page -

I created this page to endorse the many women, who like myself, are endeavoring to launch their creative entrepreneur skills to the public.  For many of us the upward climb towards success and recognition is not easy.  It requires a great deal of enthusiasm, commitment, and determination to forge ahead and not become discouraged.  Competition is tough.   But belief in oneself and the 'dream'  are very powerful motivators.

Advertising costs and marketing strategies are financially draining for most of us.  This is why I decided to create this website. The benefits are numerous:

My hard work and dedication to this site has merited worldwide attention and local recognition. 

The site offers flexibility for my ideas and creativity.  I can withdraw, change, or enhance any of my services at any given time.  (Please visit my Home Page and Potpourri Page to view other services.)

Since the site is established and has recognition, I am able to offer reasonable advertising rates to you.  Astradome has successfully launched a place in the  web community and is easily accessed on the 'Google' search engine.

I am available to meet with you to discuss your creative aspirations and any questions or reservations you may have that may be preventing you from moving forward.  Please take this opportunity to contact me.