She wasn’t too sure about Bill. He didn’t seem like a ‘gambler‘. But then, one never knew what turned a man on. Some desired power and status. Others craved money and sex. She didn’t know the percentage of men who actually craved true love . . . if they even existed. Still, she wasn’t ready to give up. Not yet. She was a ‘romantic’ as someone had once told her . . . and being labeled as one, she continued to be hopeful that she was destined to meet a caring man . . . and soon.

When you’re in your twenties, beautiful, vivacious and still single, you focus on your major objective in life . . . meeting the man of your dreams - ‘Mr. Wonderful’. How far you will travel to find him isn’t an option. If he isn’t in your neighborhood, you won’t have any reservations about moving to another part of the country or traveling to some exotic island where you intuitively feel he’s waiting for you. Throw ‘fate’ into the mix and you sum it up.

Follow the fun-filled adventure of two young females who have embarked on a whirlwind five day holiday to Puerto Rico in hopes of meeting new people and breaking away from the humdrum routine of their hectic life styles. Their trip is full of unexpected surprises and encounters they didn’t exactly plan in their itinerary. Still, ‘like’ attracts ‘like’ and people destined to fall in love will eventually meet their true love where and when they least expect it will happen.

A Rose for Amy is an uncomplicated love story portraying an almost forgotten era when people weren‘t as ’futuristic’ as they seem to be presently; albeit they were just as passionate and intelligent. They possessed a tough ‘inner core’ that persevered no matter what life presented to them, while tenaciously holding on to their dreams. The story may seem outdated, yet the human heart and its yearning for love is timeless. It wasn’t that long ago when many of us could relate to the story’s young people and their search for love and meaning in life. And so, this author sincerely hopes you enjoy the story and that it leaves your heart a little happier; a little less cynical.