It’s hard to remember what life was like before we had the Internet, smart phones, video games, laptops, etc. at our fingertips. Our brains are racing to adapt to the digital age of artificial intelligence. Cognitive neuroscientists have stated that the vast amount of time people devote to their digital toys has changed the way they read and comprehend. ‘AI’ technology has shortened both our attention spans and our patience. It’s also doing a number on our BRAINS - big time. According to S. Matthew Liao, (Arthur Zitrin Chair of Bioethics and Director of the Center for Bioethics and Affiliated Professors in the Department of Philosophy at N.Y. University), mankind is on the cusp of a transition that it may not be capable of reversing.  It all depends on our response to the 'truth vibrations' enveloping our consciousness. 

For years, scientific psychopaths and transhumanists, (under the umbrella of the ‘Lucifer Agenda’ - ‘Singularity‘), have sought technology that could alter the human mind. This would enable them to assume total control of the masses. Unfortunately, the time has arrived. Present technology now has the ability to distort our memories and alter our perceptions. But there is even a far greater evil. The cabal can now control our thinking and our very ‘soul‘. How? It’s called ‘nanotechnology’ - created by the dark evil forces.

DARPA, the military cabal and right arm of the U.S. government, has been the chief enforcer. They have experimented with ’super soldiers’, war technology, DNA, genetics, transhumanism, and contaminated the atmosphere with millions of nanobots via chemtrails and geo-engineering. MONSANTO has also been an active participant with GMO food products. Lethal vaccinations and drugs, chemical food additives, bogus medical techniques, improper diagnoses, are some of the activities of the AMA and FDA. Their main focus doesn’t focus on the health and well-being of the people.

While apocalyptic beliefs about the ‘end of the World’ have historically been the subject of religious speculation, they are increasingly common among some of the leading figures of today. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steven Hawkins, Bill Joy, and many others have strong opinions about artificial intelligence (AI), suggesting that it may put humanity at the risk of extinction by transforming us into cyborgs and machines. ‘AI’ may even be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. This is worrisome given the fact that science isn’t based on faith and private revelation, but on observation and empirical evidence. Many scientists agree that human activity has pushed the biosphere into the ‘sixth’ mass extinction event in the 4.5 billion year history of Earth. Unknown to mainstream, a similar scenario existed at the time of Atlantis before it was destroyed.

Astrophysicists from the University of Southampton, (working with colleagues in Canada and Italy) concluded after researching the cosmic microwave back- ground and the afterglow left from the Big Bang that the Universe might just be one vast and complex hologram and that our vision of life as being in 3D may just be an illusion. They have found substantial evidence that our Universe is holographic. This hologram is the domain of

Author Reimer connects many dots to show how this evil ‘god’,, has been planning to use humanity to achieve his final triumph - World domination. He has seduced mainstream with technology designed to transform every soul into obedient cyborgs within the 'Singularity'.