When you’re unhappy or stressed out, it will eventually trigger some powerful health problems. Stress is the culprit for most illnesses. But what causes stress? Its source is usually physical, emotional, or mental in origin, and often all three. If you’re like me, you resist being a ‘pill-taker’ because you think the negative side effects found in most medications aren’t worth the risk. The mega money-making pharmaceutical industry offers medicinal cures for most health issues. They have assumed the role of ‘guru’, offering the public powerful chemicals that are detrimental to the body’s natural rhythm. Looking for a ’quick fix’ for your ailment from a chemical formula is dangerous!

Our spiritual essence feeds us our life-force, filling us with enthusiasm and zest for all that life sends our way. To know our true essence, we often have to let go of a painful past and shed old attitudes that prevent us from attaining happiness and peace of mind. Unless we make a conscious effort to purge painful memories, we block our creative potential, and cut-off our capacity to feel love for ourselves as well as others. Letting go isn’t easy to do; especially if we have been traumatized by those closest to us. And quite often, we don’t understand why they wanted to hurt us. Lost for answers, resentment and anger permeates our hearts and we just perpetuate the pain.

You may think you are concealing your stress, but it blatantly stares back at you every time you gaze into a mirror. It shows on your face, which is a dead giveaway. All the pain, grief, disappointment, and fear you may try to hide from the World is expressed on your face . . . especially in your eyes. Every frown, wrinkle, rash, pimple, and discoloration reflects a page of your inner story.

You gaze at the person staring back at you in the mirror and sigh. You wonder if it’s possible for you to measure up to the perfection of the ‘beautiful people’ seen on the pages of magazines, TV commercials, self-improvement articles, and so forth. The possibility has prompted many people to enhance their appearance via the various surgical, chemical, and laser procedures offered to the public.  And many of these methods are safe and effective, but very costly. Few Westerners seem to know of an ancient technique used to accomplish facial rejuvenation and good health that is both natural and nurturing; one that can achieve the same results as expensive modern techniques. And - you do it yourself.

In the recent past, I resurrected a book I had bought years ago that I had tucked away in my library. I was delighted to find within its pages some wonderful information on Acupressure techniques for body and facial rejuvenation. The author, through personal experience, disclosed how beneficial using Acupressure had been in renewing her perspective on life. Like many of us, she had been wearing a mask that reflected her inner self-doubt and insecurity stemming from a troubled childhood. She became aware that her face was a micro representation of her body (macro) and marveled how touching certain facial meridians on her face began to clear away emotions that were influencing her physical and mental well-being. Her skin began to glow, her face radiated happiness, and her eyes sparkled. She looked years younger. Worry and fear left her body and she became a more integrated person as well as a certified Acupuncturist.

Every point on your precious face has a spiritual and physical meaning. So when you touch your face gently and lovingly, you connect directly with your spiritual essence. Acupressure will help you heal old wounds and traumas and create a new life of joy and love. You will make better choices and fewer mistakes.

'Amazing You' was written to remind you just how intelligent, creative, and amazing you are. Within its pages, is a compilation of positive information concerning an acupressure facial program, skin types and care, proper food intake, contaminated food and drug products to avoid, positive thinking and visualiza- tion, back pain relief devoid of surgery, self-massage working with trigger points, stretching exercises, essential oils, and other health insights.

And . . .  there are a few surprises in-between.

If  'looking and feeling younger and happy' is important to you - you will enjoy reading this 'treasure-chest'  of information.