How often have you thought, “If only there was someone who could fix the mess the World is in. Where are the heroes? The knights in shining armor?” If you’ve been holding out for someone to make things right, don't hold your breath. It’s not going to happen. Experience alone should remind you that when you have a problem, it’s usually ‘all’ yours.

In Mythology and legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, and endowed with great courage and strength, was celebrated for his bold exploits and was favored by the gods. He was a hero; a warrior; noted for his feats of courage and his nobility of purpose. He was prepared to sacrifice his life if his ‘Quest’ demanded he do so. However the prevailing attitude of mainstream today is "Let someone else do it.”

Why does a hero always have to be someone else? Has it ever occurred to you that YOU are the hero in your own life? Yes, inconspicuous and 'little nobody you’ was born a noble spirit, endowed with great strength and courage and blessed with intelligence; albeit not often recognized or celebrated by others - or yourself. All of us have a divine heritage as we originated from the ‘One’. And each of us has a special 'Quest' to accomplish; a nobility of purpose.

It’s unfortunate that a minority sub-species of ‘self-elected’ elites in the World - aka the Reptilian/hybrid psychopaths - believe they are superior to the rest of humanity. They are in control because they have the wealth. Even more tragic is that we allow them to do so!

Throughout history, we have observed ordinary people facing insurmountable obstacles and risks when critical life-threatening situations necessitated a bold stance. Their courage and performance earned us our freedom and a decent way of life. They didn’t wait for someone else to resist oppression and dominance. They connected with their ‘inner warrior‘. Have you made contact with yours?

We’ve witnessed the scams and corruption existing within government organizations in the recent past - the Monsanto cabal, V. A., IRS, Iran, Ben Gazi, Hillary’s cover-ups, Obama’s ‘sell-out’ of the nation, etc. to name just a few. If we, as a united Human community, refused to cooperate with the present system of control (and there are many ways to accomplish this), we would alert the hybrid psychopaths to our strength and desire to oust them out of our faces. But a handful of people cannot accomplish this. We need to unite. We need big numbers to summon the hero - the warrior - within - and be the people we are waiting for - to 'save us'.The strategy - divide and conquer - is very old, but very effective. The psychopaths are doing it now by instigating the ’race issue’ and orchestrating riots and bloodshed. The covert homeland terrorists have ‘brought in’ professional dissenters to heighten the chaos and destruction. People wake up!

Author Reimer endeavors to bring to the forefront some of the major issues we are presently dealing with. And then she introduces the Mythological origin of Astrology that offers the reader a ‘roadmap’ towards a broader understanding of his/her chosen path and the Quest he must commit to on his present sojourn.

Myth has always been closely linked with Astrology; all the planets are named for the Greco-Roman deities and derive their interpretative meanings from them. Mythic Astrology is unique because it allows the reader to explore the connection between Astrology and spirituality. The individual enters an entirely new dimension of self-discovery based on an understanding of the mythic archetypes represented in the Astrological birth chart.

Understanding the true spiritual purpose of the Astrological Signs and making contact with our ‘inner warrior’, we may begin to reverse the tyrannical psychological and physical ‘hold’ our enemies have held us in for eons. The symbolic majestic ‘White Horse’ accompanies us on our individual Quest and leads us to safe harbors.