An intro to Reptiles and Paedophiles



If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you know that Planet X is back in town. NASA actually admitted the planet’s presence in our solar system and it’s causing quite a commotion worldwide. Actually, Planet X never left since Nancy and ‘Zeta Talk’ first told us about the brown dwarf and accompanying planets that were heading towards the Sun - Planet X’s solar twin. Until now, NASA rebuked this information stating it to be false.

After orbiting the Sun, the entourage of planets will make a U-turn to return back to their habitat in the solar system. On the exit, they will cross Earth’s orbit and the strong magnetic pull of the huge planet Nibiru will give Earth a ‘kiss of death‘ farewell. The last recorded passage of Planet X was associated with the Great Flood and the destruction of Mars. If information about Planet X’s arrival is accurate, the anticipated cataclysmic event will cause the death of millions. Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear explosions, loss of electric power, sickness, etc. is inevitable.

As I write this, many people are still completely unaware. In truth, how can a society that has deteriorated to the level of immorality it presently has, be aware of anything? Could this horrific event be a higher power’s solution to deal with humanity’s failure to honor life and respect human values? What caliber of society allows little children to be raped, murdered, sexually abused, emotionally and physically traumatized, etc. by perverted psychopaths, pedophiles, and sexual deviants?

Why isn’t everyone outraged when they learn that it’s usually the clergy, celebrities, government, elites, royals, authority figures, social services, etc. who tend to be the biggest perpetrators and sadistic offenders? For starters, Monsanto, Vatican, Planned Parenthood, D.A.R.P.A, IRS, Homeland Security, U.S. Government, AMA, FDA, Social Services, etc. should be disempowered.

Reptiles and Paedophiles connects the dots to alert the public, but it can‘t force people to accept the facts and take action.