Intro to Sophia & Yaldabaoth




Sophia’s son (Yaldabaoth) is a ‘twisted‘, spiteful entity to say the least. He is jealous, angry, vindictive, and envious of all humans and their residence - planet Earth. And if you are a reflective individual, you can understand why he is so psychotic towards his Mother and humanity. No child wants to think he/she was the result of some mistake his Mother made and that he is ‘second rate‘ and unwanted. And as long as humanity and Gaia (Sophia) exist, Yaldabaoth will continue to vent his vengeance. This is why he wants Sophia’s ‘Dream’ to fail. He is incapable of forgiveness and either doesn’t have the ability or the desire to accept his circumstances and deal with them in a non-vindictive way. Humans have  been infected with the 'Archon virus' that seizes the thinking of an individual to encourage negativity and evil. The Demiurge (Yaldabaoth) is bent on destroying humanity. Satanic rituals, paedophlia, child abduction, and devil worship are  offshoots of this spreading evil.

This celestial scenario mirrors a similar psychosis between Earth children and their Mothers; (often the male child) although not limited to them exclusively. It is a very painful love/hate dynamic and usually cannot be healed or resolved. Presently there isn’t a cure for someone who has been diagnosed as a ‘psychopath‘. Unlimited unconditional love and understanding offered to this afflicted perpetrator from those individuals he abuses - doesn’t work. The emotional damage of the psychopath runs deep (perhaps forever) and it’s hard to determine if the psychological damage is the result of a physical or psychological trauma or both. As an Astrologer, I’ve made another observation, although it may seem like a stretch to some. When diagnosing the astrological/ psychological profile of an individual via the horoscope, the placement of the planets and how they interact with each other (aspects) play a significant role in the analysis. The underlying cause (often unconscious) for severe emotional problem/s can be determined by careful examination of the aspects made by the planets; in particular the interaction involving the planet SATURN. The Astrologer will analyze the aspects ‘Saturn’ makes to the person‘s Moon and Venus placements in the horoscope, which are symbolic of the feelings and emotions. Aspects to Mercury can cause negative thinking and depression and Mars’ aspects can limit and restrict the confidence and physical stamina of the individual. As is fairly known, ‘Satan’ (Demiurge) has a very close affinity with the planet Saturn. It’s conceivable that negative programming is being transmitted to Earth via the rings of Saturn by the Archons (Demiurge) to perpetuate a constant state of evil energy within the human psyche - male and female - as just another ‘pay-back‘ from Yaldabaoth. (Archons are recognized as technical experts and possess ‘virtual reality’ skills).

David Icke (Human Race Get Off Your Knees) elaborated in-depth on this concept with his explanation of the ‘Moon Matrix’ and ‘Saturn‘. His information is extremely insightful and I strongly recommend the 'read'.