If you are avid readers and savvy, you know what's going on in the World. Still, you wonder how much of the information you have been exposed to is 'fake news' or truth. Planet X, AI technology, transhumanism, genetic experimentation, micro-chipping, GMO crops, DARPA, Cern & the Large Hadron Collider, return of the Giants, Antarctica ruins, ET presence, nano implants, chemtrails . . . are major concerns at this moment in time. The information circulating on the Planet is ‘mind boggling‘. It’s not difficult to understand why so many people are 'flipping out'. 
We know we are dealing with many conspiracy theories that have triggered a condition coined 'cognitive dissonance' within our tired brains. Yet, sooner or later, we begin to realize that something is very wrong with our society, government, academia, religious organizations, children, etc. There is a dark energy looming on the planet and the negative psychological and moral attitude of society reflects this existing evil.  
People are acting very strange.  Many individuals suffer from depression, poverty, loneliness, sickness, etc. A vast percentage of the World has been infected with mind control schemes and fear tactics. 'Divide and conquer'. This is the mantra of the shadow elite who want to destroy humanity and reduce us to slaves.  But humanity is very resilient. Deep down, humans don’t tolerate oppression very well or appreciate their freedom being restricted. Sooner or later, they will wake up and rebel. The elite know this, but they have an edge. They have observed and studied us for a long time and know our human traits, which they have exploited to the fullest. All of us have been manipulated and deceived by these psychopaths at some time in our lives. We are slowly becoming more aware of the control and power they have acquired to accomplish this. 
'Stop The World' is somewhat repetitive in its message.  I don't deny this.  However, the plot of the 'evil' presence on the planet seems to be thickening;  becoming more and more perverse.  I don't have the answers.  Maybe there aren't any at this point in time.  Maybe we are poised at the 'eleventh hour' and can do nothing but wait. As a race we have been too compliant - too detached - too afraid.  I feel so much compassion for humanity and what we have experienced and suffered.  How long will this nightmare continue? 
Presently, the 'dark energy' on the planet is endeavoring to open a porthole to another dimension at Cern, Switzerland with the Large Hadron Collider. They intend to 'resurrect' Osiris - (Nimrod, Apollo), from the abyss - the antichrist. 
Too far fetched for you? Research their accomplishments with technology, DNA, quantum physics, mind control, etc.  The Vatican is supportive of their efforts. They are also prepared to welcome alien visitors, who they advise may be more 'spiritual' than us.  Technology is so advanced and manipulative, it is treacherous. Familiarize yourself with Anthony Patch and his information on the '4096' quantum computer (Chapter 28).  It will blow your mind!    
Will the election of Donald Trump succeed in reversing the plot? The astrological aspects between his birth chart and the chart of the country are dynamic. Chapter 25 in ‘Stop the World’ discusses these energies. There aren’t any coincidences. Perhaps we have been given a breather to finally wake up and take action against our adversaries.  
Time doesn’t exist beyond the holographic virtual world we live in. It is a distorted copy designed by off-planet entities who have manipulated the truth about the human condition for eons. We must make an effort to pause in our busy lives and become aware of this deception.