Dear Reader ~       

Welcome to the 'Awake and Aware' article series. My M.O. has always endeavored to sort  out my world by expressing my thoughts and opinions within the many articles I have written; in particular 'The Roar of the Lion' series.  I focused  mainly on those issues I believed dealt with the reality of everyday living, expounding on the many social ills that I and my peers must deal with. The information is difficult to digest since reality is often stranger than fiction. Everything is subject to challenge from the inquisitive mind. The articles are written with integrity and their intent is to spark your interest and trigger your personal awareness. I haven't any way of knowing how many people have read these articles and what reaction (if any) they may have had -  so, I must assume I have written them for myself to satisfy my own search for awareness and knowledge. 

In the past six years, it would seem that nothing has changed for the better; the world situation has deteriorated significantly. Our country, the United States, has evolved into a Socialist/Marxist nation because of the apathy, ignorance, greed, laziness and lack of appreciation of its ‘Sleeping Majority‘. The 'Republic' on which this once great nation was founded has been sabotaged. With it goes our freedom, our lifestyles, our happiness, and all hope for the future - not only for us - but for the entire 'free world'. The change the American people so desperately craved should have been sought from within . . . the 'Self'. This was a costly oversight!  Americans foolishly elected someone unqualified and untrustworthy to the highest office of the land - President of the United States - whose blatant goal has been to transform us into a herd of controlled robots that the World Government can dominate and dictate to.  He too, is nothing more than a controlled minion/robot of this government dictatorship.

The only true change I can relate to is my own.  I have grown in wisdom and awareness. And so, I continue to write my thoughts and insights, co-mingling them with the thoughts of others and hoping that the messages are helpful and informative. 

The following articles include information I have gleaned from other astute individuals. Their analyses and observations have been blended with mine.  Together, we endeavor to bring information to all concerned individuals to keep them awake and aware. We hope you enjoy the articles. Those of you who are in a position to make positive changes - please be proactive.  Be the leader of the pack.  Others will follow once they have been educated and informed.