'THIS BIRD DOESN’T SING ANYMORE' was published several years ago.  Much has happened since then.  It's rather interesting to witness the actualization of many of the themes author Reimer introduced and how they have grabbed mainstream's attention at the present time. Reimer endeavored to captivate the reader’s interest about contemporary issues most people hadn’t taken the time to give serious attention to. Reasons were varied, but based on the author’s observation, a lack of acknowledge- ment towards the integrity of the subject matter existed due to a secret fear of being ridiculed by those of a supposedly more sophisticated ‘bent’. These condescending pseudo intellects believed the topics to be the mere creation of ingenious money makers who wrote ‘science fiction’ exclusively for that reason and were not worthy of intellectual evaluation.

“How naďve of someone to believe in this stuff. What‘s all the buzz about? Just accept the ‘psycho babble’ for what it is . . . entertainment for the younger generation and a brilliant venue that facilitates making ‘mega’ bucks for the movie industry.”

In truth, these self-anointed authorities on ‘what the real deal was’ were really very threatened about the true nature of the World situation. They dreaded any type of confrontation that would burst their bubble about the human condition and their own security in a World seemingly gone 'mad'. As long as their lives were basically unscathed, (on the surface anyhow), they preferred to stick their heads in the sand. Live for the moment . . .but that's all changed now.

Even at the present time, some people are unable to accept the subterfuge and deception. They take a stance, willing to pay the price. Such is the situation in our story. Through the eyes of our heroine, an inquiring and reflective female, (who states she is a compilation of every woman), the reader is urged to become acquainted with her brief life ‘bio’ that she uses as a ‘nexus’ to her present account of society and World circumstances from her perception. She challenges anyone of like ‘ilk’ to take time and read what her exhaustive research has uncovered and learn about the role she and the rest of us are playing in this life . . ‘the micro within the macro‘. Why is the journey for some people smooth and devoid of painful encumbrances and disappointments while others experience their journey as a harrowing ride on a seemingly out-of-control roller coaster?

The worn-out adage that ‘we are all created equal’ and that all experience, good and bad, is simply 'karmic' . . . doesn't cut it. Too many innocents fall prey to this unproven, controversial reasoning. As we mature and gain wisdom, we realize that people aren’t born 'equal' and that life is very unfair. What could possibly be the reason for this conundrum?

If your interest and curiosity has been triggered, you will be encouraged to evaluate the abundance of information Leila, our heroine, has uncovered. Her relentless probing has opened a ‘Pandora’s Box’, which will generate rebuttal from many people. This is her main motivation. She hopes her efforts will instigate attention and debate and a self-conclusion.

She has challenged Religious authority, Vatican, Humanity’s origin, Alien control, World Government, Illuminati, Political corruption, FDA hidden agenda, Masons, Founding Fathers, Secret Underground facilities, Trans-genetics, the Last Pope, the Anti-Christ, Obama’s true identity, and many, many more critical topics. How do they fit in with the prophesies of Revelation? The Mayan Prophecy?

Why are so many people on the planet in such a state of depression, despair, starvation, addiction? Why is there so much evil? Are the many religious and social tenets capable of ‘taking the heat’ and succeed in explaining away these social and humanitarian problems when they are brought to task? Will they be criticized for their less than truthful platforms.

2012 arrived with its reputation of dire predictions awaiting humanity. This too proved to be bogus information. It wasn't the end of the World.  It was the beginning or major change - far greater than we could ever imagine.  The question now is: "Will this change renew the song in our hearts?  Will we sing once again?