Amber Harris, an attractive middle-aged divorcee, has been unsuccessful in her attempts to regain the love of a man from her past, widower Michael Lombardi. Her hopes for a reconciliation with Michael had been spurred on by a revolutionary scientific theory concerning multi-universe phenomena. The theory suggested that fate offered an individual the opportunity to ’jump’ from one reality to another. The various realities were termed ‘choice points‘. Based on her understanding of its concept, many experiences in one’s life were being played out at the same moment. They were already created and a person chose which one he/she would bring to manifestation. Every possible option a person could encounter was acted out somewhere in some universe.  What were these choices she had failed to recognize to actualize her dreams?

Confused and hurt by his indifference, she has assumed the blame, rationalizing his posture is founded on a regrettable decision she made when they first met many years ago. Hoping he might reconsider, she has tenaciously ‘hung on’ to her fantasy of a reconciliation . . . until now. She realizes her life has reached a stalemate and reluctantly decides it’s time to move on attributing her painful disappointment to the dictates of fate and karma. Inwardly she knows she will never love another man as passionately again. 

Determined to understand the hidden dynamics of their relationship that have kept her in emotional bondage for so many years, Amber seeks help from hypnotherapist, Dave West, and agrees to participate in a past-life regression hoping it will offer her insightful understanding and closure. The session generates a story from the depths of Amber’s subconscious, offering powerful clues concerning her relationship with Michael. She leaves Dave’s office unaware that she and Michael will soon be given the opportunity to confront the hidden agendas that have orchestrated their life circumstances freeing them to make new choices.