Do we dream and actualize our life experiences or does the controlling hand of fate decide our destiny? 


It is a given that "reality" - my reality - your reality - is not necessarily the same and we may differ greatly on many issues.  The reasons for this are varied . . . background, perception, experiences, gender, education, etc. This is basic mainstream rhetoric and not very interesting.  Most of us accept these reasons to explain away our life situation and all the frustrations, disappointments, challenges, and bad luck when we are pondering why?  Why is he in a better spot than me?"  "Why is she so pretty and slim?   "Why is my life so hard?"  Why?  Why?  Why? 

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we dream (imagine) our own existence and lifestyles and that these dreams then become our reality.  Wouldn't it be unbelievably wonderful if success and happiness were contingent on how creative we were in conjuring up some fantastic experiences and perks for ourselves?  This is not a brand new idea or concept.  I have often heard the statement:  "Life is but a dream."  Well,  maybe it is.  Or should I say  -  "nightmare" -  at times!

It all has to do with reinforcement - either positive or negative.  If you were the recipient of a negative statement (sometimes received in early childhood) that statement is ingrained deep in your unconscious and you will often grow up thinking your life is destined in a certain way because someone said so.  Likewise, if you were lucky enough to have had supportive parents and/or authority figures who told you that you were wonderful and were destined to succeed - that positive reinforcement will remain in your psyche throughout life and help you to reach your goals providing you apply yourself. 

Thoughts are very powerful.  When we are sleeping, our creative energies are at work.  Often, we will awake with an interesting  idea or a solution to a problem we were wrestling with.   The "Little Professor" within always seems to find a way out of a difficult situation. 

Many books and articles have been written concerning positive thinking, creative visualization, positive expectations, etc.  Some people really learn to utilize these concepts.  Many of us do not.  We are lazy, indifferent or forget what these concepts are.  We become discouraged when we do not receive quick results and tell ourselves they do not work - for you, anyhow.  Availing yourself of professional help would be beneficial if you cannot do it on your own.  Hypnotherapists, counselors, healers have helped many people.  

Mostly, you must have the desire for health, wealth, and happiness before you attract it.  So tonight, before you go to sleep, think about what you wish to attain.  Program what your dreams will be.  Visualize happy and prosperous experiences in your life.  Then dream about them.  In time, your luck will change.  You will be living the dream.