Whether we booked 'First Class or Coach' . . . we all agreed to make our present evolutionary  sojourn to planet EarthFor some, the journey has been smooth, devoid of painful encumbrances and disappointments.  Life for these individuals has been fulfilling and adventurous.  They enjoy many wonderful opportunities and good fortune.  For others, the journey has been painful and their lives are experienced as a harrowing ride on a seemingly out-of-control roller coaster.  Their hardships and circumstances defy explanation to the rational observer.  The worn-out adage that all experience, good and bad, is simply 'karmic' doesn't cut it.  Too many innocents fall prey to this unproven, ridiculous reasoning. 

Great minds have unceasingly endeavored to understand and explain the meaning of the human experience. While their motivation may have been sparked with altruistic leanings, it is difficult to comprehend how they may aspire to unlock this great mystery.   Except for their own life and experience, they really cannot speak for their fellow man.  As we mature and gain wisdom, we realize that people are not born 'equal' and that life is very unfair.  What could possibly be the reason for this conundrum?

Perhaps the only clue lies hidden within each person.  It cannot be seen and is said to comprise only four ounces of the human anatomy.  It is truly the essence of each individual.  It is his Soul - his direct link to God  and is believed to reside within the heart of each individual where unconditional love emanates.  

Rather than labeling a lifetime experience as karmic, (a debt to be paid), it seems more conceivable that a Soul might  choose to endure a lifetime of suffering and challenge by choice.  To give unconditional love to others may be the purpose of each individual's sojourn.  Still, there isn't any proof.  The answer may only knowingly lie within the person's heart.  

You may sometimes feel that the choices you have agreed to make are too hard and the solutions too obscure.  You are unprepared to do what life seems to be leading you toward.  Depression and unsettledness may become familiar emotional and spiritual companions . . .  and these feelings may also be mixed with a sense of impatience which is readily understandable.  Loving yourself and finding goodness in others at these times will help.  If you assume that you are journeying toward enlightenment and that you are seeking to expand your spirit  to the dimension of divine love that heals, you will be directed to those people that support your quest.

Your mind and emotions are meant to reflect the beauty of your Soul.  When you live with the energy of love shining through your life, then you naturally have more confidence in yourself because this energy is a reflection of divine love.

A seasoned traveler, you've navigated the stars lifetime after lifetime to destinations unknown, each time leaving behind a little bit of yourself - a little more love.  Still, like most  children who have left their origins in pursuit of adventure and wisdom, the yearning to return to your roots remains.  And so, you return home . . .  to Gaia.