One must weigh the meaning of present conditions and achieve balance by using the sword of discrimination and overcoming errors of the past.  Life requires many decisions - in the process of learning new ideas and concepts - we eliminate useless, outworn forms of education.  We sever relationships too, if necessary.  Justice reminds us that sometimes we must accept and understand an undesirable decision  that may be the result of a karmic lesson.  But we were not meant to be prisoners in our earthly bodies.  When you understand that you are a soul with a body and have access to the higher realms of consciousness, you will overcome the restrictions of earthly thoughts.  Our conscious mind creates negative barriers from our higher thoughts.  Learning to blend the Higher Self with our daily thinking pattern will help us to avoid the pitfalls experienced when operating on a materialistic level only.  Blending the two levels, we blossom and mature spiritually.